Oh the Butterflies are dancing

Beauty at its finest
is beginning to be seen!
Those magnificent butterfies
are now just having a party here
as I sit and work from the lanai
these days!
I spoke with my dear friend Laura this week who is battling a bug that has her down for the count, and going through kleenex by the box just down the road from me.
She did manage to let me know that the butterflies are about to break loose from their multiple chrysalis are now everywhere; hanging from all manner of places around her home!
I wait anyday for someone to show up at our warrior Laura’s to hang a sign and offically declare her home the
“butterfly sancturary”
as she carefully plants butterfly plants
harvests the seedlings
nurtures them so carefully, and then watches those little catterpillars as they move about to assure they land at just the right places!
Ah, yes, so many delight in the movement and the dance of the butterfly…
Yet so few take the moments or time to recognize all that beauty goes through to transition to its state of amazing grace and that dance!
Such elegant creatures, and delicate but strong messengers they are!
I often reflect on sign Me “A” a warrior here who recieves so many messages from her daughter from the other side through the butterfly; at times that she seems to really want or need to feel her close!
She has been known to be sitting on a curb of a restaurant when a butterfly will just show up out of nowhere and light right beside her, as if to say,
“I’m here and just want you to remember and to feel”!
Or the time her husband was out in the middle of the gulf of Mexico fishing, and being a man who didn’t really believe in life after death communications, was feeling something on his arm, and busy fishing, he just kept “batting the intrusion away”, but it kept returning until getting his full attention!
He finally paid attention only to then see it was in fact a BUTTERFLY!
In the Middle of the Gulf of Mexico!!!
Yes, it did get his attention, and it did allow him to “get the message” as tears streamed down his face, he then realized that was in fact for him and only him!
ah the butterfly
with all its beauty, its significance and very personal messages and stories of thousands.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross brought the significance of the butterfly to the hospice movement; to the world of death and dying in her landmark work and in her life.
It truly speaks loudly if we look back to the concentration camps and the death camps in understanding the true meaning of transition and life never ending.
A horrendous time in history, filled with horror for children, women and men; stories of ghastly moments filled with such pain, fear,death, smells and pain.
Something that was remarkable to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross when she visited there was what was etched in those camps though amidst the memories and the painful memories of horror;
and that prepared her for what would be her life’s work left a life long impact on her brain, soul and body there.
As she looked around those bare barracks and I suppose the spirits of those housed there, their pain and angst; she noticed that they had carved their names, signs,  wooden bunks crammed together that were five deep.
People have carved their names, dates, and drawings. Immediately Elisabeth wondered how, why, what kind of instruments had they used to do this in the terror they must have known then?
Could they have used utensils, their nails, rocks, or something else they had found to do such things in their time of needing to leave a mark of the fact they had existed, had lived?
But what was truly amazing was the art she found.
And it was everywhere these things,
and some were dreadful she reported, but she found something quite remarkable.
Everywhere she looked she found
yes, in such a dark and tragic, fear filled place of impending death and tragedy and hatred…. people had etched butterflies; some were very crude, others quite magnificent, and she kept wondering
She said that question for over twenty years,
“why” would people draw, scratch, etch butterflies in such settings, in such horror.
So many years later,
The pioneer of death and dying put that image together with her work of those she was called to care for,
she realized the connection of those who had been in those concentration camps and their etchings, their carvings and the messages…
That butterfly image representing that soon they would be out of the hell they were experiencing in those horrific camps and free!
She went on to lecture, to heal, to be remarkable in her work and assisting others to understand
that we all are coccons in our bodies, here until our work is complete
and then we shed that cocoon
free as a butterly
once the work and struggle is done!
the butterfly has represented
HOSPICE for years and years
I think as a tribute
to Dr Elisabeth Kubler Ross!
and here locally our warrior
Laura usually hosts her teams memorial service that hospice has to remember their patients who have died at her home,
where they release butterflies over the canal there!
I always have said, I bet that most of them take up residence at her home after the release cos’ I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many in one place as I do when sitting in the back yard there!
So for today,
I hope you have a butterfly type of day!
Free to be,
to be absolutely thrilled by wonder,
by color,
by flight and beauty
with each breath you take!
May you find a butterfly just comes up and gives u a kiss on the cheek while you are out and about!
video by
Blessings to you and yours~
Walk in Beauty,
please visit me on you tube!
Monarch butterflies

