Here we Are… Time to Stand

Monday is here,
a day as Joey Graff always says is a day
to dance on desks
to dance around the room
a day to get it going
A beginning of newness!
Most don’t much care for Monday’s though,
seems it comes too quickly and starts a week that just seems to take forever to get to that magic Friday!
But here we are again,
Sometimes you feel it is a day that you’ve been waiting for, a day where you are standing on a rock and between a hard place while being washed by great tides and waves; unable to catch your breath before the next tide comes in.
The storms of life can be frightening
overwhelming at times.
It may be that Monday or that the end of the day, will allow you safe passage to the sands and quiet from the raging seas of uncertainity.
The sunset will offer respite and relief of the stress of those rocks;
although while beautiful can be trecherous.
It may be that it was low tide when you wondered out onto them to get a view or have an experience that you had never had before; it may be that you just didn’t think it through or used bad judgment when you followed or led others to what was dangerous, although tempting.
However you came to that moment,
you may be now standing, or on your knees hoping to be saved, hoping the tides will ease back so you can once again know safety.
After all, storms never last … do they?
Some just come out of no where it seems, from calm waters, when we are lying in our beds… eating a meal with friends or families, out minding our own business or safely living our lives… in a hot second lives may be changed forever, from a sunny day, lightning or casualty can strike like that bolt…
Lessons that are hard to learn, come from the depths of change, of pain, of such suddeness.
The tides change, people who walked with us through the storms, those who coached us off those dangerous rocks in that picture we started with …
Life is interesting, its lessons are many,
at times we are humbled and we learn
we get it,
we live to dance into Mondays.
Sometimes we ask God/dess Creator to fix it, we turn it all over to God/dess Creator.
We seem to think that if God/dess got us to it then God/dess will get us through it.
It just may be if we were to take responsibility for the precious free will that was given by Creator in our actions, associations, our very daily choices and decsions, we would free up our Creator and lighten the Load of our Universal God/dess Creator to attend to world peace/hunger/despair and those without voices in the world.
We as people must stand UP.
The greatest gift we have received from God/dess, Creator is the life we live, the free will we were given to be a reflection of that unconditional love in the lives we live, the associations we have and the character we develop in right way relations.
To extend a hand to another without being asked is the way our Creator intended it to be.
To wake in a state of thanks and grace is living right way relations
rather to awaken in asking for self.
Will the storms pass?
Will lessons be learned?
Only when the student is ready to recieve will the teacher appear.
The same waters, rocks, beauty are there for us to behold,
it is up to each of us, each individual to know by our convictions, our foundations, our beliefs
when to walk on those rocks into danger.
When to lead or be led out into the waters
of life, onto rocks that in a hot flash will place us in harms way.
Yes, we are judged by our associations, our many choices made in a day;
some things are beyond our control,
many things are beyond our control.
However, we can control ourselves,
our destiny, our path;
one step and one word at a time,
with each step we make,
each hand we extend to another.
Trust is not given it is earned over time,
and it is expensive,
yet it can be lost in a heart beat,
just like one whose footing falls from the rocks during high tide and turmultuous waters to the seas.
Never to be seen again.
Choose wisely your footing, your paths
during calm waters, rough waters, as it will determine your life and those around you in right way relations, in a life to be proud of, and in the Creator’s eyes.
Look within, that is where the Creator lives and has given you all that is needed to be all that you are; the choices are up to you, as are the results.
Weather the storms of life, believe that a life lived with good choices, great love and service to others will get you through the rough and horrible times,
with the ability to fully appreciate that storms never last,
at the end of that day,
when the storms are past, look for and appreciate a magnificent
with great gratitude to God/dess Creator
that YOU have lived fully with responsibility
LOVE while giving it all you have.
STand UP, make you move
be all that you were destined to be in your life.
“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there”  [Will Rogers]
I’m asking,
please hold up our warriors going through difficulties,
EE in Colorado
Thomas O’Brien in TX
And, if not to much to ask on top of all that,
please surround my family in Southwest VA today
with thoughts/prayers.
Thank you to each of you.
I wish you a day of music, sunshine, and great
MOMENTS to fill your soul.
Walk in Beauty,
 “People will hate you, rate you, shake you, and break you. But how strong you stand is what makes you” {anonymous}

