Oh it just doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, cos’ at some time or another,
we all need someone to stand by us!
To stand by; in the morning, the daytime, the night-time too.
Just to know that in the “midnight hour” someone somewhere is standing by; in thought, in love, in that Universal Energy that connects the spirit through love, may fill a space and time that is stronger than a hug, larger than life itself.
the power of intention in those three words can wrap you like a cocoon on a day that may be dreary, a day that is so bright you need shades to shield your eyes from its rays.
Won’t you stand?
There have been so many renditions of the classic
“Stand by Me”
but I have never heard or seen it quite like this one.
It speaks loudly to the soul, to the spirit, to the world.
It will bring joy to the soul, tears to the face, its message could not be louder as it resonates beauty and meaning into the heart where there is purity from the Creator to those who are created in that very image.
Won’t you Stand?
video by
No matter who you are, where you go, from your knees to remind you that you are on solid ground, as you soar on the wings of the Eagle…
You goin to need somebody to stand by you…
either arm in arm, or spirit to spirit
we all need those real and true folks
that will STAND,
and that will always provide love that knows no limits or bounds
If you fell down yesterday, stand UP today, and remember sometimes you may stand alone, but at some point somewhere someone will hope you will stand by them.

Walk in Beauty,

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18 comments on “STAND BY ME..

  1. Irene here, late today. Thanks to everyone, everyday for standing BY ME. I am a bit unbalanced mentally today and therefore did not comment earlier. Bad day for me, but I am better now Till tomorrow, I will BREATHE, STOMP and HOWL, staying FIRM.

  2. Thanks to all for continuing to be here, for STANDING…when finding yourself standing a bit off center, a bit off kilter, it is a great place to then leap, to have those moments of just going with it with wild abandon and letting the inner child take over… leap, holler, scream, and let your child, the CReator within remind you of the wonder in your world. YOU have all that you need to do all that you can to TURN IT AROUND, to go for it letting go of negatives, embracing the positives and this very moment in time…it's a choice we each have to slay it, to be slayed by it, choose well darlings…STOMPtalk is cheap, time is precioustough love is love, and laughter and stress cannot live in the same house. it is impossible to experience at the same time!GOT YOUR LAUGH ON…STAND!@

  3. Really, really liked this video. I saved it my favorites for future viewing. Thanks for sharing the message. 1♥ Susan

  4. Beautiful, lovely, heartfelt words again doc. I live daily with my best friend standing by me through thick and thin, for all my adult life. Could not ask for any better. It has made my life richer, more wonderful, safer, and I know firsthand, unconditional love. Who could ask for more? I am loved, and I know I will never stand alone. Not even for one second. How lucky am I?

  5. Irene here, late today.Thanks to everyone, everyday forstanding BY ME. I am a bit unbalanced mentally today and therefore did not comment earlier.Bad day for me, but I am better nowTill tomorrow, I will BREATHE, STOMP and HOWL, staying FIRM.

  6. helloooooo.Loved the music… surely mademe get my mode into positive..yep, there are so many times we feel alone in our distress..reach within, reach out..3share and STAND…awesome words… best to all warriors here..hugging my angels,sign me,♥A.

    • Stand, float on a purple noodle and talk to the angels.. you of course will be joined by the dolphins with a twinkle of knowing in their eyes and a reminder that you are never alone… Warriors are standing by you …

  7. helloooooooo.
    loved the “stand by me ” video… thank you.
    I imagine that the world would be awesome.. if only we could truly overcome
    the barriers that seperate all of humankind…
    support and love needed by all, we never are alone in our dark times,
    or in our greatest moments.
    Looking within our hearts to find answers to the questions..
    we just need to open up, reach out and share…
    dancing here , kicking the blues away…
    I will “stand by me ” today….
    sign me, A.

  8. Great afternoon, what a great song, the finest I have ever heard. Can I cry now? Oh no, it is happy. We truly need someone to stand by us at all times. Some disappointments in life by friends you thought were always going to stand by you but if you get Lemons, make Lemonade. Thats what I am thinking. Beautiful day today and am hoping the sun will shine soon. More rain coming. Going to that little one baseball game this evening and if he dont hit the ball I am going to go out on the field and hit it for him. Thanks for the great STAND BY ME. Irene come on stand by me. Blessings to all

  9. Excellent choice to embed this marvelous video of Stand by Me. What a blend of love. And . . . I embrace your written words, Dr. Sherry “STAND BY ME the power of intention in those three words can wrap you like a cocoon on a day that may be dreary, a day that is so bright you need shades to shield your eyes from its rays. Won’t you stand?”

  10. you can order at http://www.sherryeshowalter.com Fluff/Sandywe'll ship within 24 hours!blessings to you and those out in the Motown state!

  11. Beautiful and heart felt message today Dr. Sherry and love the music and the pictures. It really touched my heart. There comes times in our lives that we feel very alone and it is such a Blessing to know when someone is standing by you and holding you up as we travel down this road. Thank you Dr. Sherry for all you and and all you are. You are very special and I am very grateful. I need to order another book as mine is becoming worn and tattered. Will order it soon.Wishing for all those who stop by today and joyous day filled with smiles as we count our many Blessings. I hopw the sun is shining warm and bright on you today. /Sandy♥

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