Challenge Time For The Super Moon

Challenge time for the Super Moon

 The Lincoln Memorial andwhereverYOU are…May 5, 2012 tonight is the night
of that big ole beautiful moon! Last night wasn’t so bad I might just add!!!  A fine night to gaze up at a moon,on the eve ofthe night to howl at the SUPERMOON
Our warrior, Thomas O’Brien out there in Texas was in his sweet red car last evening… He mustered up the strength of a warrior, and drove to meet friends and gathered to hear one of his favorite bands perform. Oh yea baby, a warrior he is. He even sent a video for all who are friending him, of thanks,with a smile, a grin and laugh that filled me up. Later he posted pictures of him on a dance floor (surrounded by beautiful women dancing I might just add), one of him on the stage with the band, of him with his arms around his Mom, he seemed to be having one fabulous night!
Let’s keep those prayers, thoughts going strong! If you are on facebook, send him a friend request,THOMAS O’BRIEN in Texas! We are holding you up little brother,
thank you for your service,and as you fight this horrible Lymphoma know that we’ve got you and we are now standing for you! I hope today you can rest and then enjoy this super moon out there in the Lone Star State this evening, with the strength
to dance, to howl and to be with those you love in great ways and gratitude for all that is now.
A great day for a challenge I’m thinking as this moon has already been showing its effects as it nears across our lands, communities and in the nervous systems of folks!
We’re seeing it in the way folks are walking, talking, acting, thinking…
Just ask around…Watch, listen, hear the stories of the last week! Or, hear stories from work, big businesses around, take a look on social media sights, sit in traffic,
just ask anyone who is a caregiver, who works in healthcare if you don’t believe me!
Look within and think about your week; things that you’ve “witnessed” or been drawn into or perhaps said, thought or written on they ole’ computer!
Yep the super moon is affecting folks, and I have a sneaking suspicion that after we all gaze at that moon, its affects will be felt into next week! A preview of that big ole moon for you today and then YOUR CHALLENGE!  Oh I am so excited!  It just makes me wanna shout, but I am staying out of stores, off highways and byways, and mostly away from folks who have their knickers in a knot with all the energy that this moon is stirring up with the tides! Are you up for a challenge? One that will let’s say last
ONE WEEK at least ?  Let’s call it the SUPER MOON CHALLENGE 2012
are you ready to do this thing?
I just knew you would be!
Kamryn behind the wheel there of a big time boat and oh baby did he love hitting the waves! Look at that face, those lips and that mouth!  Speaking of mouths, of wonder, of the brilliance of the brain… Here we go! With this super moon, with people being in a rush, never having enough time, (although we all have the same 24/7 no matter our age, background, illnesses, or health); we all have two ears, one mouth, one brilliant brain. We all awaken with the grace of the Creator, but how many begin the day
before their feet hit the floor with a SHOUT of  “THANK YOU” for this day? Here is the challenge. You can leave a comment of”I’m in”, “STOMP”, “witness”, “amen”, “are u out of your mind” or whatever you like!
1. Before you open your mouth to speak your next words to ANYONE, even yourself.
2. Whatever it is you are going to say; (thought, opinion, complaint, worry, fear, story, ideals, idea, judgment, joke, bias, shit shoveling, praise)
4. Let it roll from your heart, your higher consciousness; your Creator/God within; give it to your brain
5. Then let it roll off your tongue
 (ah those dimples still give him away)
There YOU go, the challenge for THE SUPER MOON and super moon.
ONE week, with each time YOU open that mouth…Ready, SET, GO. Best of blessings and conversations wherever you are, whatever you do, let the blessings direct your words
“Be a lamp unto yourselves! Work out your liberation with diligence! Fill your mind with compassion!” [Buddha]
Walk in Beauty,
you still have time to enter for a chance to win a copy of Healing Heartaches!
click follow once you get there
good luck!

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  3. What a challenge and I sure take it. I remember the old saying count to ten before you make a negative comment but I love the say a blessing first idea. Thanks Sherry and I hope all are taking this challenge too. hugs y friend.


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