The Readers are asking… and I"ve listened!

From the the local hangout of the
cyber cafe and bar
I’ve been thinking about all the many questions of readers…
So here YOU go
Walk in Beauty,
“we’re getting close to the giveaway of an autographed copy of
Healing Heartaches”
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8 comments on “The Readers are asking… and I"ve listened!

  1. […] The Readers are asking… and I”ve listened! (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] The Readers are asking… and I”ve listened! (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Speaking of RESPECT–I have to tell this–When I first encountered Dr. Sherry—never heard of her in my life–it was in a place where she was talkin about her book. When I got the book, I started on the first page, and did not read about “her personal contributions” to the world, except that Hospice award caught my eye. To this day, I look at her as who she is inside, even though I know now what things she has given to the world. She could be “famous” or not famous, and wouldn't make me any difference one way or another. I am not being disrespectful to her credentials or her accomplishments, but I honestly forget about that stuff, and just see her as a person with a unique gift, that uses it every day in some way to help somebody.

    Now, before I get my “ass kickin” for being on here AGAIN, (THAT CAME FROM ME AS A JOKE–SHE HAS NEVER MADE ME OR ANYONE ELSE FEEL WE CAN'T COMMENT MORE THAN ONCE) I just meant to say it in the first comment, and forgot to.

  4. Good words Irene–“tools to help along the way.” I have always felt that warmth and careing spirit,–my computer smokes every time she says things over you tube, or puts it in print. I know all of us who see her as she is, holds appreciation and RESPECT for her. The rest of the world should “dummy up” and let her “enlighten” them!

    Boy! Them “anonymous” ones–“give the headache, and hide the tylenol” !!!! MY KIND OF PERSON!!! I can see the “kick ass” too! Crack me up!! With her personality, she could “kick ass”, and cause the receiver to appreciate it all the time it was going on. She could word an ass kicking where a person would go, “What”?? Wellll, yeah, I think you are right, Dr. Sherry!!

  5. I am catching up on previous days videos, blogs & comments.
    The lovely message in the cafe setting required me to put on my super headphones to focus, enjoy and listen to you speak. It reminded me of the hands-on Dr. SES that I would see in person, listen to, cry to and learn from.
    The BIRDS chirping in the background set the tone and mood for such a calming voice telling me good things, positive things, reminders to use my oh-so-rusty tools to keep balanced, sane, happy, focused, helpful, giving and not take tylenol….. if it is not for ME. Thank you for everything, the hours and hours of YOU, giving us, for no $$, warmth, advice and tools to help us along the way of whatever we are going thru. A place to join in, feel wanted and connected, appreciated.
    Thanks, Sherry, be well. Always, FIRM

  6. hellooooooooo.
    Thanke you Sherry, I did SO enjoy
    this video clip.. for those who have not had the honor to know you .. this is our dear DRSES..
    not one cue card ever needed as she speaks always from her heart and with the mindful gift of her wisdom.. she is humble and human and all wonderful spirit in between. In toughest of times Sherry enables us to use our own
    'rusty tools ' to repair whatever needs fixing. I have never felt as if I were ' a patient ' seeing a Doctor but I have always felt as if I were special and of value. Sherry has the unique knack of speaking softly although her words often speak volumes. Most importantly I believe that Dr. Sherry truly cares about everyone with warth and kind spirit.. (and she has been known to kick ass when need be )
    yes indeed. Dr. Showalter, hats off and many Kudos to you !
    Thanks for bringing out the
    STOMP in me…
    sign me, with great gratitude,
    I am proud to know you !
    ~ A. ~

  7. Keepin it real, lots of words to ponder on this morning. Life is for the living. No more tylenol for others headaches is a good one for all of us.. Sometimes I would just like to make someone else have a headache and hide the tylenol. Dont know how I missed Sunday blog but will catch up today. Thanks for all of your words of wisdom. Prayers are going out for all of your followers that has a burden to bear. For Thomas in Texas we are thinking of you and praying for you. Guess everyone else is moon struck since I dont see any comments this morning. Keep it real and count your blessings this morning for truly every day is a gift. Thanks Sherry and prayers to you.

  8. Thank you Dr Sherry for the message tonight. All the questions and answers you get and have. Bless you Dr Sherry and have a wonderful week coming up. /Sandy♥

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