Lessons from the Children for all of US!

 video by Dr Sherry
WE all could learn and remember from the children,
that we still have a child within!
PLAY mindfully and with wild abandon!
Walk in Beauty
keepin it real

10 comments on “Lessons from the Children for all of US!

  1. I am honored by your thoughts and the time you take time to comment… thank YOU!

  2. love this one. Your videos are inspiring and so filled with the person you are and all that you give. Thank you sherry.

  3. Ah Dr. Sherry, great video and a grand message today. Sure do love the words and mind of the children. Thank you and Bless you Dr. Sherry for always keepin it real. Hugs to you. /Sandy♥

  4. Loved the video and keeping it real. Some mighty powerful words in that message. Would hope all of the parents and kids could read the message and take to your words. Words that we all could focus our life around. Sounds like the little one is keeping it real and just waiting for the focus to happen and that will be a great day. Keep it real DR. SES.

  5. Hey Dr Sherry, You do indeed keep it real. Loved the video!

  6. You have one funny, and one not so funny e-mail——-I am fixing to give someone a raise, and it is NOT gonna be YOU! LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL

  7. How did I miss this one? Glad I caught it now. Teach on Dr. Sherry, Teach on!! I listen, and I learn. I really do!

    • Oh I am so happy you like it! Share it with others please do, and visit the many on the You tube chaneel of Keepin it Real with Dr sherry baby girl… Love seeing you hear in my happy place… LOL 😉

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