HOSPICE; I want to hear YOUR stories, the good and the not so good

Keepin it Real
that thing called
Now I’m listening
and I want you to talk here
openly, truthfully, honestly from your heart.
Share your stories with the world,
from your experiences
sign anonymous if you want to
or sign your name,
and share it with us.
the great, the good, the not so good
or the horrible.
We’ve all got stories,
from the wee ones who live but days to weeks; to the teenagers, the young adults, the ones who mirror our own ages,
to the elders.
Those who love them, are friends with them as patients as caregivers, the professionals who are paid to provide care, and support, who sometimes go beyond to make dreams come true
while other times referral to Hospice comes in the last hours of life
where families are devastated
or diagnosis is made late
or denial is more than a river that runs through nervous systems
and families fall into distress.
What is your experience of
a word that is powerful, a concept of care, not a place to die,
but a word that is about LIFE and living up until the moment you transition to the next place with all the support that you need for a patient and all who love them.
I’m listening, and I want to know
Keep it real!
Walk in Beauty,
Remembering so many today
and hoping those who work in the world of hospice are living the mission and vision of those incredible pioneers and founders
of Hospice.

2 comments on “HOSPICE; I want to hear YOUR stories, the good and the not so good

  1. hello dear one… thank you for sharing this heartbreak from what sounds like a hospice that is NOT living the vision/mission of hospice… when a caregiver is feeling it better that they not come, a patient is feeling it best they not show up to add to the stress of end of life issues something is terribly wrong.
    It is OK to “fire” and find a hospice that is living the vision, that makes time for the patient and family; that takes some of the stress by bringing in supports and adaptations to what is already a difficult time.

    As hard as it seems, trust me when I tell you, you have taken the first step: call NHPCO and ask for a hospice in your area and make them aware with details what is happening.

    I am sorry you are experiencing this and I do thank you for “keepin it real”

  2. hey Dr S. my hospice team leaves a lot to be desired. >:~/ ive read a lot on your site and info of what hospice does and thats not my hospice. But most days i GLAD theyre not here. theyre sub-par, have too many patients and the woman who admitted dad back in october, started out by telling ways they could end dads suffering sooner by easing up on feeding, etc. and he could go peacefully in his sleep…wth i know she was being nice, but that was bs. They send different nurses out every few cycles, dad just recently got a regular nurse and she's been here most of the visits since about february. dad regularly asks NOT to be seen but i can only skip about one visit a month. Social workers? HA. Chaplain? HA. Volunteers? HA. Support services? HA. Im not a complainer, though. And i like doing most of the stuff on my own. I never think im better than anyone, but i trust ME before i trust this GROUP to take care of pop….

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