Motown is about to take over Oklahoma!

oh yea, there’s a party gettin ready to go on in Oklahoma on Saturday
and one of our readers here is gettin their groove on,
ready to celebrate her birthday
“dancin in the streets”
to all the hits of Motown!
With friends and relations they will gather
and shake their booties, do the shimmy shimmy, the slide, the funky chicken, and bop to the sounds and the funk of the greatest singers and sounds ever
and Oklahoma will never be the same; as they get UP and and GET THE FEVER!
From the pews and from gospel, from Mahalia to uncle Ray Charles to Detroit and the Motor City, and
soul was given sound and rhythm and blues
and dance was on!
Oh the sounds, the joy, the dance!
Bring it back, play it loud!
 video by
I felt so honored that the birthday woman
known as “Oshkosh” invited to fly me to OK to participate in the party goin on
celebrating her birthday
Motown style!
Astonished but honored indeed!
If I weren’t doing a speaking engagement, I would have been on that plane in a NY minute with my swag on,
to dance to the sounds of Motown and raise a glass and toast this most generous soul filled woman!

I can only imagine; a room filled with laughter, the dance moves that will be goin on… “Bust a move dear ones” up there in OK, a state I just love to visit and speak in!

Oh can you imagine the times being held on Saturday there?
Good times, great music, memories, food/drink
and celebrations!
It just can’t get much better than that
I’m thinkin.
As we end the week talking about
“Stand by Me”
a week of being there when possible, of sending thoughts through the universal connection of energy, of good deeds, thoughts and the universal connection that weaves such a magnificent tapestry through the music…
What music, messages, sound
Motown gifted us with through the years.
I remember trying to make a flight in Detroit last year, and found the
“Motown store” in the airport!
Oh I felt like I had hit pay dirt, as I shopped and gazed and found a wall covered with photos and autographs there!
I was like a kid in a candy store; gazing at Diana Ross, Little Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Gladys and the Pips, Lionel Richie, and more… their pictures and signatures there, t-shirts, sweats, everything you could imagine and the eyes to feast on… while hearing the songs, having a sensory moment down memory lane!
It was off the hook!
American Bandstand; Dick Clark, The SouuuLLL Train; Don Corneilus Motown <<< Berry Gordy<<<
Oh lawd,
remember when Diana Ross would hog the stage and push the supremes out of her way with that hair?
and when she just got known as the “B”, yet a childhood friend said that success didn’t do that to her; she was a “B” before that!
Oh goodness the years, the stars, the days when they took the stage with such amazing moves, with clothes on even, and their pipes is what was the true sound and event, the dance was what was seen;
lyrics were actually understood without straining or need for interpretations.
I miss that!
almost too many greats to name here, the songs all blend into a tapestry so colorful and rich in texture it just colors my brain so I wish i was hooked to an MRI machine so I could view it!
Mary Wells to the Supremes to Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, the pips and Gladys, the Marvelettes, temptations, four tops, ohhh goodness someone stop me… the Isley Brothers, Prentenders, Spinners, David Ruffin, Marvin and Tammy, Jackson 5, Lionel Richie (now puttin out a country CD) go figure, his voice still rich as velvet…
Remember the platforms, the bell bottoms, the afros, and madras plaid?
Groups that danced in sync; finger pops, swings and horns with percussion,
James Brown and his caped self being ushered off the stage and that lime green jump suit?
Otis Redding, Wicked Wilson Pickett?
stop me!
 video by
Cool, groovey, outta sight,
can ya dig it, far out, right on, jeeepers creeepers, backatcha, flip me out, funky, freak me out, give me the skinney, don’t bogart that joint, May the force be with you, keep the faith, keep on truckin, keep the petal to the metal, loo-ooking goo-ood,
awe sooky sooky, ace,be there or be square, BAD,
The “hustle” the “bump” the “funky chicken”
the “YMCA” the “hully gully”, the “slow drag”, the “stroll”!!
What am I forgetting here?
Oh I’m on a roll a rip and a tear today,
the music is rocking the fur off the 4 leggeds I might just add!
Can YOU hear me all the way to Oklahoma and the Motor City and even out in Walsenburg CO today even in Philly and DC I’m wondering?
wow, I’m “filled with rhythm soul and blues”
and not even thinkin of taking a
Midnight Train To Georgia!
Yep, there’s a party in the makin Motown style in Oklahoma Motown style alright;
that’s waht’s happenin up there in the state of Oklahoma this weekend,
to you
Osh Kosh, MamaPatti, I wish you a birthday to remember starting right NOW,
Motown Music, great times, laughter;
to fill your feet and soul as you get on that floor and dance your butt off!
May your loved ones, friends, family both here and on the other side join you with great times, laughter, and you all just party all night and let the good times roll!
For the rest of you?
Join with me in wishing a great woman of spirit, courage, and who is filled with music a most happy Birthday!
Join with her
by celebrating your life today and this weekend!
Crank up your music, live like there is no tomorrow, step out of your comfort zone
DANCE, LAUGH til your sides ache!
Here’s you some music to get your feet tapping no matter where you are today,
and get your groove on!
Get your hairbrush, your feet ready to tap, your rat tail combs, and let’s boogie down!
video by
oohhh baby baby, I just feel the music of Motown seeping in my pours and through the miles of neurotransmitters here;
I got my grin on, my attitude on, my wise self just filled with spirit,
think I might just have to find myself
Sittin by the Dock of the Bay
before this day is done!
so much so, that…
I’m dancing in the streets for My girl up there in OKlahoma and all you have to ever do is Reach Out and I’ll Be There friends. You never have to wonder when you have friends about What’s goin on or
 Where did our Love Go,
you won’t have to sing Michael Jackson’s song, I want you back
cos you will know deep in your heart that
 There ain’t no mountain high enough!
What’s goin on will be danced to and some may voice certain Superstition as others wait at the mailbox afterwards for news of the events from loved ones and holler,
Please Mr Postman, while wondering if it’s
JUst My Imagination,
yes some still use snail mail or not!
My Guy only texts these days, yes
Love is like a heat wave ,and some are,
 Uptight (forgetting) everything’s alright,
 and they will still want or need to ask
Do You Love Me, from time to time.
You may want a wingman, or someone to ride Shotgun along your journey and feel some Baby Love while remembering that Papa was a rolling Stone,
 and reassuring those trusted friends
 I’ll be there!
And, just to keep it real, cos that’s how I roll,
 I can’t help myself Suga Pie Honey Bunch,
sometimes you need to
 STOP in the name of Love; 
cos in life there will be some Tears of A Clown When there’s no one around.
True that,
 Ain’t Nothin Like the Real thing;
and to live fully, life really can getcha to say,
 You’ve really Got a Hold On Me
and there are times you might want to know no one is an island and we all need;
 Baby I need your lovin!
You are the sunshine of my Life
(ohhh how the top 100 Motown hits are coursing through my brain today, filling me with spirit).
Money, that;s what I want
remember that one?
Oh Smokey would say to me,
 I second that Emotion
while the Godsons and Olivia would jump right in and wonder when will it be Signed Sealed Delivered!
They would indeed be,
ON cloud Nine; and I of course,
 A Ball of Confusion
as they of course would be
“living in the city”
and me saying…
 oooo baby baby,
 you are all
 Super Freaks!
WAR good God, what is it good for?
oh how I remember that one,
thank YOU soldiers, we appreciate your service…
“Ain’t to proud to beg”
for folks to learn and re learn the magic of thank you, compassion, kindness in a world that seems to forget to look up, to bow their heads and to stand on Higher Ground.
It Takes Two ,for communication for a handshake, understanding and right-way relations…Mercy Mercy Me, I do believe I’ve just given you the top 50 of Motowns’ greatest, All Night Long they will celebrate and party on with Motown and I’m delighted to know that our reader Osh, will be loved so well through the magic of Motown and those that love her.
I know I you are all saying,
Don’t leave me this way,
and yes we could make it a day of ramblings and music here.
All Night Long; Since I lost my baby, Dont’ mess with Bill, Jimmy Mack,
Goin to a Go-Go,
yes yes darlings I get that!
You’ve Made Me So Very Happy,
being here today, reading and hopefully bringing others here as well.
come and get these memories,
meld them with your own, turn up the music and enjoy!
Keep on Truckin!
I wish you all that you dare to dream today,
I wish it would rain, enjoy your day, hope you get to go Cruisin; or say ABC,
I do believe that
Heaven must have sent you
Neither one of Us wants to be the first to say good-bye;
so instead
lets’ just leave it with
Smilin Faces
while remembering that 2+2 makes 4
time for me to Do the Hustle!
 video by
Best of all Fridays and a spectacular weekend to all who dance in here today!
Let the party and the music
Walk in Beauty
while dancin in the streets

