Tell It Like It Is

It’s Friday!
Thought it a good day to start out with a bit of advice from a tree before I keep it real!
We all know that trees flourish best when tended well; when they are nurtured from seedlings, when fed and and cared for.
We then watch as they grow.
We sometimes wonder if they can sustain the element around them.
I hope all have had a week of wonder,
enjoyed the view
STOOD for that which is important, is valued, is solid and fundamental and just.
I also hope that truth has been the cornerstone of your knowledge, the words that have echoed in the minds of those that you’ve talked to; that truth has been the root of your being in all that you do.
I am reminded of the saying
“the truth is is the thing that allows us to not rely on our memories”.
I rather like that idea, and sure do like not having to remember as well.
This is the day before Jamfest here in Palm Harbor.
A day of excitement across the country for so many; as well as a day of
mixed emotions for so many more;
as high schools and colleges prepare for rituals of proms and graduations.
Times with grand celebrations
and heightened awareness of the next steps; of those who are both happy and sad
as they journey from the safety nets of the known into the unknown.
Times of high risk behaviors while celebrations of accomplishments of young people who are both happy and sad and emotions are running high.
It is a time where once again people will be judged not just by their behaviors and decisions but by their associations.
A time where you may have spent years or months advising and teaching, but all of that will and can be lost in the moment of good times and executive functions of the brain are put on back burners in lieu of good times and moments of swift change and friends and peer pressures.
Advice from a tree; a mangled car in a school parking lot, or talking to someone with experience overlooked or ignored or tolerated while waiting for the moment of gathering with friends, or the celebration at hand.
The bands will play, the folks will gather, the music will rock and the tempations will be there. It’s soon to be Friday night across America, young people will be jacked up, preparing for Proms/graduations
the parties will now be scheduled, hotels booked; favorite spots, the in crowd, football, sports heroes’ cheerleaders, geeks  all colors, sizes, beliefs will be find their way to each other
and their time to be.
It is also a time of heightened police presence around our country,
as they are now preparing for more tragedy, more drug busts, alcohol involvement than ever.
The ER’s are on alert as well.
Just keepin it real here.
Parents will take pictures of their kids, they will plan and cry and feel the changes of what has been, what is, and wonder about the next years.
Some will pace floors over the weekend, or
the weeks to come,
laughter and relatives will be coming in from out of town;
parties will be held,
the joys measurable.
This is a month of painful loveliness for many around the globe.
Again, many do not realize they are judged by their truth telling, their associations and those they call “friends”
they need to take advice from the tree,
from those who love them
from their foundations they need to stand for all that is right in the decisions they make each moment.
This is a “high-stakes” time for youth these days.
Drinking and driving?
the statistics are sickening; weed, and prescriptions drugs?
The accidental overdoses and deaths across this nation would and should call anyone to action.
The availability of synthetic drugs being sold at mini-marts, truck stops under names of
K2/Spice/ Bath Salts being put in drinks, snorted; now hand sanitizer being used to get high and being injested…
by pre-teens, teenagers, adults
ending in death.
Kids abandoning their so called friends rather than calling 911 for fear of being arrested across the world.
this is the time.
And we must stress the importance of being told the truth,
for the TRUTH will come out eventually,
one way or the other,
it always does.
Young people, adults would be well advised to remember that truth is their best friend,
that right way relations and unconditional love is the foundation and their roots will run deep if they nurture the God/dess within and work their plan, feed their soul and stand for all that is good in their service to others.
One must walk gently upon the earth, yet choose wisely who they walk with and trust with their decisions and reputations in this life. There are continual lessons, some painful, some necessary and some that impact many through associations and decisions made in haste. Some affect a wider circle through knowledge, and truth in understanding or disbelief by choices that affect the greater circle and the ripple effects can devastate.
MAY 12, 2012
i hope you are getting your dance shoes ready, your pockets stuffed with money, and ready to come and join a great event!
They are goin’ to have some auctions and raffles for things that you will  want to be sure and win for gifts or to enjoy for yourself I am certain, as you dance til you drop to some off the hook bands!
Susan, Greg Korabek
are now in their home with a full house of family,
the committee has worked non-stop on this event,
friends are gearing up, loading up the goodies
and they are ready!
Susan and Greg Korabek
Just so you recognize them
Greg, Susan and Kyle
in their jamfest shirts from last year!
A family devastated by the sudden death of a son/brother/grandson/nephew/friend
LANDON KORABEK 17 years old,
“gone too soon”
A bright young man, loved so much, given a strong foundation.
A kid who knew the love of family,
who loved his family, his friends, his life.
A kid who was swept up in the pressure and peers and moment
and made a bad choice/decision.
Yet, he was able to come home by curfew; engage fully in a conversation, all seemed just fine and normal.
He went to bed in the comfort of his bed, just like any other night…
and didn’t wake up.
your Grandson, nephew, Godson,
Wake UP people.
It begins with Awareness, Education, Prevention.
Thank you Korabeks for choosing to heal, for taking this to the community, the world,
and for letting Landon’s love of music, his talents of guitar
stir you to action, advocacy
We Remember Landon
MAY 12,2012
The proceeds will be divided between
NOPE (Narcotics Prevention and Education)
and a scholarship for young people in music at the Ruth Eckerd Hall.
I am honored to know the Korabeks,
and to see their courage
and witness their light of One Love.

