Dick Clark, American Bandstand,

Dick Clark
American Bandstand
New Years Eve
Dick Clark
Dick Clark
The Ageless Teenager
The Smile
The Hair
The Rock Around The Clock
Dick Clark
Blessings and prayers for
Dick Clarks Family and Friends
as they mourn his death
and the world
Dick Clark was greeted by so many
and there is now
a party going on
as the dance
and the music continues with
Dick Clark in heaven!
Can you even imagine the joyous noise as he was welcomed yesterday; and those talented artists, singers, and dancers of so long ago danced and sang him home?
Oh do you remember when we all gathered in front of those black n white televisions that sat on the floors of the living room?
Just dancing our butts off there, and singing to the tops of our lungs with a hairbrush in hand
 in the livingrooms of our homes,
wishing like crazy we were on that show?
We watched some of the greats as they sang their songs,
we learned to
“twist and shout”, to “stroll”, to do the “hop”, the “bop”, the “mash potato”, as we listened to the sounds and croons of so many and watched them go on to become bigger than the screens they were on?
Well , some of us were wee little ones yes of course, still in diapers I’m certain! LOL
To think that if it weren’t for
American Bandstand
the beginnings of music, dance on a television… such daring dance, and stylin on the floor and in homes.
Dick Clark lived a life full tilt
a man who felt the music and people wide open, and did not know the word stop.
I loved that about him,
And rather than be sad about his death, I can’t help but to be happy about his life today.
Although the rain has come, I can’t help but think it’s the Creator and those in spirit land crying their tears of joy as they welcomed him home.
Now free from the effects of his speech being altered, his life being restrained as we watched in amazement his continued determination although it would have been easier for him to just live the rest of his life at home with his family. He continued, he was active in spite of his limitations, he allowed the world to view and to be a part of his changed persona as we watched him from Times Square and the traditions continued with
Now he can be free,
rejoin the music and old friends
with no pain, no strain, and
I give thanks for his life
as the rain falls here.
Thank you Dick Clark
for being in my home and heart
and the great talents you brought forth.
A star indeed!
Wonder how many danced and sang across the stage of American Bandstand through the years?
How many did you dance and sing along with?
“For now, Dick Clark … so long,”
 We’ll remember that smile, that hair, those expressive hands and eyes forever!
Tony Orlando once said, “only God is responsible for making more stars than Dick Clark made.”
He just may have been on the money, as even Aretha Franklin has been known to say, if you hadn’t made it on Dick Clark’s show you didn’t really make it!
He was influential in so many careers even after the end of
that great show!
Dick was color-blind back in the day,
he only saw the broad view and colors of sound;
he was subjected to death threats,
from the Klan,
from irrate parents,
EVERYONE loved him, and more importantly he brought folks together by their Universal connection of music!
Buddy Holly to James Brown and so many many more, we found kids and babies dancing with Grannys and Pops around t.v.s’
and a culture was born.
Thanks Dick… and from American Bandstand to New Years Eve, to now Ryan Seacrest and American Idol and the Voice and all these now popular shows in living color and new sounds, we have American Bandstand, The Soul Train to thank!
Who was your favorite on American Bandstand?
What was YOUR dance?
Do you remember?
Was it the “shag”, the ?
Was it, the Tempatations, The Beach Boys, Wilson PIcket, Michael Jackson?
How many acts do YOU remember performing on Bandstand?
Did you want to dance or did you get the chance to
on the stage?
Did you perform?
OH you can bet I did all of the above,
right there in the living room
of Granny’s house,
and we did the bop, the swing, the jive,
the stroll!
ohhhh we sure did!
With all the greats, rock, soul, a bit of twang, rhythm and blues
we were “cuttin the rug”
and have our groove on!
Thanks for all the memories Dick
you ageless teenager.
Funny how it has me thinking… ever notice how we could understand so easily ALL the lyrics back then?
C’mon now
it’s time to remember!!!
“People of all ages, more mature people — I’m saying forty and beyond.  But even younger people have said it on occasion: “Thank you very much for being  part of my life,” or, “I grew up with you,” or, “Thank you for all the good  times.” If that was my legacy, that’s pretty good. I mean, I touched a lot of  people. Probably only rarely ever got them to change their thoughts politically  or morally or uplifted them. But I took them away. Let them escape. And that’s  pretty big.” (Dick Clark)
Dick Clark
all those years!
video by
Dance on in the next place with old friends
and great times Dick!
Let the good times roll dear man!
Walk in Beauty,

23 comments on “Dick Clark, American Bandstand,

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  2. The sadness this leaves in my heart I think is not just from the loss of Dick Clark but for the loss of a life style that was less complicated and more tolerant and caring than the world seems today. High tech things have taken the place of that life style. I will forever remember Dick Clark and American Bandstand and all the memories stored deep within my heart.

