Living with Chronic Illness

Double me again
with a message!
Wishing you a day of
pain free/stress free
Remember that saying,
“when one door shuts another will open”
but oh my those long hallways between the too can feel like fresh hell at times!
Walk in beauty,


4 comments on “Living with Chronic Illness

  1. ps
    next thing I'll hear is you've managed to get me a gig up there in that beautiful state…. u goonnn Oprah JR
    love IT and u too.

  2. Thank you Irene, for remembering and mostly for sharing with all here… DYS has come not just to the door, but inside the house and heart! LOVE IT… be well and move quickly down that hallway, sometimes those halls are hell aren't they?

    @Osh, oh be well dear one! Elisabth Kubler-Ross still a hero of mine today! and I'm honored to be your “fix” thank you so much for my package, I am just thrilled and can't wait to enjoy it… you are a blessings and love love your comments here and on http://www.drses.wordpress.com
    you are “fierce darlin” keep on dancin in the streets up there in OK.

  3. A good reminder for me to remember those who may need that extra support, and ways to help them. Enjoyed the 2's day comment. I was reading some about the Ross woman you have referred to. Very enjoyable to hear on you tube.
    Still supporting Thomas, and how is Ali and her dad?
    Thanks for being you, Dr. Sherry. I am serious when I call your blogs, and you tubes a “fix”. “outlet” may sound better, but you know what I mean. Got that DVD player ready? LOL–so glad I could do that. Should be today by noon. ENJOY! Appreciate ya!

  4. Wonderful video of two Dr. Sherrys
    Guess you can say it's 2's-day, huh? All you said rings many bells. A small gesture, package, video, picture, touch can mean so much to the chronically ill.
    Now, I will tell you & everyone just how impacted I was during my grief group sessions with Dr. SES.
    We had a crayon coloring session to express our feelings, I still have it. We had corn kernels to plant, I still have them, I have a rock I picked out of many, I breathed lit sage, I completed a written exercise of questions regarding feeling. I wrote to dead relatives what I wanted to or did not say before they flew. I could go on and on, but won't, cause….. D Y S has come to my door once again and it is too pretty a day for tears. FIRM says DYS for the moment.
    PS: you are killin' me with: when one door closes, another opens, however ” the hallways are long”, blah blah blah, etc etc”
    Just slay me, why dontcha. Been going thru too many doors and hallways lately.

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