Monarch butterflies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



45 comments on “Oh the Butterflies are dancing

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  27. helloooo..happy to see someone is feeling better, and has energy to post here.. thanks too for the fact about temperature and flight of our spirited butterflies..me thinks I need to grow my owngarden of butterfly love..Right back at ya, with wishes,pure and simple… happiness &faith….. " sweet dreams " to all,hugging my angels, ♥sign me, A.

  28. Well, it's buggy here! It has taken me this long to get on your blog….sad isn't it? Feeling better, thanks friends, and thanks for the kind words and wonderful thoughts of butterflies….even in times of fear, devastation, and horror, as E. Kubler Ross testified to- such a beautiful peaceful thing to see. To me it is a promise. I'm sure Dr. Showalter can share the ancient indian legend behind the butterfly. It is an amazing, and such a beautiful story! Everytime I see one emerge, I make my wish… I guess the reason I find purpose in the butterly is I believe what I heard a few years ago. "Believe in a more beautiful tomorrow, plant a butterfly garden today." I want the butterflies to land here and say to themselves…Is this heaven? To all the warriors out there, love, peace, and joy like the butterfly! Butterflies usually don't fly in anything under 70 degrees, but right after my aunt died, my uncle reluctantly went on a annual camping trip he and my aunt always went on and enjoyed together. Out fishing the first day, alone, cold- mid to upper 50's, in the middle of a large lake, across him, right in front of his face flew 1 single yellow butterfly… Made a believer out of him as well. The message is simple, and pure.. our loved ones are free! We should do that with our hearts~ and souls too! Love ya Dr. Ses, I am honored! Waddo!

  29. […] Oh the Butterflies are dancing (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  30. helloooo.after rereading here I realized that I forgot a couple of things I wanted to say,Laura, it is no surprise to me that you are graced with a yard full of beautiful butterflies, thru your hard work and dedication to help thembuild their shelters you are giving us all a great gift.. ♥and the last thing…STOMP !!!sign me, A.

  31. helloooo.after rereading here I realized that I forgot a couple of things I wanted to say,Laura, it is no surprise to me that you are graced with a yard full of beautiful butterflies, thru your hard work and dedication to help thembuild their shelters you are giving us all a great gift.. ♥and the last thing…STOMP !!!sign me, A.

  32. Seems to me, that today's post was sent through spirit, as both sign Me A, and Fluff had visitors on the day of the message! WOW, am I over the top with joyful noise about hearing that… yes indeed butterflies are freee and able to connect us in such powerful ways through the dance and remind us to get up and dance with tear streaked cheeks and regain our balance in the step… make some noise dear ones… shout, holler, whisper on the winds with great gratitude on the wings of the majestic ones that are with you always…what a gift you each give to me along with your powerful angels.. wado!

  33. hellooooo,this is my second try to post here,funky night breezes , and just wantedto say hey, and wish everyone well,loved the butterfly stories today, quite special to me ♥nite nite !hugging my angels, sign me,A.