  3. I just now listened to the video on here—did all the reading first. And the announcer said Patti Labelle and the Bluebells——-now whuuuuuttt???? Who in the world were they????? LMBO. I am back in front of the black and white tv, makin scratches on the hardwood floors, and misty eyed again. I don’t know whether to thank you, or shoot an arrow toward Fla. for this video. I am Chickasaw, and I can shoot a bow and arrow. (Not really).

  4. I am so mad, you just missed the best blog of the century. I hit preview and it disappeared. I am mad. What is going on? I am going to bed and I may try to recapture the greatest blog of ever. I honored Dick Clark and all of the greatest. Go find it in outer space and check out the preview and why it ate up my blog. Sob? Sob?

  5. I well remember us as kids trying ALL the dances we saw on American Bandstand. In fact, there used to be old style home movies of all the kids wiggling around trying to imitate the greats. Never did master any of the dances but we could sing all the hit songs. I heard that it was not unusual for an artist to sell 100,000 records within 24 hours of introducing a new song on his show. I think we didn't buy many records in those days. All the records I owned fit in one of those little cardboard boxes with the plastic handle until I finished high school and we graduated to albums. Funny memories. So glad the home movies were tossed out with all the stuff in my folks attic.Best to all. Thanks doc for the look back!

  6. OH! Yes watched damn near EVERY American Bandstand..

  7. Geez, could I use OOPS need you now. My favorite little Welsh Corgi pup passed. Miss that little girl, I do.

    • oh baby, I am sooo sorry, (hugs on the wind dearheart)… blessings to you, as you remember all the love you got and gave through the eyes of that little girl… we all need to remember those eyes as they look with such love, then LOVE U like she still does as you take the time to remember and heal, she is with you, just a heartbeat away in gratitude of a lfie together with her human. ❤ to and with you.

  8. Fond memories of watching American Bandstand. Some of my favorite singers, like Pat Benatar, I saw in that show. Thank you, Mr. Clark and RIP.

    • Yes B Elliott, so many memories, and so many singers of greatness… I remember Dick once saying he made the guys wear suit and ties; and they sure did… oh but the days of then, I miss back then! the songs, the dances, the ease of hearing the words of the songs and the passion in those who sang them… thank you for being here! Dance and sing on dear!

  9. OH do I remember Dick Clark…part of my childhood. He will be missed greatly but he did such a wonderful job when it came to music and singers.

  10. […] Dick Clark, American Bandstand, (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  11. He bridged the gap between the “swing” and the “SOUL” music, and no one else could have done it that way. Those days in front of the black and white TV, and Ohhhh the moves we made as we truly did sing with the hair brush—excellent therapy, and so enjoyable and fun. I always shed tears when those “greats” leave us. The wonderful Dick Clark gave us the gift of a lifetime, that is living on forever. Music unites the souls and closes gaps and moves the heart. Color blind he was, and if he had not been, the entire world would have lost the wonderful “grooves of the 70’s. No matter what was going on in our lives at the time, we could grab that hair brush and “Boogie Down”, and get lost in the wonderful beat! Thank you for this wonderful call to rememberance of the “good times.”

    • yes we did “bust some moves” and “cut the rug” too! as we watched with such intent, to make sure each step was in sync, and the music, the rhythm and soul, rock and beat just played on … remember the hula hoops? and the remarkable energy felt no matter what? yes, while we may shed a tear, imagine the tears of joy on the other side as he stepped across from this life to be greated by the greats, by those he may have known as he straighened a tie of those who danced on that show, and the many he knew through the years as the music played to greet him, to welcome him … tears of joy, now he is free, but I don’t know how that ball in Times Square will fall without him, haven’t thought that far yet. “I wanna hold your hand”, “shake rattle and roll” “twist and shout” “aint nothin like the real thing” “the tears of a clown” “let the good times roll” and so it goes, thank YOU DICK CLARK for the worlds first reality show of the universal connection of music and dance….

  12. Born in the early 50's, Mr. Dick Clark was a huge part of my entire life. I will miss what he brought to my ears, eyes and past. Such fond memories of watching American Bandstand with my brother. We grew up in New Jersey and the Philly connection was very strong.RIP Mr. New Year's EVE… bless youFIRM

    • BEt you danced and danced, along with singing into that mic of a hair brush or whatever you could find as well! Yep we all will dig deep into some treasured memories of a man that put it all together and we all busted a move or many! still do as a matter of fact!

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