Zorbas Greek Restaurant in Tarpon Spings Jazzed it…


and the smooth sounds of the sax
performed last night
at our local Tarpon Springs
ZORBAS Taverna and Nightclub
OHHH mercy, does that child have some pipes that are “rich and off the hook”!
Walking in the door,
my first sight was of
the one and only
Superbowl winner of times gone by
Earl Christy and the sounds of
and I was so amazed i had to lean against the rail!
The owner walked over and said,
“Dr Showalter, how nice to see you!”
I was still trying to get my thoughts together;
“Earl Christy of the Jets? These sounds of Velvet? Tarpon Springs?
The owner greets me, and is with a smile as big as tomorrow?
Oh it was a lovely evening to be sure!
A bear hug from Earl Christy and an evening with a Super Bowl Jet on top of everything else, and an autograped football for
D’Vante too?
WOW I am still dancing to the smooth sounds of Velvet today!
I mean this woman has a sound and rich voice that one must hear to appreciate,
and what a delightfully enjoyable evening!
Soon to be made even better if one can imagine, when joined by a warrior of this page; a survivor, and lovely Tarpon Springs couple that are known to many!
Ms Vicki Cone and Matthew arrived to hugs, and we had the best of times,
I even grabbed Earl’s hat so we could get a photo together!
Oh we had a time!
Darn, should have tried to add that hat to my own collection now that I think about it!
Velvet sang, oh did she sing her songs… she sang
and you could hear a pin drop,
she sang some of Whitney Houston, she probably could sing the phone book; she has talent, passion and did I mention PIPES?
Oh and the best part yet?
She will be singing at
Zorba’s in Tarpon every
Sunday evening from 5-8pm
on Jazz night!
I’m thinkin I’m goin to spread the word and get some folks together for an evening gather of jazz and good times!
As I’m talking to Earl, we talk about great times, old times, important things in life. As he is telling me of his faith, friends, beliefs; he points across the room to a gentleman and starts to tell me who he is… and what an impact he has had on Earl’s life. I’m listening and look and stop him dead in his words!
Earl! That is Father Ron! I KNOW HIM FROM HOSPICE, we used to work together my friend… haha
With that, I have to excuse myself and go see an old friend, embracing him and saying,
“Oh Father Ron, how wonderful to see you again! and it’s so great to see a Father hanging out in a nightclub!!!”
We had a lovely conversation, and he is truly a marvelous man!
Oh the people you see and the Universal connection of spirit!
Now as for an evening of
Earl Christy?
That man has more energy than one can imagine!
He’s as fierce today as when he was playin football back in the day I tell you!
As Velvet sang,
Earl and I took to the dance floor
and ohhh boy,
a chance for a video was sure missed by DLB and Ms. Vicki it was!
Cos Earl and I cut the hardwoods apart we did
Velvet moved us to our feet
we “tore it up” together on that floor!
Thanks Earl Christy,
thanks Velvet!
oh lawd have mercy,
you filled my soul last night
right here in little
Tarpon Springs!
The blessings are all around us,
and last evening
while Velvet was singing,
while we were visiting,
and thinking it just can’t get any better than this…
another gentleman in the room, took the mic over for a few songs.
His silky soul voice just made ya want to drop your drink and sway!
Yes he was just that good!
He later took to the dance floor after delighting us all with that silky voice of his, with Matthew lookin on!
Have I been transported to a world of smooth jazz to places I’ve never been while living here or what?
Oh what a joyful evening here at the sponge docks with great folks indeed!
Yes it is a marvelous Monday as we dance on the deck of life
while I think of last evening
here in our little community
Tarpon Springs FL USA!
Where the jazz and a woman with some pipes that I’ve not heard the likes of since living here just filled me up last night as the one and only Earl Christy and I took that dance floor with some stylin!
Ohhh my, sure wish we had the video to make ya jump to your feet today…
Earl’s just smooth, there is no other word for it!
Wherever you are,
whatever you are doin,
Listen to some sweet sweet music
tap your feet,
hug U
and let the music move YOU
blessings on the breeze dear ones.
Walk in Beauty
Tarpon Springs waterfront

Tarpon Springs waterfront (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


32 comments on “Zorbas Greek Restaurant in Tarpon Spings Jazzed it…

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  23. […] Zorbas Greek Restaurant in Tarpon Spings Jazzed it… (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  24. Oh I loved this. It almost felt like I was there. What a beautiful place. When I saw the name Zorbas, I immediately thought of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and loved loved that movie. I loved the closeness of family they had. Thanks for sharing. hugs my friend.

  25. “Tore it up”, “cut the hardwoods”!!! PRICELESS!! And “YOU” told em to let the music play on?? Nawww, not you! I can’t imagine! LOL Blessings to Ms. Cone. Who that lady sittin beside her????

    • hahaha, yep tore it UP with none other than a SUPERBOWL CHAMP!!! now how bout that …. stopp me on a dime and waitin on change! ohhh that hat, fly indeed should have snuck out the door when I had the chance! blessings to you mamapatti, notice that MOtown shirt… LOL be well dear heart!

  26. I would like to thank you Dr. Showalter and Dorothy for honoring us with your presence, your love and enthusiasm, and all your kind words. Indeed it was an honor for us to share the evening with you both. And my good friends Mathew and Vicki….always an honor and always wonderful to have you with us. We are very fortunate that we have Earl Christy and Velvet with us as well…..I pray that we all ‘grow’ in this avenue together. We do have to count all our blessings for each day have….and as you put it Dr. Showalter……..LET THE MUSIC PLAY ON !!!!

    • Yes indeed Mary, “let the MUSIC PLAY ON” thank you for your lovely welcome to Zorba’s and much success to you and Telly! We look forward to bringing folks to you on jazz night in Tarpon Springs! Be well and take best care!

  27. It was a beautiful evening!!~ I am so glad you came to Zorba’s!! Mary & Telly are doing a fantastic job but just not enough peopke know or believe that Jazz night is so good!! Plus Earl Christy- what else can I say!!??
    So great seeing you & Dorothy and hope to see you both again real soon!!! xoxo

  28. Dr. Sherry, sounds like a wonderful and musical night you had there in Tarpon Springs. Great time with friends and reminicsing with some from the past. I sure do love that Jazzy music. Sounds like you will be going back again soon to hear those smooth voices and sounds and the time spent enjoying yourself and wrap up in the sweet music. Wishing all here a wonderful and peaceful Monday. Back to work today. /Sandy♥

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