May Day 2012

Hope you are ready to soar into a new month! Talons out, wings spread, Attitude of great gratitude checked, and ready for a month of wonder? How bout that sculpture? Took my breath away out there in Sedona it did, along with those red rocks and the sacredness of just everything.

Here we are May Day 2012 and as I sat last night for a bit of evening entertainment, I was saying May Day May Day or maybe I was saying SOS SOS stop the madness, I can’t remember now. Perhaps now rather than a May Day Parade we should have a May Day rethinking and name it a May Day Call To Action!

As I sat and listened to interviews about Liberace from some man who is now in his 10 minutes of fame I was screaming May Day; and thinking to myself about all the people who get their fame after someone famous dies. this man is now getting his fame by telling of his sexual exploits with Liberace and claiming to have slept with both he and Michael Jackson!

And I have to wonder how easy it is for people to come forth and fill the air waves with such claims and nonsense when there is no one left to tell their side of the story; when no one really cares or needs to know all of that, yet the air waves must be at a loss for real news or entertainment to even think it worthy of folks time. After all the one thing I hear when speaking across the country from 95% of the people and even from the kids these days is “we just don’t have any time to do things, to even watch television and do fun things”.

Why in the world would Matt Lauer, Entertainment Tongight, ABC News and 60 Minutes think that folks with little time want to hear someone and their claims to fame fill the air with who they slept with that is now long dead and gone?

MAY DAY help us!

Now we get to hear the “real deal” again about Whitney Houston with interviews of Bobby Brown and Matt Lauer? I love Matt and he can nail an interview; but to ask Bobby Brown about who got Whitney on drugs and leave it to him to give his side of that story now that she is dead is like asking a cow if it prefers chicken dont’ ya think? What are people thinking?

The big time dinner of laughs and chuckles at the White House that is as much tradition and a time to let off some much needed stress for all parties to poke fun and laugh, will now be used against all in this smak and smear campaign yet at the time, great laughs were had, funny or at least efforts at funny were made.

High ticket guests were invited to share an evening of wit, charm, and sometimes actually funny jokes; but the Kardachian invitation and appearance among guests? Talk about a joke among politicians; yet money talks and all else walks I guess. And we must remember when Monica L. was a wee lad crawling about the white house floors and picking up whatever she got her hands on and putting it in her mouth; she has grown and moved on to other things, but we seldom hear about her anymore… she has said all that she wanted to creating a stir a national controversy

in a world of high tech and instant gratification. Bet the forefathers look down from the heavens and chuckle with great glee that horses and buggies were the mode of transport and carrier pigeons were the internet of gossip and t.v.’s were not around in those days to spread the news and the words or actions of others. Distress calls were left for issues of National or International distress and Americans stood together even if they did not like the current administration they still found the courage and pride of America led them to stand together United under one flag. We learned from mistakes, made choices for the greater good of our country and humanity and our communities and neighbors, we watched television to be entertained not disgusted nor depressed by news and interviews of those makin a buck from and off the dead.

We STOOD and let our voices be heard.

We honored differences and knew that we would not always win the popularity contest, but we knew right from wrong. And now we can look forward to more who want their claim to fame through making a few cents off the deceased who can no longer speak for themselves or who had the common decency to keep their bedroom a place for their own business and not of the public or the press. Why in the world would we believe the words of someone who claims to have slept with Liberace or Michael Jackson; or turned Whitney Houston on to or off of drugs and when you peel the onion “what difference does it matter” anyway?”

Don’t we have a life to live that is precious, that is time sensitive and stamped with gratitude, with attitude, with greatness? …

Today in S.C. a lovely woman named Ali, has decided to bring her beloved Dad home from the VA hospital. He is a Veteran of the U.S. service. He is dying. She wants him to be comfortable, to know the love and safety and warmth of home. She is doing what she needs to do, to make sure her Dad is taken care of and dies the way he wants to; at home with his family.

I believe she is about to experience the things that provide increased calls of “May Day” along this journey. She will probably find that folks start to get in her business, that people dont know what to say, so they will open their mouth and insert their foot or step on their tongue and she will want to scream “get out of my business or my home”!

Just like we’ve talked about here MAY DAY!!! And yes, these are high stress and precious moments; laden with emotions and with those who need to STAND BY HER, to do or just be for her. Yet, a dollar to a donut some with say/do/be with haste and with the wrong thing only to create worry, tension, angst. And for that I am so sorry dear Ali. She is nervous, she is afraid, she is needing all the support and Universal Energy that we can send her, that the healing world can offer. When folks ask what you need Ali, point them to the cabinet or give them the windex and a rag, let them wash the windows or give them the #’s you need to call, or a jar for some dough to help with paying the florist or funeral home. That is what friends are for dear.

On this May Day, this is the stuff we should be seeing on that big ole’ TV in homes across the nation; that would be an interview for Matt Lauer don’t YOU think? One that would fill the world with remembering those very things that affect and fill all our lives each moment of every day and that truly matter as we remember May Day. My heart is with you Ali, with your Dad… May these moments fill you with all you both need, my thoughts and prayers are with you now and always. Hospice will be there for you both, as we all are surrounding you with all that you need. Thank your Dad for us for his service may he have a peaceful journey home, with you by his side…

Walk in Beauty




2 comments on “May Day 2012

  1. Both hands, waving in the air, You do have a witness here my friend! I second every word used to describe our good doc. Enjoyed your comment as much as the blog. Good for you. Funny too, and I always appreciate humor. As for Ali and her Dad. So glad you are doing what your Dad wants. Time is so precious, and endings, though tearful and dreaded… he will always be just one heartbeat away. A lesson I learned from Dr. SES when my heart was breaking, missing someone I loved deeply. I, to this day, repeat that mantra everytime I remember a loved one whose time here is done, and they are gone from my eyesight, but never from my heart.
    We will send you love and strength Ali. May I add my thanks to Dr SES’s for your fathers service to our country. We are free because of those who have served to protect us.

  2. Without trying to embarrass you, Dr. Sherry, I need to tell all your readers what that long string of letters stands for after your name: Phd~~~PERSONABLE, HONEST, DEPENDABLE. LCSW~~~LAWD, she is COMPASSIONATE, SENSITIVE, and WARM. BCD~~BEST COUNSELOR when in DISTRESS. MMSC~~~MARVELOUS MASTER of SAYING CORRECTLY what needs to be said! PLEASE DON’T BE CRAWLING UNDER YOUR CHAIR, WE ALL AGREE AND KNOW THIS–I AIN’T THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS THAT WAY, CAN I GET A WITNESS??? (that would not stay in my head any longer–so I just sorta had itchy fingers for as long as I could stand it, and had to move em across this keyboard) Ali is on my heart, and I stand with her. What a precious person.

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