Oh what a Jamfest for Landon Korabek and a community of OneLove

It was a day to remember!
A day of painful loveliness
and one that will not be forgotten any time soon!
I’ve been a lot of places in my life and times;
yet I cannot think of a day quite like the day that was shared at the
Thirsty Marlin
OneLove for Landon Korabek.
I’m a regular there at that thirsty Marlin in Palm Harbor,
but on the day of jamfest
they upped their game,
impressed me beyond belief
with their compassion, their waiters and boy did they shine!
They now have an opportunity to hire some off the hook great bands for entertainment I might just add; ones who rocked the house all day and into the evening.
And the humor, grace, and fine service did not go unappreciated or noticed.
Bravo Thirsty Marlin,
I will shout you out to all that will listen
as you really did something worthy of “great job”
I sure hope you will host this event next year!
Meet the family (well with that I mean Susan, Greg & brother Kyle)
in white!
There were so many there of family
that a lens would not be wide enough!
Now I shall tell you the story of the day!
Notice the women in the awesome black shirts?
Well there is where my day began!
These women are the “committee”, and dear friends of Susan and Greg;
they were the ones along with the parents who have planned this event,
who have “worked the plan”
and on the day of jamfest were in those fine black shirts with “volunteer” on the back!
Kendra, a next door neighbor, Shirley Korabek, and Karen from the neighborhood all are amazing women who showed up,
STOOD UP, and worked their butts off!
Kudos ladies, you have my admiration!
So I arrived after seeing that magnificent banner that was designed by a beautiful woman who has just lost her beloved Mom,
only a few weeks ago herself.
It was just stunning there on the fence of the Thirsty Marlin!
As I entered I received such a lovely greeting by the gals in those black t-shirts
just knowing I would look real good in one of those (not to happen) !
As I was lovingly greeted by name I walked through to the main event and the house was almost full (it hadn’t even started) and was greeted by a was of “WHITE T-SHIRTS” on people! Oh my goodness….
The energy was high, the folks everywhere,
and saw Susan and Greg immediately,
let the introductions to the Schram/Korabek clan begin!
What a loving and warm family, extended family and friends.
As I made my way around and met the bands, the OneLove was overflowing.
OUR own FIRM/IRENE came running from inside the bar to greet me!
Yep she was already in the house ~
How wonderful was that reunion!
Now those volunteers were the true task masters I tell you.
When they say starting at 1pm Dr Sherry
you will kick things off.
They did not mean 1:03 they meant
I asked folks to stand, to applaud a family that has chosen to heal, to stand in the light after tragedy and devastation.
And we began the day with a blessingway of thanks in giving to each other and a call to action of Awareness, of togetherness
HOPE in understanding.
The place was packed and they all stood and gave applause to the Korabeks, the tears flew as did the angels as they came to join us and play.
It was a day of great gifts, of honoring, of remembering, of letting the good times roll.
Oh the people I was so overwhelmed to see after so long a time in the community,
the hugs I received,
the family and friends of a young man gone too soon.
the Aunt from California, Annmary, the neighbors, the grandparents, the cousins, the everyones…
To witness Susan and Greg stand in amazing light of grace through tears to laughter to dancing surrounded by such beauty and love of community and care.
To remind so many that
hearts connected in life cannot be separated by death; death is not that strong.
Powerful/intense/emotion filled music that reminds us that those we love are but a heartbeat away!
I was thrilled to meet Gregs’ best friends from high school, Mark and Todd
who decided to surprise him with
OneLove and travel from Buffalo NY
to join in for this special event!
Now those two men have hearts, love, compassion, wit and just entertained me for the day, and I felt like I laughed until bruising a rib by nights end!
I was honored to meet the bands;
The Taints
where the guitar player “Bear” was Landons’ guitar instructor, now the instructor of Greg, and one fine musician;
a red stand up bass player who can manipulate that thing like nobody’s business including laying it on its side and playing it while Bear jumps on top of it as he continues to play guitar!
Circle Sky who played the music and continued to have folks jumpin up and down, followed by
The Horny Toads
who had people dancing their butts off.
They were all remarkable,
playing with such passion, love, and the music healed hearts, called spirits from the other side to join Landon and connect spirits to people for healing and hope.
Bear let me know later in the day,
he had just heard that his brother became a new daddy while he was performing!
A new little one chose to enter the world on a day that Uncle Bear was playing his heart out for OneLove.
How very awesome is that?
Now then,
as Greg and Susan, so many stood to hear
“three little birds” be sung
I was behind them with my arms around them, they had placed my hands on their hearts;
and all of a sudden…
A BUTTERFLY came from no where right then, and danced across in front of the band,
as that song played
“dont worry bout a ting”
And we never saw it again.
Notice I had the song three little birds on the blog of the day of the event I do believe as three little cardinals sat so close to me out here talking me through the blog!
It just came right through at just the right time, and danced right there past Susan, Greg and into the center of that stage
while they sang to the Korabeks’ on of Landons favorite songs!
I was joined later by two of my most favorite people in the world
and if ever there was a butterfly lover who could appreciate the message of that butterfly it was Laura; so as I told it, she was rubbing her arms and the tear that ran down her cheek was not lost on me. We enjoyed the music, between rare quiet moments, I brought them up on the events of the day, introduced them to Susan and Greg, my new friends Mark and Todd, and the many who stopped by the table to talk a bit. We left after darkness fell; the event over and the good-byes said, and that energy still radiant.
The energy could have powered the state,
the love filled all to the point that at times it was breathtaking!
Still is when I think about it!
Of course FIRM being our ever ready photographer wanted to snap a picture of me signing a book for Greg’s dearest friend whose wife has recently died,
a woman who has left a lasting imprint on so many in Sarasota.
Jeannie a woman of remarkable beauty, strength and who Greg also dedicated the day to;
seen here is her beloved husband with Greg, and heaven only knows why he is pointing at me! (LOL)
Thanks FIRM for the photo!
So then, nearing the end, what we have hoped for Greg, and his taking that stage with the guitar and joining with all the bands
in singing
All of a sudden, Annmary came and grabbed my hand saying “come come they are getting ready for OneLove, we need you now”…
We flew to the front of the stage, where stood Susan; I looked and over in the corner was Greg putting that guitar around his neck, I saw another with Landon’s Marley guitar that Greg had specially painted for him after his death, I saw Bear, and others on the stage, they were getting ready…
and then they said,
“This is why we are here”
it was like a concert, and I have never ever seen anything quite like it before.
My heart was overflowing and breaking at the same time.
For Landon Korabek
for the family, the friends, those who did not know of the depth of love
know now
and a community will always know
One Love now.

