OneLove for Landon Korabek

The OneLove for Landon
is Many Hearts beating together
joining as One Love
MAY 12,2012
we will be together at the Thirsty Marlin
here in Palm Harbor
where that One Love will be so strong it will rock the town as he is remembered,
his young life will STAND for something powerful as folks join together
and are moved to their feet with sounds and music all day long.
Remembering Landon Korabek;
a son, a brother, a friend to many, a young life with potential.
“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”
Thomas Campbell
Kids often can’t see past the moment they are in; we have all been there in life,
we are swept up in the moment; at times making choices that if lucky we grow up and have families of our own.
Music moves us
Bob Marley said it all
with One Love
and oh how Landon loved Marley and his music, his guitar, his soul that shined.
One Love has carried the Korabek’s through some devastating times,
with the love of family, friends, and the knowing that love will see them through on a dark night when Landon’s love shines through like a candle burning brightly and yet searing the soul at times with pain like no other.
Let the music play on with the Universal drum beat of the heart.
While also playing for change
for awareness and education and HOPE for all that join on May 12
One Love.
Some of us are able as adults to look back and reflect on our years, being grateful to have survived it all; grateful that we lived through some of the things we did, at other times amazed at the choices we made, or the peer influences we either bent to, or walked away from.
Some are not so lucky; they are either busted at the time; some involved or caught in a web by the associations they run with; others maybe for the first time pay the ultimate price;
that price is loss of life.
Accidental overdoses are second only to suicide among teenagers in this country.
Kids are vulnerable and their brains are still developing.
Well who am I kidding?
Seems many adults need to re-wire, re work the brain in all its wonder as well at times as well; by sending the right messages to their brains in order to live better, prosper, feel better.
a message that has been used and a symbol based on Landon Korabek’s love of Bob Marley has been the theme since his tragic and sudden death in his bed in his loving home on May 7th.
It has sustained his family and friends through the nightmare and reality of his death; through the darkest hour of the grief.
It is that OneLove that allows Hope in heartache; Healing through Hell,
and the music to play on
knowing that love never dies.
Landon is loved, he was given a beautiful foundation; he was a good kid, from a wonderful family.
He made a rotten choice that was probably influenced by his associations and other kids on a night that his defenses were down, and yet he came on by curfew, seemed fine.
His conversation was great with his Dad;
oh what a great relationship he had with his parents; they could and did talk often and about everything.
He had many friends.
One of the best here in Pinellas County.
However, since I’ve lived here, this is a school that repeatedly states it has no drug problems in or around its schools!
Yet, I also am privledged to know some of their students; they let me know
“you can get anything you want, from weed to pills, and you can get them in the bathrooms, on campus in the parking lots.”
Seems to me,
someone let Landon Korabek and others in that school down.
It is time for parents, community, P.D.,
to stand up and stand on educators, and the school boards with a reality check,
after all we entrust students to their care for 8 hours a day, right?
So today,
I am letting all know,
we must be AWARE
and we must EDUCATE
and we must
GET INVOLVED in the lives of our future leaders of America.
Rather than judge, we must realize we have all been there, done that.
However, back in the day, it was safer somehow, not as sophisticated, nor dangerous in the stuff on the street.
We also were innocent til’ proven guilty in schools and we were not as pressured to succumb to things like
Prescription Drugs, synthetic drugs,
bath salts,
and fear of people putting things in our coke.
The thing that was put in a bottle of pop
was usually peanuts!
So then,
mark your calendars,
set your timer on your cellphone, IPAD,
MAY 12, 1-7pm
join us with
OneLove Jamfest
where you will find yourself tapping your feet, bidding on some outrageous auction items, raffles to make you holler,
feelin the love.
Bands non-stop
people who will be remembering a good kid,
meet his family, friends,
get you a t-shirt with that jazzy design
and a wrist band
is what we all need
to remember we are all connected.
If you are out of the area?
Want to be involved?
NOT a problem,
you can donate, and your money will be thrown in the pot!
All proceeds will be split between
N.O.P.E and Ruth Eckerd Hall
both fantastic organizations!
Thanks for being here!

video by

May you remember
we are all in this together.
Susan, Greg Korabek and their son Kyle
my heart is around you
as you prepare to remember Landon in a public venue.
I believe he will be on that stage
giving you strength and all that you need.
Walk in Beauty

One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & The Wa...

One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & The Wailers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



9 comments on “OneLove for Landon Korabek

  1. […] OneLove for Landon Korabek (drses.wordpress.com) Share this:RedditStumbleUponFacebookTwitterDiggMorePinterestTumblrEmailPrintLike this:Like2 bloggers like this post. Tags: blogs, Human interest story, inspiration, Life, people, personal, Thoughts, writing Permalink […]

  2. good to see all here, and thanks for your thoughts!

    always great to know I'm not talking to myself at times… although self talk is important … enjoy the words of others as I know they are being read all over the world and may help others along the journey as warriors weigh in.

    sign me A, it is time for you to take a stand… too many hours at work make for a grumpy and tired warrior indeed, perhaps tomorrow on jam fest you will just have to call in dead, and join us?

    yep sounds like a sound plan if ever there was, let them cope!

    blessings to each, thanks for listening Fluff, hope you went to the keepin it real with Dr sherry and clicked like, it helps to generate views to the you tube site there.

    osh, you are so right it was different “back when and then” the video gift was OFF THE CHAIN, i am honored and have watched it now more than once!

    look for you at jam fest FIRM… blessings to all here…

  3. Great blog, thanks doc. Hope the Jam Fest is a great success! One love is such an awesome song, and a priceless sentiment. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. hellooooo.
    another great read here today.
    sounds as if there will be a
    grand showing of love and support for the Korabeck family on Saturday… what a beautiful honor to life and love and certainly Landon will be along side his family, .. yes, days are different now and the world can be intimidating for young people. I am not sure if some of us older folks are able to handle all of life's challenges either.
    I will be working on Saturday
    have been trying to spread the word of the Jamfest.. My sincere
    wishes for a rewarding day.. my heart is with the Korabecks as they stand so strong in remeberance of their precious son.
    Off to work I go again, hitting the 70 hr mark this week… yuck !
    really do need to find a new job,
    so far I have had no lick.. trying to work the dream here..
    Thanks for all you do Doc..
    blessings everyone,
    hugging my angels..♥
    sign me, (tired and grumpy )

  5. You are right, it was so different “back then”, and survival was easier, because we survived fun pranks, and did not have near as many life threatening peer pressures as today. My condolences to those wonderful solid foundation parents.

  6. I was unable to look at the video until I just took a little break and came back. Loved the video “One Love” That was great! Thank you for posting it Dr. Sherry. Very touching and heart warming♥

  7. Good morning all.
    Great video of ” One Love “
    Really enjoyed it.
    Landon's life cut short and what a loss for the family & friends.
    I attended the Fairway Pizza One Love Fest maybe 2 years ago.
    Landon really brought out a crowd!
    I will swing by the Marlin when I am “Thirsty” on Saturday. Hope to see you there ! Always, FIRM

  8. Good morning Dr. Sherry and friends. Good messages and words today. My prayers go out for the family of Landon Korabek as they celebrate the too short life this boy had. There are so many things in the world that endanger our youngsters. Parents, teachers, friends, have to be so alert these days and watchful over them. That quick action or lack of good judgement can mean the end of a beautiful life and so tragic for the survivors. It is very sad to think of such results. I hope they have the best turnout for the event Saturday with the proceeds going to the much needed charities.

    Wishing each of you here a very happy Thursday and one filled with joy and smiles. /Sandy♥

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