Wishin you a delicious Day

Kamyrn and D’Vante
tore into some fresh cupcakes while they were here!
See that passion and determination?
Yep that’s my boys alright!
That’s the kinda day I’m wishing for you all!
A day of sweetness, a day of passion, determination,
a day of tasting wonderment all around you!
Go for it friends!
Full tilt out there, with gusto
wherever you are!
A good ole cupcake in one hand, cold glass of milk in the other,
and a day of absolute joy
in all you are doing!
This is YOUR day; a day for
excitement and dancing in the streets!
Just don’t get run over by some crazy person who is trying to outrun the next full moon with their moods while they are putting on make-up or checking their texts on the phone or reading the newspaper while driving!
Try not to get swept up in the negative energies of others, the news, the gossip of the town.
Be the warrior you are,
play some music that will fill you up, put the top down on the convertible of your life and feel the wind in your hair; put the speakers in the windows
and sing!
Count your blessings today,
smile at everyone you happen to pass by, and those who have a walk through your mind!
If you read the blogs of the last few days you will remember that today is the birthday celebration of our reader here known as OshKosh up there in Oklahoma;
so join me in wishing her a
It’s Motown celebration style tonight and there is one high stylin party goin on for her!
We are wishin her some joyful noise up there!
I’m already listening to some fine music, got my feet tapping, the babies are celebrating here, with their bark and their
NASCAR race round the pool!
It is a fine day to be alive and absorb all that the Creator has blessed us all with!
Thank YOU Creator for all your gifts.
Here’s a picture of Patti Labelle I took as she reminds us
“When you’ve been blessed”, it is indeed like heaven;
so today
friends; just pass it on.
With each step you take, each breath you inhale and exhale, think of someone, something greater than yourself, and get out of you; and do some good deeds for another.
YOU are changing the world with one smile, one action, one step at a time.
So today,
I’ll get your motor running with Rod and that good ole
Motown Song!
video by
We’ll leave the stresss, the bad news, the uglies to the media, those who like the darkness,
while we send messages to our brain of what we want and choose to stand in the light
and dance and sing and holler today;
how bout that for a weekend
and a thought for the day?
Bring over some of your old Motown records
(8 tracks/cassettes/CDS)
Uncle Ray Charles
Blue Ray!
Walk in Beauty
“click follow for a chance to win an autographed copy of Healing Heartaches”
click follow for a chance to win an autographed copy of
Healing Heartaches
we’re almost to 101 followers there!
Now That's What I Call Motown

Now That's What I Call Motown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



25 comments on “Wishin you a delicious Day

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  20. […] Wishin you a delicious Day (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  21. Love the message Sherry. your words never fail to inspire us on to greater things. hugs

  22. Great message today with great pictures and music. Thank you Dr. Sherry. Happy Birthday to Osh Gosh there in Oklahoma with her Motown birthday going on today. Hope it is the best and filled with everlasting memories. Hope the sun is shining bright where you are. It is in the low 40s here, cloudy and drizzly with snow flurries tonight. Shelter was a little crazy today – must be close to a full moon. We did have one dog adopted so that was good. So, take care friends and have a wonderful and peaceful rest of the day. /Sandy♥

  23. Wait !Nice cupcake-eating photo…Happy Birthday Osh-Kosh……Wait!Regarding yesterday's longgggsong title (too much caffeine ) writing. How your brain works amazes me….. nevermind, I will just say I was most impressed and failed to comment, so NOW, I willdrop you a shout-out and say that you the bomb Dr. SES. Keep it up.Signed: me, being me, cracked as ever but FIRM

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