video by

Korabeks for standing in the light of healing,
for sharing Landon Korabek with the world
to raise Awareness, Hope, Education and Prevention
Thank you for this incredible day of
thank YOU all who made it such a sucess;
The Thirsty Marlin Palm Harbor,
The Taints
Circle Sky
Robin Rives, the 2011 Recipeint of the Landon Korabek Memorial Scholarship
The Shenanigans
The Horny Toads
Music is the Universal Language
the healer of the soul
One Love
is and was the message
I was honored and amazed.
Walk in Beauty friends
hope you enjoyed your visual of a day of remembrance

7 comments on “Oh what a Jamfest for Landon Korabek and a community of OneLove

  1. Oh what an event Sherry and I know …knowing you…that your presence and your words laid soothingly over the people there. Much hugs my friend.

  2. Thank you all for droppin in and hope you enjoyed the “OneLove” concert and the beauty of emotion, of music that I managed to capture on that cellphone of mine, through tears, swaying and trying not to sing too loud!
    The butterfly was a picture I took not so long ago and jazzed up for this sharing of intensity here…
    thank you Susan, Greg, Annemary, and all the beautiful people that filled my soul along with the many spirits that came to join in OneLove… along with all of you who I felt joined from a distance… THERE IS NO DISTANCE…

  3. WOW Dr. Sherry, what an amazing time that was and all those gathering for such a heart felt occasion. Loved the story of it, felt like I was there. The pictures were great. Thank you Irene for your picture of our Dr. Sherry. Really late tonight, busy day at work and at the shelter tonight. I am off to sleep now. Thank you Dr. Sherry for telling us all about the event. Wishing each of you a Blessed and peaceful evening and rest well. /Sandy♥

  4. helloooo.
    wow.. read this about a dozen times,
    each time my smile hurt my face.
    amazing time it sounds like you all had. I admire the Korabek family..
    I am so happy they had an awesome day,
    and spirits dancing side by side..
    Thanks Doc for giving us a update.
    Thanks to FIRM for the pics…
    LOVED the butterfly thing..
    no worries, love the message.
    Reading this made my day… wishing a
    wonderful evening to all !
    hugging my angels, ♥
    sign me, A.

  5. hellooooooooo.
    wow, awesome, breathtaking… and WOW !!!
    I read and re read and thought…
    and read once again and felt.. I am thinking that the
    Thirsty Marlin might never be the same again… and so it sounds
    as if I missed a terrific time of feeling and wonderment.
    I am not a bit surprised to hear of the butterlfy message. I can picture how
    astounding a sight to see.. I can feel the hairs on my arms, as did Laura
    when you shared the butterfly story…
    I am very happy that the Jamfest was superb, for all the right reasons and
    all the folks together, for such a beautiful family .. onelove. The Korabek
    family gets top Kudo’s from me, they show such strentgh and energy and
    I admire that.
    Thanks Dr. Sherry for sharing your rendition of 1 ♥… thanks to Irene for
    the photos.. great job! Sorry I missed out on a great time.

    to everyone who visits here, I wish a day of joy and happy heart,
    reading this sure made me smile…..
    hugging my angels, ♥ sign me, A.

  6. Wonderful,inspiring, and grateful to see it all. Loud and clear it was. Prescription over dose is everywhere. That mom is Precious! Great photo Irene!! What an excellent tribute to a great kid. I felt that mother's pain. She is a brave woman.

    You eat that ice cream,Irene?

    Anonymous, I know, me too!

    Dr. Sherry you have an email, and only because of the nature of the message did you get one from me today. I been trying to cut em' down. Doin pretty good I think–you do not need to respond to that–LOL–
    Did you hear about the lady who was trying to put M&M,s in alphabetical order? That's gonna be me if your delivery is not what it is supposed to be. I will be “smashing” M&M's in alphabetical order. You should have heard that conversaton I had this morning trying to do that!! LAWD!!!

  7. Monday, Monday and a fabulous re-cap of Saturday's ONE LOVE JamFest.
    I was happy to attend such a tribute and event. The memory of Landon was loud & clear. The music was appropriate & a reflection of ONE LOVE. Dr. Sherry opened with a message and blessing. Great to see Dr. SES, spend some time and exchange updates on each other. Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day.
    Hey, COB: colorful get-up there.
    Bye for now, FIRM

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