Music, Madness, Moments, Magic, Momentum

video by
the queen of the Disco
has died here in Florida
Another of the greats
in voice who took us to our feet as we danced our butts off
and ohhhh how we loved to dance all night long
from MacArthur Park
while Working Hard For The Money
she wowed us
and had us on our feet.
The moments, the Magic, the momentum she gave to the 70’s the 80’s…
Who am I kidding?
Many still have and listen to her music even now
and loved her through the years,
and their own storms of life.
Dance on Donna
thanks for the many times
we just danced and danced
as you gave us
The Last Dance!
We were blessed by your music;
let the music play on
in this world filled with at times what seems like
just madness
we can always count on and rely upon the music to soothe us, to move us and to make sense to our souls and heal us.
I read something last week that I had to chuckle about;
it was of course on Facebook
where some of the funniest things are said, this was no exception.
ON the busiest of social networking in the world, where you can see about any and everything.
From humor to nonsense, to inspiration, to griping and complaining to personal issues that would be best served left in the sanctity of homes
yet shared and viewed by millions.
But this one caught my eye and for some reason just made me laugh.
It said:
“Dear God, you’ve taken so many musicians and great talents over the last year. Do you think now you could thin the herd of politicians for awhile? Thank you!”
That just made me want to lay on my back and holler!
Perhaps that is what had this dolphin so joyous,
someone had thinned out that which makes dolphins crazy.
Moments like this picture make you know that magic is everywhere;
in music, in faith, in belief of greatness.
Momentum is gained only when we stand, and take baby steps that lead to big strides in moving from comfort zones to that which may at first be uncomfortable, while reaching for the next moment
of wonder.
Let the music move you, through memories, through the first note
even to five octaves of action
in ways unimagined.
Yes in times of what appears to be madness all around, or times of great struggle
it is then that one must use all their senses
all their Creator given talents
to listen hard to not only what is said, sung, and delivered.
But also to that which is not said,
and to determine madness from moments of magic
gain momentum in understanding, in truth from fiction from lies and truth.
And then the call to action
ability to stand is easier.
lest you fall for anything.
How bout that music of American Idol friends?
See the results last night?
Happy with them?
Now down to two standing;
was it the right two?
Did America get it right this time?
Who will walk away with the title this year?
Heaven only knows!!!
Candles lit here for
Thomas O’Brien out there in Texas;
his friend Kyle and Miss America now back to their homes after spending time with him and his Mom,
we continue to hold this young man and his Mom in prayer, thoughts and the light.
Today, do something wonderful for yourself,
It is Friday, have a joyful weekend.
Asking for prayers for those who are struggling; for EE in Colorado who is coping with ongoing health issues and not doing so well there,
a candle is lit for you friend,
asking our warriors to join me in that and prayers as well.
Also, today asking for thoughts and prayers for my family in
Southwest VA.
“thanking you now for that”
Sometimes you just have to faith it til’ you make it.
It just may be that if we stop for a second, and stop thinking about tomorrow, or next week,
we will realize that life really is about NOW
about “moments”
and it is those “moments” that are breathtaking.
Enjoy each moment, each octave, each memory, THIS DAY.
Blessings to each of you
“dance on Donna Summer, in the next place, I think many were waiting for the next dance as you stepped into heaven”.
Can you even imagine
the music on the other side?
Oh my goodness
the greats of all time joining in strings, percussion, horns,
heavens sounds
as another of the greats
now the dancing in spirit land
will be all dancing on the galaxies
the clouds will be jumpin
as will the stars brighter
than bright.
I can only imagine!
Walk in Beauty,
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Healing Heartaches!!!
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“wooo hooo”
Donna Summer at The Nobel Peace Price Concert 2009

Donna Summer at The Nobel Peace Price Concert 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6 comments on “Music, Madness, Moments, Magic, Momentum

  1. […] Music, Madness, Moments, Magic, Momentum (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] Music, Madness, Moments, Magic, Momentum (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  3. hellooooooooo.
    I agree with you about what a fantastic choir must be singing
    in that “next place”.. and , dating myself here, disco was a “ball”..
    loved those friday night dance parties, full of energy and laughter..
    Music definitely is a great healer for a hurting spirit.
    your words bring back many fond memories..
    Thanks Doc… for all you give to us,
    sign me, A.

  4. Remember when Donna Summer was the only African American singer that Barbara Streisand ask to sing with her??
    They sang, “No More Tears” (enough is enough) It is on you tube.

  5. I too remember the disco craze and was right there in some smokey night clubs in the not so rich part of Wash DC, dancin like a fool. Late night, closing the bars and enjoying every moment of it all. Fond fond memories of “Last Dance” after last call. Ah youth….
    Sending out good energy and well wishes to all the gentle spirits in need tonight. Long week, almost over. Looking forward to two days off. Can't wait.
    best to all.

  6. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends – Well, we made it and it is a lovely WOW Friday. Three more hours to work and the weekend will be mine! It will be busy for me which is good. Very busy shelter adoption events both days. Thank you for your words today as it set us to thinking about the music in our lives and those who made that music! Loved the pictures of the tulips, my favorite, and the lovely dolphin. Some day I will see a dolphin for real in person – I just know I will! They are truly amazing creatures! I can't imagine seeing one for real and how big, marvelous and mysterous they have to be. One day though!
    Prayers continue for Thomas O'Brien there in Texas and his Mom Debbie. Prayers for our friend EE and for your family Dr. Sherry and others mentioned here.

    Be well friends and wishing each of you a Fantabulistic ☺ weekend. May the sun shine warm on you all the days and your nights be peaceful and relaxed. /Sandy♥

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