in front of motown studios, detroit usa

in front of motown studios, detroit usa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Motown Building

Motown Building (Photo credit: Dave Hogg)


9 comments on “Motown is about to take over Oklahoma!

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the MO Town…you made my evening reading this. I could listen to the music all night. thanks for sharing it. hugs

  2. […] Motown is about to take over Oklahoma! (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Could ya have included even one more song memory doc? How awesome was it to remember all the old Motown music. Where is the microphone when ya need it. For all you kids out there, music today just ain't what it was in the good ole days. Singin along with this too fabulous Blog tonight. Enjoy the weekend, drag out the oldies and sing till ya can't sing another peep. Thanks for the million memories!

  4. Speaking of New York, I REALLY would have done it in a New York minute!

  5. loving this blog doc and happy birthday to the birthday girl. Hoping all are doing well. EE is hanging in there and enjoying the Colorado sunshine on the patio. hugs on the wind.EE

  6. Great memories Dr. Sherry and wishing a big Happy Birthday to our friend in Oklahoma – Hope the Motown birthday will be one of a grand forever memory with non stop Motown music and dancing party all night long – that is going to be one fine party! Dr. Sherry and friend, if you ever get to Detroit you will need to visit the Motown museum that began as Hitsville USA in 1959 by Berry Gordy. It is really a memory to visit. Wishing all here a Fantastic Friday and the beginning of a great weekend for you. I took today off from work today so getting a sleep in lazy morning that I needed today. Have to get busy here though. Things to do and off to the shelter in a few hours. /Sandy♥

  7. @FIRM, so then, got your groove on, were you ever so impressed with the use of song tittles, and no comments on just how many cups of coffee i had today? yep you are not in your happy place, I can tell by your brief comments here… ah, but i do know the icescream irene hanging on aint no sunshine FIRM I DO.blessings to you and strength to hold ON while keeping the faith this weekend.jam fest is nearing May 12, let your pals know aka chris, and get ready to rock n roll at thirsty marlin darlin

  8. Oh, my ! Osh Kosh: Happy Birthday to you and what a fine set of music you will have. Me: I am pushin' 60, so I am right on board with Dr. SES and all her songs, info and dance moves. Just love the reminders of my earlier days and the MUSIC I love. Have a"speck-effin-tacular" Friday all.I am and gonna stay FIRM !

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