Landon Korabek Jamfest; Community, Caring

On May 12, 2012
the 2nd Annual
OneLove JamFest
remembering a 17 year old will take place.
Landon Korabek; a good kid who made a bad choice with his pals, and never woke up from his bed.
His parents, friends, brother and community miss him terribly,
yet they are finding ways to heal, to embrace the light differently now;
while spreading the word and his memory through
Raising monies for N.O.P.E (Narcotics Overdose Prevention and Education)
and scholarship money for students through our
Ruth Eckerd Hall here in Clearwater.
Landon Korabek; we remember and you are loved.
Gone too soon.
Landon died of a prescription drug overdose on May 7th.
Prescription drugs are killing people across our nation at a rate that would boggle your mind and scare you into action.
He was a good kid, from a great family; a typical kid with a wit, with sacracsm and a great love of his family.
He was a “wicked guitar” player and loved music.
He attended Palm Harbor University High School; where I have heard for years from people that they do not have a drug problem there with their kids;
yet most of the teenagers I meet will tell me that you can get what you want in the parking lots or just about at each corner of their vast campus.
At the hospital where Landon was taken after being found, after his father tried and tried to bring him back to life;
the parents were placed in a little room to wait.
They waited.
And they waited.
By the time they were told; they were deeper in shock/trauma/out of their own minds wanting, needing to be with their son as efforts were being made or the reality already determined.
when they were finally informed and allowed entrance into that cold and seemingly uncaring room,
they viewed their son in the worst of ways, in the worst of views
after attempts to revive him had been made in a sterile and unwelcoming room.
They had not been prepared for what they were about to see, nor had Landon been prepared well for them to view.
Something is wrong in ER’s across the nation as I’ve heard this story way to many times.
Hundreds attended Landons’ memorial;
friends, community, parents, little children tagged along wondering what was happening.
Later they all once again gathered at the Korabek home;
still a time of trauma, shock; only added by people and more shock/trauma/tears
reactions to the missing of a large and bright future, along with the wonderings and the hows.
Community, Friends, Family,Caring, Connections, Music, Love, Hope
It takes work through paths that are dark and filled with pain and doubts that one will ever stand strong again… hearts that feel broken or shattered through trauma and loss that often will need to be held gently as the one who then finds their way and strength to carefully create their own stain glass within in order to shine and remember that
“hearts connected in life cannot be separated by death”.
Let the music play on
that is what Susan and Greg and Kyle Korabek are and have done.
They are healing the pain and devastation of losing a son and brother.
They are honoring his short life and his love of Music; his talent on burning up a guitar since a young one with his gifts of music.
They are educating others
on the risks, the very real possiblity that just one night with pals and lowered defenses by partying with prescriptions drugs can let you come home and have a full tilt conversation with your Dad;
go to bed in your room, text with friends…
Right up until the moment that your heart can’t take it, and you just can’t breathe another breath
you just die.
Lives forever changed as a result of kids and adults
just havin a good time.
Kids who are not able to see past Friday night with their buddies,
and whose brains are not yet fully developed to make executive decisions that will alter their lives forever, and change the landscape of the gardens of everyone who knows them forever.
Leaving it then, up to each indivdual to tend the soil, to work the ground hard, or to let it just be covered in weeds and become overgrown with neglect and sorrow.
It is a choice to move beyond devastation and pain and loss and trauma … It takes time, courage, and hard work.
Susan and Greg are both evidence of that.
As they now prepare to put the final touches on this jamfest
they also approach the anniversary of their child’s death,
a time of remembering
why they are doing this day that is to be filled with great intention,
fantastic music, people, giveaways, food, auction items, raffles.
It is also a time of remembering
and tremendous pain.
Thinking that the very one who is being remembering on May 11,
should be there on that stage
raising money for others and for education
and attending college now.
Landon Korabek
“Landon, you are missed, and in everyone’s thoughts as we approach that day when life stopped for those who loved you, yet they are finding their way back to the music. Thank you for letting them feel you from the other side with messages, I know you will be there to watch all from that stage, and even see your Dad as he takes the stage with a guitar! (give him some props and strength kiddo)
YOU my friends can help..
you can order a “OneLove t-shirt”
send a donation for the event
you can send some warrior love/prayers to Susan and Greg!
So, if you are in Tampa/Clearwater/Tarpon Springs/Palm Harbor/Dunedin/Oldsmar/Safety Harbor/Ozona/
 or surrounding areas…
 hope to see you there,
as I kick off this event!
MAY 12, 1230-7pm
Music to get you on your feet by:

