Dick Clark sure stirred some memories!

The emails and comments just keep coming!
Yes, a few phone calls of hysterical laughter as well, since the you tube hit the air of me dancing and singing to the tunes
and folks wondering if I had been put on medications or had just lost my ever=lovin mind!
Oh how wonderful to set yourself free and just let the good times roll!
I’ve even had requests to sing more, dance more, and just laugh louder, can you even imagine?
Me taking requests for videos
and songs?
Next folks will want me
to buy a “wurlitzer”!!!
Oh thanks Dick, you sure did leave
a rich legacy!
Dick Clark has stirred up so many memories for the world I think, and in a such grand way, as we all are playing the old songs, remembering so many great singers and dances.
Many are now dancing around the house, in the grocery stores as we recall those days back when!
I wouldn’t be surprised to see sales of Hula Hoops increase as folks get that mood to just get busy again!
Oh do you remember?
Those hula hooops that used to entertain us for hours on end, on arms, around waists, on the street and yards of so many!
The outright laughter and often to the point of tears and doubled over hysteria as we almost busted a gut watching friends as their mouths moved in certain angles, tongues out and hips moved to gyrations in order to move that hoop?
And those more industrious had several going at one time,
we all had a blast, a ball, all with our groove on to be certain!
Not so long ago, I seem to remember that craze found its way back again; hula hoops came in assorted sizes, neon, bright colors and folks doing all matter of things with them!
Oh yes, the music, the memories…
video by
The music
The Dances
The energy
I get so swept up that I can barely sit still as the music is playing here today!
Do you remember?
Oh, I remember!
I can even remember being raised with aunts and uncles and times when they would give me a nickel to go and put another stack of records on the record player/juke box!
They were too busy on Granny’s porch dancing and didn’t want to loose the moment,
so they had the “baby” do it for them!
All would be on the porch, in the yard, Granny included;
dancing and feeling grand, dancing and singing and ohhhh what times with that record player.
“here baby, go change the juke box for us”!
Do you remember these?
Let’s show these to our kids/grandkids and see if they can come up with what these just might be!
that should entertain them for a bit!
Oh the times that we had such a collection, and those sounds.
Remember having to put a dime  on that little doo-hickey to keep the needle from skipping or scratching the record?
Lawd I am dating myself here!
But as we travel down memory lane,
let me just have you settle in that remarkable brain of yours and pull another file today!
oH yea baby!
Do you remember those days?
those days of the “Drive-In theatre” where kids would even hide in the trunks of cars, only then to jump out after the admission was paid and they were safely inside the theatre and parked!
Remember back when?
Oh my
Can you imagine,
sit in your car, see and hear a movie for 25 cents
Like the first Drive in sign below?
I remember speaking last year but for the life of me, I don’t remember what state I was in!
I almost ran off the road though as I passed by what was still a “drive-in” that was still in operation!
Had I been able to turn around in time, I would have taken a picture of it, I was so amazed!
I have heard that there are still a few in operation, and remember then reflecting on “back then/back when”, and the little places you would wait in line for popcorn and coke, a hot dog and such!
Once again, I am remembering the energy, the positive vibes, the friendliness of those times!
The music, the dress, the pranks played on each other, and the “stylin” that went on.
Oh yes, those were some times!
Risk takers, hot cars, rock n roll and soul!
Kids had to work to be able to play,
yes they still got into some trouble, but they best enjoy the trouble cos’ there would be hell to pay when they got caught!
And yet, it was kinder somehow, more genuine, and people just had fun, even in the tragic and hard times, they pulled together.
Maybe it was that we all just had the
“Boogie Fever”
and just need to get it again!
video by
Let the music move you,
the passion of life course through you, and gratitude for all that has ever been guide you to all that is with a heart that is filled with kindess as you pull those memories, spark your moments and fill you up!
Here’s a treat on the American Drive-In a part of our wonderful and rich history!
 video by
Hope I’ve rekindled some of your precious memories on this beautiful weekend for you!
Best of all things to you and yours wherever you are
whatever you are doing!
That Dick Clark! He’s still working his magic from the other side now
as I am dancing to the music right here in Florida
as I remember all those many years and what sounds I am listening to;
from Sam Cooke, to James Brown, Otis Redding, The Tempations, The one and only Patti Labelle, even got some Jerry Lee Lewis goin on mixed in with some Willie Nelson and Michael Jackson and yes I can’t remember all the rest!
Shake your tail feathers friend
and use what you got to get what you need to stay in the game!
Walk in Beauty,
oh yes, here is yesterday’s video just in case you need to laugh a bit more!
video by Dr Sherry

Hula Hoops (Original flavour)

Hula Hoops (Original flavour) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



9 comments on “Dick Clark sure stirred some memories!

