Thomas O’Brien out in Texas is a Warrior

Meet Warriors of gentle spirit,
Thomas O’Brien and his incredible Mom
Debbie, from out there near Houston Texas.
Thomas is 21 years old, he has served our country, was recently made deputy by
The Harris County Sheriff’s Office,
has worked as a detention officer
is a young man with Stage IV Lymphoma
[I hate Cancer]
I was honored to spend a bit of time talking to Thomas via the internet not so long ago, as he prepared to get in that fine red car of his to go out on the town to a night of music and gathering with friends;
to learn of his loyal 4 legged,
and to hear the fight in his words
and his love of life.
Along with many I have put out pleas to those on Facebook to send him friend requests as one of his wishes was to reach the Facebook maximum of 5,000 friends!
He achieved that on Monday
two days after his short video
saying he was up and dressed and off to find something special for his Mom for Mothers Day.
His dear friend Kyle Jones, a musician from TN,
was on a plane to visit him when Thomas was hospitalized for blood and platelets secondary to one Cancer pill that has thrown his body for a loop and he was bleeding from his lung; ending him up in the ICU; as this Cancer is on a rampage.
His Mom Debbie has been right there by his side; loving him, standing by him and also donating platelets for her son;
yet keeping the 5000 informed with short messages along with asking those in the Houston area if they can, blood/platelets are needed and can be donated in his name.
The DM Anderson Cancer Center Blood Bank, Houston TX
Thomas O’Brien
IF YOU ARE IN THAT AREA and can help,
please do~
When Kyle showed up to see Thomas the room lit up; but it did not shine more brightly than when he brought his surprise in to see our warrior Thomas…
Take a look at what the surprise was!
only Miss America
could get a smile like that from our warrior
Thomas O’Brien!
Teresa Scanlan, Miss America was the surprise that ole’ Kyle had with him,
and oh boy did she get a smile from our sick warrior when she came into that room,
and they posed for the picture as he was receiving blood and platelets!
I would have loved a picture of his heart monitor about that time too!
Deputy O’Brien had a smile that was so bright I had to get my shades to look at both of them in that photo!
The wonderful Univeral Energy of the Creator and love of people when one needs connections of thoughts and prayers has never been more at work, than those now with their arms and hearts wrapped around a young man and his Mom.
Now he is home,
he came home after being discharged with
HOSPICE and a grand dinner celebration with Miss America, with Kyle, with those who love him so very much.
As we around the globe were lighting our candles to light the path of love, understanding, faith and warmth.
And when he finally got home,
I do believe he was greeted by the greatest of unconditional love,
by his faithful
Would ya look at that?
Imagine the slurps our Thomas got!
A man and his dog reunited again!
Oh I can only imagine.
The look of love indeed!
So now he is home, in his own bed, surroundings, Debbie I pray can now sleep and rest, restore and feel more at ease with Hospice on board to give added support and care.
After all,
and they can be there round the clock if they need to be.
Hospice can and will listen… Maybe not with ears as keen as those of Seamus, but they are good that way!
Perhaps they will be courageous enough to join with Thomas and Seamus for a ride in that “fly red car” if he is strong enough and they are bold enough!
ONe thing is certain… Thomas is a warrior, and a young man that knows battle… his is a light that is so bright we’ve all need to keep our shades on, cos’ he outshines the sun, even on the darkest of nights.
He has inspired so many, with his courage, his kindness, his life and his very moments.
We are all better because we have known and loved him.
We now have candles lit and mine stay lit
24 hours a day.
His Mom, is a walking testament to unconditional love and grace under fire.
He is a remarkable young man.
I can only hope that he, his Mom, his many thousands who are praying and thinking of him, now will know this;
HOSPICE is not about giving up, nor is it about dying.
It is about LIFE, about living right up until the moment that you transcend to the next place with support, with help in each dimension of a beautiful life
with dignity, with fullness and with those who can help 24/7.
Hospice and Palliative Care will be a great addition to the care that Thomas is receiving; with pain issues, with physical, spiritual, emotional issues that must be taking a great toll on Debbie and Thomas, and Seamus and all who enter their home and from a distance,
Hospice will be there for them, and those who love them.
The candle is lit for Thomas and his Mom
the prayers and thoughts surround them
in beauty and faith.
“Should you shield the canyons from the windstorms, you would never see the beauty of their carvings.”
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Blessings to you Thomas O’Brien and Debbie
our hearts are surrounding you on your journey, and hearts are connected as our fires are joined in the candles we are lighting to warm your spirit, to fill you with love, faith, and compassion.
We are standing beside you.
You Thomas are a beautiful spirit
and I have been touched to my soul
with the first interaction we’ve had,
hearts connected
through the pain and the fight.
“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassions, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
The fire is burning, its embers are hot… The sage is filling the air.
Prayers are going up.
Walk in Beauty,
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Harris County Sheriff's Office (Texas)

