THOMAS O’BRIEN, Taking The Time

Thomas O’Brien
taking the time.
I think of people I know who do not take the time,
and it has never been more pronounced or made an impact than watching this short video,
oh how I hope it will show up here.
This is the link.
Thomas who was in the hospital for three days in the ICU,
receiving blood and platelets,
bleeding from his lung,
now at home, weak; has now gotten pneumonia on top of everything else.
to let the thousands see him, on video; to tell us “I’m ok”
and to thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts, candles.
The strength, the kindness to do that is truly what warriors of gentle spirit do.


Debbie *Mom* and Thomas
taking the time to cherish each moment, each breath, each day.
Her smile is beautiful, his eyes and somber look say what her heart is feeling, what they both know,
what this experience is meaning and the value of the ability to have and cherish the moments together in their bonds, their breaths their ability to trust each other and in the Creators love.
We will stand by them with candles to light the way on this journey through gratitude, through tears, through faith and understanding that this is his journey, his decisions, his personal path.
We see and hear of people getting tattoos around the lands; some of great art, others on impulse. I often ask people about their tats, wonder of their decisions and how they came to get certain expressions or designs; the meaning behind it.
I always am rather astounded when someone has no real depth of understanding when getting permanent ink on their body,
or when they do something yet fail to live its significance in their steps or actions for their lives.
I was intrigued by the complexity of this tattoo on Thomas,
and when asked I was in awe
of the thought, the incredible insight of a 21 year old
and such an old soul:
Thomas O’Brien you have walked many miles in your young life
and I stand in gratitude of knowing you and am touched by your wisdom.
Your impact and your goodness in this life is having such a profound impact around the world that all I can say is:
This is the significance of that awesome tattoo.
Thomas O’Brien: It is Irish it’s my Celtic cross and I changed out the middle to the trinity knot which is a celtic warrior knot the cross represents safe passage from heaven and earth and the knot represents my fight against cancer.”
Thomas designed it, he gave it thought, he was eloquent in his description of why, how, and the meaning behind it.
A warrior…. Thomas O’Brien
to check in with people that he knows cares about him
from all across the globe.
Thomas O’Brien “God is leading us in this case he was showing myself an underlying issue that was making things worse just remember we are all his sheep while he is our shepherd taking care of us and giving us our our own little mission and story for life goodnight everyone thankyou for all the support I wish I could thank everyone for the strength you all give me to keep going”
You Thomas O’Brien are welcome
and the candles are lit across the lands for you and your beautiful Mom to light the way on this journey.
Heaven sent her an angel 21 years ago, yet an old soul came with you…
What an honor it is to know you.
Are you all TAKING THE TIME?
It is moments the memories are made;
that character is built, that what we stand for and who we stand for determines our very core.
Are you witnessing or making your own  miracles like the strength and beauty of Thomas O’Brien
are you falling into the silliness or deceit of inflated egos and mind games and drama
over the internet, with friends, familiy, in  social circles that are square and media circus hoops that lead down primrose paths to no where or hell on earth?
Are your kids or grandkids or YOU being taught, and held to the fire of integrity and honor
while choosing to feed the right wolf?
Do they or you now have tattoos and tell you or can u tell others of the meaning and thought that went behind the decisions in that permanent ink
with the story so beautiful and meaningful in significance as the one shared above.
Is there tremendous significance or just art for arts sake?
Thomas has been fighting this battle for 3 years, his tat is not new.
Debbie his mom must be bursting with pride of the young man she has raised with such a solid foundation as she now cries at the potential of losing him to this horrid disease that is taking him by inches in grief.
the moments that take your breath away.
Happy Birthday day today
to our warrior EE
who is also fighting a battle out there in CO,
may the Creator bless you with strength and with courage to
Take the Time
and be surrounded by goodness.
Blessings to all who enter here.
Light your candles for Thomas at
7pm EST USA your time zones wherever you are
Thomas we are with you!
video by
Walk in Beauty
keepin it real

9 comments on “THOMAS O’BRIEN, Taking The Time

  1. […] THOMAS O’BRIEN, Taking The Time (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  2. I have been changed by Thomas’ words and life. Amazing kid, totally amazing.

  3. Dr. Sherry, your tributes to my son are beautiful. I really appreciate you sharing his story with so many people. I have heard from everyone what an inspiration he is and it’s about life. It’s about how we treat each other, respecting others and loving others. I have stated before that we all have a story, some are short stories and some are novels! His is a short story but it is full of adventure! I had told him before all this happened on FB that maybe God intends for him to be a witness. He asked, “What did you say?” and I said again that maybe God intends for him to be a witness. I brought that up to him recently and he gets it. And he’s owning up to it. Thank you for all your love and support! xxooxoxx! Debbie

    • Dearest Debbie, I am greatly honored to walk this journey with you and your beautiful son Thomas O’Brien, who at 21 years old, has lived more than many who die of natural causes at 93! Yes it is not the breaths on takes but the moments that take our breath away, and he has captured the hearts and breaths of many along his journey, with courage of a warrior, strength that is astounding and the fight of a brave soldier, yet the compassion of a child who is open and loving without boundaries or limits… I love the story of how you have told, taught, and continue to remind him of his special talents, gifts… he is awe inspiring and the story of his creation of his tattoo still amazes me with his old soul wisdom and his easy explanation to all of why how and depth of soul meaning to him and the world.

      It is my honor; and truly I wanted to share him with as many as possible to see first hand “living” in living color full tilt, from one who is demonstrating to the world amazing grace under fire…

      I’m here if you need me, and will continue to light the path of grief, love, joy, and sorrow by reminding all to join me with the candles to light and love you both along this remarkable journey…
      YOu are a remarkable woman, and I see clearly where he gets his gifts… it is from a mother’s love.

      Blessings and love to you dear one. drsherry

  4. Some people are just to very special to describe in mere words. Thomas, you are one of those people. To have such a beautiful smile, and bright heart… You are a young man to be admired. I am so glad to have this day, and to have this opportunity to know more about you. Have your Mom deliver a huge hug from your fans here on the blog.
    Love and warmth to everyone for the rest this evening brings, and the sunshine we will awake to tomorrow.
    As always, great love to yu doc. A very SPECIAL birthday wish for EE in Colorado! Another beautiful soul that shares this special space with us.

  5. hellooooo
    I read Thomas' post and saw the video
    when I came home today at the break
    of dawn.. I was amazed that he was able and willing to speak to us..
    i must agree with you, every word you wrote today.. having the opportunity to be a pal to him has been such an inspiration.My candles are also burning in hope for peace for Mom and Thomas.
    yep, i will take the time today
    to reflect and enjoy my many blessings,
    have a sunshine filled day,
    hugging my angels,
    sign me ♥ A.

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