  34. Dr. Sherry, such a heart touching message today about the butterfly and the messages they bring. Amazingly, her in SE Michigan it is not yet butterfly season but yesterday when I came home, it was chilly in the 50s and there was a little white butterfly beside my porch flitting from leaf to leaf. I immediately thought of precious Mom and wondered. Thank you for the message today. It has been a busy day for me. Shelter was busy with visitors and one adoption of a cat so that was great. Been busy this evening and now I have some time to sit and read. Wishing all those who stop by here a peaceful evening and I hope your day was wonderful. /Sandy♥

  35. hellooooooooo.
    it’s me, finally home with my feet up after a mighty trying day at the burger
    joint.. the first thing I did when I got here was open the window in my room,
    my room, which was at one time Jaren’s room. I find great comfort here, in a
    healthy way… anyhow, my cat Smokie loves the windowsill and the breeze in his
    face, and what a breezy eve here.. we were “talking” and looking at the flowers and
    birds and yep.. my beautiful monarch flew in and landed within an arm’s reach..
    I then changed into my robe, turned on my lap top… and Doc, I must say,
    you blew me away here today…
    I remember so clearly , like yesterday, and as tears run…
    we must believe in our hearts and with our souls that our love lasts forever,
    distance in death is just a space of time and just one heartbeat away..
    the gifts bestowed by our loved ones, our angels,
    are precious and most fragile.. like a butterfly who carries them to us…
    all nature’s beings are here for a reason…
    Thank you for the beautiful words of wisdom today,
    and may all of us continue to receive some ‘ butterfly love ‘.
    It doesn’t get much better than that…
    sweet blessings to all.. hugging my angels,
    sign me, ♥ A.

  36. Isn't the saying "butterflies are free"? Light as air, unpredictable, gentle landings, dramatic markings and so much more to be said about the beautiful little creatures. Thank you for the info on Eliz Kubler-Ross, I had no idea. Learn something here every day. Thank You.

  37. There is such beauty, amazement, and wonder in butterflies. There are no two that are just alike. Their flight is so tender, though you know that they’ve gone through such a remarkable metamorphosis that seems to require such strength. Their touch is a delicate one, reminding us to tread lightly, and embrace Life for the amazing gift that it truly is. Their colors are captivating, and confirm the diversity of God’s wonderful creation.

    Thanks for sharing, Dr. Sherry. This gave me great pause for delight this morning.

    Be Well!

    • YES, YES and YES! i savored each word as I glanced up to the dance of three just beyond my sight here today! thank you and I delight in each word as you describe life in all its splendor… Blessings to you and yours dearheart!

  38. Last July I asked my dear friend how I would know her once her battle with breast cancer was over. Looking around her room she stated she would be back to us as a butterfly. Much laughter followed as we discussed what kind, what color and how big. From the Luna moth to the Pipeline we discussed atributes of each. Finally deciding the Monarch had the best variety for our area. Shortly after her death, I found Monarchs everywhere. Even in late Nov, when weather is generally too cold for butterflies in NC. But most importantly a butterfly would came and stayed with me when I seemed to need her the most. While I miss my friend so very much, I am blessed to know we made arrangements for a connection that even death could not break. Enjoy the butterflies, for many of us they are messengers..

    • Jackie, I am so happy to hear your story of your friend, and most grateful that you shared it with me… u must have needed to or wanted a visit since the video today is of monarchs if I remember correctly, a song from her to your heart space? Yes powerful and wonderful messengers.
      Sign Me A that I told you of? She had come to see me at my office one day, and as I waited for her I went outside and there on the back bumper of my vehicle in the evening hour, as i walked around it was a beautfiul monarch.. sitting patiently waiting for her arrival as if to tell me she was on her way… her daughter’s spirit. we visited unti she arrived and i said, someone is here for you… she had tears on her face and spoke her daughters name, as we marveled at is moving its graceful wings in hello for a bit, then taking flight only to circle her before a graceful flight! Hearts connected in life are not separated by death, death is not that strong… Love is everlasting and I thank you for sharing your story and your friend! say her name, and call her to you as you walk differently now through to the light of healing ways. blessings to you Jackie

  39. Ah….. Everyday's A Gift…..The butterflies are everywhere by me, too. Thanks for making this wonderful creature the focus of today's message/blog. A beaute of a morning, sun shine / blue sky, quiet cup of Hazlenut coffee.Ah……Everyday's a Gift…..Love to all, (sigh), slightly FIRM

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