Rare supermoon rising over lake in Central Flo...

Rare supermoon rising over lake in Central Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Friends get ready,

there’s a
coming on May 5th
that well may be worth a gaze and a howl!
I’ve been saying for days that there must be one fine full moon on its way,
and sure enough this one is due to be quite amazing.
Get ready to raise your heads, grab your cameras and get yourself ready…
The last supermoon was back in 1993, and I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember if I looked or not back then!
But here on the east coast for the best effects, take a look as it rises, or just before it allows that sun to rise for the best effects and optical illusions;
one way or the other it sure is goin to stir up the tidal waves and the nervous systems of the folks here;
we’re already seeing the effects of it coming in thoughts, actions, behaviors!
Perigee Moon is sure to delight and amaze those who love the moon and the wonder of our skies.

video by
One thing is certain, this moon will be a fine brush to paint the flowers, and add rich color to our world
as it is closer to us, we will be tempted to reach up and climb on top for a better view!
Known as flower moon to the Native Americans, the Milk Moon,
this moon is going to just knock us off our feet and make us want to lay on our backs and gaze moon.
Oh how I would just love to be laying on the grounds of the
can you even imagine?
Or on the beach… now that is even better I’m thinkin to see it from a boat out on the gulf waters with that reflection on the waters;
and oh wait, I can even see a dolphin or two jumping in the air to celebrate their joys and happiness with me at the sights!
Oh the imagination is at work today
and I’m grateful!
“Don’t judge any wo/man until you have walked two moons in her/his moccasins.” [Native American Saying]
So get ready friends,
SUPER MOON is making its way to you in just a few days!
So keep in mind… things are often a bit wavy and off kilter, oh ok… at times outright crazzzy
during times of the full moon, so don’t be surprised if a SUPER moon intensifies all those things.
BREATHE, relax into it, and remember to take best care of you.
and please don’t rent out space in your head to others
that is a high rent area!
Oh the wonderment of the moon!
The gratitude of this day
and the gifts that are YOURS.
I remember when my Mom used to pick little Kamryn up and sit him on the rail of her deck and look at the full moon… he would be so mesmerized by it. She would tell him grand stories of the moon, and remind him that he was looking at the same moon as his Godmother here in Florida and we were connected by that moon.
Just as when D’Vante was little; only 1 and 2 years old in Chicago and his Mom would remind him of the same things so long ago,
that when he saw that moon he was looking at the same moon as his family in Virginia and we were loving him from a distance,
connected by hearts and that same moon.
So when you gaze up, keep in mind those connections of loved ones,
both here and in states or galaxies away,
the connections continue always…

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” Gandhi”

Thank you warriors, for the incredible and wonderful comments of yesterday!
How wonderful to see our page come alive once again with interactions and support for
Ali and her Dad as they walk the journey together during this time of so much love, emotion, and others trying to say/do/tell “do it this way” in times of great heartaches
and stress.
She is feeling the power of connection and support
Walk in Beauty

Moon (Photo credit: penguinbush)


12 comments on “SUPER MOON IS COMIN May 5th

  1. well shoot…wrong post. I think I need coffee. I am loving the pictures of the super moon and can’t wait to see my very first. Now let me go post on the right place ROFLMAO

  2. love this story Sherry. It goes to show that it takes so little to reach out to someone and make their life so much more beautiful. Sometimes all it takes is a smile. And the gifts we get in return make our lives more beautiful. Hugs my friend and wonderful blog.

  3. as I am trying to post, the winds are full of dynamic energy… can’t seem to stay
    connected long enough to finish my thoughts…
    Loved today’s read, once again, you have filled me up with
    what I needed to get myself going…
    Wishing all the best to everyone here, holding Ali and her beloved Dad close in
    my heart..
    Bring on the SUPER MOON … how lucky we are to be a piece of this awesome
    sign me, A.

  4. helloooooooooo.
    super moon and cinqo de maio on the same day ??
    oh my. the breezes here of the last few days have been clearing
    the skies of clouds so that we may enjoy the fullest effects of the super moon

  5. Thanks, Dr. Sherry, I was not aware of the coming supermoon, and marked my calendar. Guess Ali will keep us posted. She remains on my mind.

    • Oh mamapatti, how you filled my heart yesterday, as well as our other blog was a buzz, with the power of warriors of gentle spirits there… yes I’m sure that Ali will keep us up to date as her Dad is now with her at HOME; I do believe he beat her once again at a game of cards as well! she has yet to beat him I’m told, even now! She has folks tryin to mind her business and found great comfort and strength in the words of many, the prayers, the hope and the validation… get ready for that moon darlin, and watch out cos’ you know how folks are when a full moon is on its way! ready to HOWL? huggin u from the suns rays here…

      • There are forever “those” who “lip service” when you take a parent into your home, yet you never see them “DOING” anything helpful that the caregiver might need. TOO BUSY RUNNING THE MOUTH and sittin on the butt. When you said she would have days of wanting to run them out of her house–my heart felt for her- and I still feel for her. My dad was getting dementia toward the end, and fell in love with one of the caregivers I hired to take care of him while I worked. She had already drove him down to pick her out a new riding lawn mower, cause she said she would marry him, and his mental state knew no better. I call it “PREYING ON THE ELDERLY” —IT WASN’T JUST CAUSE IT WAS MY DAD—THAT WOULD PISS ME OFF FOR ANY ELDERY PERSON, NO MATTER WHO THEIR FAMILY WAS–EVEN IF I WAS NOT EVEN RELATED TO THEM. I know you are familiar with hair-raising stories, just like the pillow in your book. That’s why her story touched my heart. It was a full moon over my house for almost 4 years! If I lived by her, I swear, all she would have to do is give me her list written out of what errands, cleaning, and calls, and whatever SHE needed done. And done the way SHE wanted it done.

        By the way, Dr. Sherry—it is really good to see you are so well thought of, (all them witnesses)~~~~~~~ I just wish I felt the same way all the rest of your readers feel about ya!!!! LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    • May 5, be ready to enjoy its brilliance!

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