Some days…


A picture I took of Ms Patti Labelle

when she filled my spirit and soothed my soul!


you just got to sit with it, you just may have use your hands to hold your head a bit.


you may find that putting on some music that speak to your soul when words or advice from others just don’t fil lthe bill will give you what you need



Patti Labelle and her music have just that way of singing through the storm, of finding those octaves shock the system, move the feet, and give HOPE new meaning while making one wonder, how one woman can be so large a presence in song; in meaning, in beauty.

So for today?

I’m sending out the Unviersal Energy of 






May the octaves, the wonderment, the fascination of imagination give you all you need to Stand in the lights of amazing grace.


May The Creator hold you, allowing you to feel the rainbow that is touching your shoulder today and always.

video by

SOME DAYS, you just got to sit with it, if you don’t get moved to dance that is!

Walk in Beauty,




Gems (Patti LaBelle album)

Gems (Patti LaBelle album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


6 comments on “Some days…

  1. I swear your boys are handsome, handsome, handsome. What a joy!! As for the rest of this “stuff” on here—-you KNEW I would be “fit to be tied” !!!! My mama, “so large a presence in song”—so large a presence in my life!! She has “sat” through it ” with many people through out the years, with her God given gift! I have “wondered” also, about her “soul ripping, and tearing the heart out by it’s roots” only to cause one to sense the hope and healing her voice offers–but then again, I understand it.

    I feel like beaming your message today up in the sky, so the whole world could read it, and receive the encouragement and hope you offer in your words. Dang, woman, do you EVER EVER miss the mark???? ( I seriously doubt it ) !!!!

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