Thomas O’Brien in Texas has had a rough week, he was in the hospital yesterday receiving blood and on oxygen as his lung was bleeding.
He is still hoping for 5,000 friends on facebook and we now have 3k there, so please let your friends know.
Hold him up in prayer warriors.
He received his badge as deputy out their in Texas yesterday with a ceremony before his Mom, Debbie took him to the hospital, refusing to miss that honor.
There is a “new deputy” in town.
We are standing by you my friend
Thomas O’Brien.

video by

Walk in Beauty,
keepin it Real

10 comments on “Tell It Like It Is

  1. just love seeing all here, and osh kosh makes me laugh joyouus noise, good luck with that new computer darlin!

    oh sign me A, flip those burgers and get your butt to the thirsty marlin today!

    blessngs to all and thanks for being here.

  2. Look at it this way– if computer don't work, and I have to go through “withdrawal” you are the guys who I am asking for forgiveness now, cause when I do get back on, I will probably have somethin to say about it!

  3. I never cease to be amazed at Thomas. Sent him mama's “You'll never walk alone”, with her purple dress,and shiny silver hanging all over her. LOL Thanks for letting us know about this story. Have I told you guys on here that I really think you are wonderful people, and enjoy all of you a lot? Always enjoy on here. Every day my computer starts sending out bright lights,–lights up the whole office—then this siren goes off, and I have to see what you guys are saying on here on that day! LOL Suppose to get a new computer today, and dread it. If the suckah' don't work right, you gonna hear me from here to there. HA How you guys put them little hearts on here? Love to all.

  4. Here's hoping the fund raiser will be a grand sucess! Everybody geared up to get out there and pitch in?
    As for the young man out there in Texas, a new deputy, Congrats on the new badge. Take care, rest up, soak up that oxygen and take good care of you. Thanks doc for your thoughtful words, and the many gems and insights you share with us.

  5. hellooooo.
    Such a powerful message here
    today, and I must say I agree with
    all you had to say.
    I am also keeping Thomas in my daily thoughts.He is an amazing young man… actually a true inspiration of faith and humanity.
    My heart breaks for his Mom, as she stands by his side and speaks so full of strentgh, knowing in her heart that time is so precious..
    Blessings of strentgh to the Korabek family as well. I am not sure if I have the inner stuff to do all they are doing..
    and the message from the “tree” was a vital one.. hopefully these
    words “take root” and echo in many heads and hearts.
    I agree with *fluff*.. Thanks for all you do for so many Sherry,
    for real.. we appreciate you.
    Have an awesome weekend everyone !
    Jamfest, for me , maybe when I get loose from the burger jail..
    sign me, hugging my angels,
    ♥ A.

  6. Hello there Dr. Sherry and friend. Sure hope your morning is going well and all is good for you this lovely Friday. Been another busy morning for me but needed to give it a break and reed the good words. Loved your message today Dr. Sherry and the pictures of Landon's family and of Thomas O'Brien there in Texas receicing his star. What a great honor that is for him to receive that badge of courage and service. Sure holding you in my prayers Thomas. I tried to get to your facebood last night but couldn't seem to get to the right Thomas O'Brien. I'll find you on there. Praying for Landon Korabik's family and friend also. Sure wish I lived closer to Florida because I would be at the One Love Jamfest tomorrow night there at the Thirsty Marlin. It will surely be a grand time of rememberence. The message of the trees is a great one and also the footprints message. I am going to borrow that one from you Dr. Sherry – I like that.

    Wishing each of you who stop by here today a Fantastic Friday and one that is full of smile and sunshine all day. /Sandy♥
    Dr. Sherry, regarding the U-tube Keepin it Real – I go there and select Like for each video along with watching them here on the blog site. I shared the most recent one on Facebook as I have in the past – great job there Dr. Sherry. Thank you so much for Keepin it Real – you are Blessing♥

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