Harris County Sheriff’s Office (Texas) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



10 comments on “Thomas O’Brien out in Texas is a Warrior

  1. […] Thomas O’Brien out in Texas is a Warrior (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  2. Thank you Dr.Sherry for sharing this-

  3. Nice to see the sunshine after these days of gray clouds and pouring rain. Everything is green and vibrant and beautiful Much love and warmth going out to Thomas and his Mom. Glad they have Hospice on board. The help is so needed as they rest from their hospital stay. Candles burning bright here.

  4. hellooooo.
    It has taken me quite a while
    to get my lazy self up and moving
    today.. too many things on my mind
    while I was trying to sleep…so good morning everyone, how great it
    is to see so many of you here today
    Thanks Sherry for the beautiful story
    of Thomas and his Mom.. your words arevery touching and true. I also have had the blessing of getting aquainted with Thomas, he is one superb young man, and a true warrior..
    I cannot imagine the daily battle he
    has been fighting, hopefully, with the aid of Hospice his burdens will be lightened and his pain lessened..
    The journey ahead should be full of love and caring and we all know how valuable Hospice folks are at times like this.I love to hear you remind us all that Hospice i about LIFE..
    each day is truly a gift, so often I
    tend to overlook that.. so for today,
    I will be giving it all I got.. I am heading out to the burger joint and will be carrying with me prayers and
    peace in my heart for Thomas.
    I also heard of the passing of Donna Summer, a vivid lady who gave us all energy and many memories of 'back in the day ' of disco and youth. I hope
    her family is treated with dignity and respect as she is laid to rest.
    The rains of yesterday have given way to a gorgeous and bright day today in all the flowers and greenery.. you can see the renewed life.. I seen at least a dozen butterflies already, dancing with carefree spirit..
    Gotta run, best of life to all !!
    Thanks to all for being here.
    hugging my angels, ♥
    sign me, A.

  5. What beautiful words Sherry and beautiful thoughts. Many prayers for Thomas and his mother and family. As always you have the gift that brings a peace of heart and love and inspiration to go one step more. Many hugs and love friend

  6. Candles remain lit here. Hospice is a marvelous, marvelous God send. They are a special breed who “work” where the rubber meets the road. They truly are about Life. Hospice will be that wonderful families salvation, right down there where, once again, the rubber meets the road. My prayers are ever with that family.

  7. Dr. Sherry: thank you for putting FACES on the people ( & 4 legged).
    Helps me see who I am thinking about, praying for and lighting a candle for. Best of wishes to Tom and his Mom. Seamus will be of great comfort, strength and warmth.
    Hospice is always high on my list.
    Finding myself busy as usual on this Thursday in May, sun shining, smile on, able to BREATHE / STOMP
    and remain FIRM

  8. Good morning Dr. Sherry and friends. Thank you Dr. Sherry for bringing Thomas O'Brien, his Mom Dabbie and furry friend Seamus to us today. What a nice looking young man, dog and his car. My every prayer and though will be with you today Thomas and Debbie and Seamus also because you know our furry friends need prayers for comfort and understanding also. I am thankful for Hospice there to help him and relieve some of the duties from Debbie so she can get some rest. Take care friends and I hope your Thursday will be Terrific as you count your Blessings for today. /Sandy♥

  9. Oh what a beautiful way to wake up and see the beautiful smile on Thomas face with his Mom and then the beautiful girl with him. Our candles here in Southwest Va. is still burning and will keep our arms wrapped around Thomas and his Mom. Our prayers are with them for a beautiful day. I would love to be there to cruise thru town in that beautiful RED one of my favorite colors car. What a great gift that would be. A very handsome young man and me cruising the town. Maybe I would even get to drive, you dont want me to back up the car unless it is in a big, big field. Backed into a tree, a vintage mustang and several other cars. Needless to say my insurance company loves me as the ins. goes up and up. Blessings and prayers to all.

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