  • 1:00 The Taints
  • 2:00 Circle Sky
  • 3:15 Shenanigans
  • 5:00 Horny Toads (2 sets)
  • Prayers goin strong for all who have asked!
  • Thomas O’brien out there in Texas, I’m thinkin about you and hope you have those 5k friends on Facebook to lift you today,
  • Ali and Veteran Dad, I pray you are spending each moment knowing that you are being thought about and the next place is filled with wonderment, joy and old friends.
  • EE I am lighting sage, and hope you will have a day less pain filled out there and that your son is feeling somewhat better today… we are thinking of you both with love and energy to heal by.
  • Fluff, thank you for your work in Detroit trauma and blessings to your friend who is now grieving.
  • for all who are traveling an uncharted path, blessings and strength to each of you…
  • Oh how Landon loved some Bob Marley and music, all music…
    Susan and Greg have designed the shirts, the guitar of Landons has had a make over with Marley colors by an artist friend; the wrist bands say
    and Kamryn of course took mine after hearing about Landon.
    Our arms are around you Korabeks’
    I am honored to kick off this event,
    hope you will all join me
    in embracing them as they look to the
    for strength.
    Walk in Beauty,

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    5 comments on “Landon Korabek Jamfest; Community, Caring

    1. Always wonderful to hear what others are doing that adds meaning to the loss they have suffered.
      Best to all who need our support, and warm thoughts. I'm prod to be a part of this page of loving warriors.
      So looking forward to the SUPER MOON.

    2. helloooooo.
      my heart knows too well the heaviness and sadness of the Korabek family… all of your words today ring clear and true..
      I work along side many young people, and I often hear their conversations and have to choose my words carefully… it is a fact that teens believe they are immortal and forever protected from the world's harm.. they are blissful, happy and so innocent of the darkest sides of life. When I speak up, I let them know how important they are, how needed and loved they are by their families and remind them gently that one bad decision could effect their lives forever… Kudos to the Korabek family for their strentgh and vigilance. It is awesome that they are putting their energy into helping others… I hope to be able to attend the 1♥ festival if I am not working..
      no matter what, I am holding them in my prayers for peace in their hearts and continued healing thru the love of their precious sons..
      am excited here to view that brilliant SUPERMOON.. the energy in the air has been amazing this past week, especially here on this page.
      Thank you Doc for ALL you give to so many, you may never know just how much you are respected…
      Blessings to all !
      hugging my angels, ♥
      sign me, A.

    3. A very moving message today Dr. Sherry, Sure wish it could reach many more out there. Especially the youngsters who are still so young and impresionable. Those that don't think, or realize, that because of an action or bad choice on a Friday night could result of them never waking up tomorrow. Prayers for our young people that they find wisdom from those around them and their elders. Blessings and prayers for family and friends of Landon Korabek as they celebrate his life that was cut so short.

      Prayers for Thomas O'brien there in Texas. Praying you will be lifted up knowing so many are thinking about you an holding you in prayers.
      Praying for our sweet friend and daughter Ali and her Dad. May your day be one of comfort and Blessings.
      Prayers for our friend EE and her son that you will feel better this day. Thank you Dr. Sherry for prayers for my friend and coworker who is grieving over the loss of her Dad on Tuesday. He was a kind gentleman with a heart of gold. He was also a veteran and 91 years old. He was being cared for in his home by family and Hospice. She is grateful that they were able to be with him through the last days. They are comforted knowing that he is no longer struggling and is at peace and celebrating that glad reunion in Heaven along with those family and friends who had gone on before.

      Getting ready here for that Super Moon and Cinco de Mayo celebration tomorrow. Things will be jumpin and hoppin around here for sure.

      Wishing each of you here a Fantabulistic Friday and may it be one of joyous celebration of your day and the Blessings you are given. Take care friends. /Sandy♥

    4. Such sadness–I can't imagine loosing a child. Makes one speechless. Thank you for standing by the whole world, Dr. Sherry, or at least thats the way it seems.

    5. Such sadness–I can't imagine loosing a child. Makes one speechless. Thank you for standing by the whole world, Dr. Sherry, or at least thats the way it seems.

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