  1. […] Dick Clark sure stirred some memories! (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  2. So here I am getting ready for my 70’s / Motown dance I am having next Saturday, and now YOU have added more fuel to the fire!! More memories you have provided for my “rememberance” video before the dance starts. The college students I got who are Rod and Tina are “getting out of hand” they are so flippin excited about some of the sounds they had never heard before. YOU were so gracious to make that video. I did not know how you would feel about the request when I ask if you would. PAY BACK IS NOT ALWAYS A BAD THING. SO TO SHOW MY GRATITUDE, AS SOON AS I get the video in my little hand of the Rod and Tina, and various other scenes from the “Sounds of the 70’s / Motown celebration, Y O U will receive your own personal copy to enjoy. Trust me, when I do this party, it is smack dab gonna be covering the 70’s, and smack dab as professional as I can get across to the sound man, the video man, and the power point man. “I” am then gonna enjoy the party, with my very bestest friend who we have been through lots of things together, and STILL danced our way through the 70’s!! She now lives 3 hours from here, and she will be dancing all the way down the highway to get here!!! (wonder what them truck drivers are gonna think when they pass this short Italian lady (who has the foot work of Michael Jackson) makin her way down the 4 lane, to Boogie Fever????? I already know YOU have the VISUAL—-LLLLLLLL000000LLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! YOOO MAAAAMMMMAAA!!

    JUST BEAR WITH ME, I WON’T FORGET to “PASS IT ON” (as Mama Patti) says, and YOU, my friend, have (once again) triggered my brain to REMEMBER to enjoy life! WHY ELSE YOU THINK I HANG ON YOUR COAT TAILS????????

    • Ohhhh, MOTOWN, my absolute favorite of all favorites! did you know that in Detroit (I think that is where I was) at the airport there is a Motown store? and oh my can you have a blast shopping yourself into a frenzy there… as you gaze on the wall of the greats, their photos and autographs while dancing and singing to MoooooTowns’ finest… how I would have loved to accept your most lovely invitation to celebrate you on your special day and event there…. dance on you are one fierce lady, and a crazy bird, dance on….

      • Thank you Dr. Sherry for allowing me to be a part of your blog spot, and for not taking away the “reply” “comment” button under my name–LOL! Seriously, I will try to shorten my comments, and “be have” from now on.
        Try ain’t the same as promise, but I will do my best. I am so glad to see the others on here that appreciated your video, and all the GOOD memories that it stirred in all of us who lived through that era. Did all those hearts good. YOU are now President of the “70’s / Motown Preservation Society! Just do me a favor, and don’t EEEEVEEERRRR use that nasty “M” word in front of me again. You know—–the “M” word that stands for meeting. ( I would ah done it in a heart beat, and loved every minute of it). Just keep takin those American Bandstand meds, and bust out with another “Dance” as soon as you can!!!

      • Oh how I enjoy your being here, I would never take that button away from you MamaPatti! Just keepon busting moves with your hands/feet/keyboard too… “President of the Motown Preservation Society” WOW, I am off the charts excited now… oooooh baby baby…. just never know what spirit may move me to do next suga, take best care of you and hoe them rows plant those seeds and reap all that is wonderful in that field of joyous noise up there in OK, give all my best regards while dancing to the music…

  3. All I can say is WOW, WOW,, Dick Clark he is probably one of the greatest who will go down in history as a decent human being. No scandal on that teenage man. What memories of the past. Loved when the BABY had to fix the record playing so the dancing would go on and on. Just looking at the teenagers on the film and thinking about teenagers of today. Wouldnt it be great for someone to host a party of todays kids dressed in that orange suit with that shirt to match and turned down on the outside of his jacket? Look, no pants hanging down below the tail bone. Look how neat the girls and boys were dressed, not in high $$$ clothes but simple clothes that looked like they had a good home life with parents who was proud of them and made sure they dressed appropiately. The music truly makes you want to jump up and dance. No racial stuff going on with people and kids loving each other. It is just a great time and drive-in. my dad put us all in the back of the truck and away we went. If we were lucky we could take chairs and sit between the cars enjoying popcorn and a RC cola with peanuts shook up to spew when we started to drink it. Just think you probably paid $1. to get in the movie and now you are lucky if you can get into a movie for 2 for $40. Oh for the good times. Chubby Checker, Jerry Lee Lewis, Sam Cook and YOU SEND ME, so many more. I know Dick Clark is dancing with the Angels and did like the saying he stayed in the background and he didnt have to be the one who was honored, he was for the kids and what they did. Yes he will be missed and he never gave up even when his health was bad he kept going. There will never be another. I loved all of the visdeo and I really loved you in the singing and combing hair. Did you know the so called rat tail comb was also used for our boufant hair do that we did not was often so we used the long end of it to scratch the itch that was in her head from not washing so often. Memories, memories what a way to start our weekend. Thank you so much for all of your time, memories and energy going into all of these blogs. Blessings

    • Ahhhh those memories… hold to them, dance to them, let them move the doubts, the negatives and replace the worries of today as we dance to the music and fill the brain the body and the senses with all that we know to be goodness! “scratch the itch” i forgot that part , but oh I do remember seeing it! haha

  4. We've missed you Fluff! how wonderful to hear my namesake has a forever home!!! "SherryAngel" I love it! blessings to you dear one… maybe another sherry will find its way to you, this time to stay? hahabe well, stay blessed, thanks for comin by today, hope you laughed out loud with the video!

  5. Dr. Sherry, I have enjoyed your messages and the video was the best. I had to watch it again this morning. Great! Dick Clark was the best. It was so good back then, the music and all the memories. Thanks for reminiscing and sharing. Wishing you and all those here a tremendous super Saturday. Wow, been a busy week for me. Off to the shelter now and praying for some adoptions today. Dr. Sherry – Just to let you know little kitty Sherry was adopted yesterday – YEAH! Her name is now changed to Angel – How Perfect! Thankful she was only in the shelter cage for 9 days. Have a great day. /Sandy♥

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