14 comments on “Here we Are… Time to Stand

  1. greetings on the wind friends. Just flying in to say thank you for all the prayers. I am hanging in there.
    Love the Monday thing doc. As always inspiring words and inspiring us to be responsible for what we do and to take action to help ourselves.
    Prayers for everyone and thank you again for the prayers for I feel them.
    hugs on the wind

  2. Inspiring words. Yes, I do believe God/Creator expects us to do our part not just sit back and wait on Him. Is like the story of the talents given to three men, one buried, one did this and one worked and creased talents greatly. God expects us to work and use our talents and handle things.
    Monday, new beginnings for all. A new week to make anew all things.
    thanks for the words dr. sherry

    • Best of Monday to you Ginger, and thank you for being here. I am honored that you enjoyed todays thoughts and musings along with the photographs; yes Creator has richly blessed us with free will and all we need to be more than we can ever imagine…

  3. dammmmmm doc

    those rocks/water/sunset

    the message/the passion/the feelings you have put out here for all

    Prayers strongly being sent to those mentioned, to those on Sundays roll call

    and to YOU our sensei saint or healer
    now prayers for you and YOUR FAMILY
    with great graitude in all that you are to all for so long

  4. Really special message today, and thank you for bringing it to us. Everyday is what you make of it. Make it bad and it drags on too long. Sing, and laugh and it lifts you up. A loved the analogies in the blog today. Rocks and water, storms and sands. choices and actions. So hoping today is a turning point. Sending much love and sincere thoughts for a good ending to this important day.

  5. Some things are so precise that all I can say is: Pause, and calmly think on that!

    You KNOW you got it, and NEVER too much to ask.

  6. I really liked your message today. Inspiring for sure and a great way to re-think Mondays. Thank you Dr. Sherry.

  7. wow doc a powerful Monday message and pictures to really hit it out into the ocean. My prayres now for your family and you doc, and hpe everything is alirght for you as I know from this page of sacred and gentle warriors you always have us united for so many, but i dont remember a time you have asked us to join for you or y9our family.
    i continue to light my flame for thta young man in Texas and his mom along with EE and so many that are mentioned here.
    you have my admiration and if IF I HAD Y9OUR ADDRESS i would love to send you those moutnain lillies and roses that i know are your favorites!
    best to all WARRIORS OUT THERE TODAY and always
    a loyal reader, though i don't always write here,
    and I am sending a white light to surround you and your family today.

    a banana split on a dinner plate? omg sounds awesome cob!

  8. Good Monday morning. Trying to get ready to go to Hospice and then to a very important meeting. Thanks for all the prayers for here in Southwest Va. and for everyone. We are still holding Thomas and Debbie in our hearts and prayers. I hope all are having a sun shine day. Wish I could be at the beach and throw all my worries into the Ocean never to be seen or heard again. Then again my worries are not as great as some I read here on the blog. I may just go get a big banana split today and I bet that would make my world better. I can remember the big old banana splits that someone I love used to make in of all things DINNER PLATES, can you imagine. Guess I will settle this morning with a protein shake and some yogurt. ugh. Have a blessed day and thanks for the prayers I receive thru Dr. SES blogs. Remembering our soldiers and their familes each and every day especially with Memorial day coming soon. Blessings

  9. My sincere thoughts and prayers are with your family in SW VA and for EE, Thomas OB & his mom.
    My TAXI is parked and the sea is calling……… can you hear it?
    Gentle waves of the G O M in my neck of the FIRM world.
    Till next time, I am Mon-dayne

  10. Good Morning Dr. Sherry and friend here. Happy Monday to you! Thank you for your words today and message Dr. Sherry – very thought provoking. We need to be grateful for the Mondays rather than dreading them as most do. I am talking to myself also. I saw this message and thought it was a good Monday Morning one. “The philosophy of life is to make the most of it, enjoy the happy moments, challenge the challenges thrown at us, lead a content life and to make a difference to all those around us.”–Unknown Sounds like a good one to keep in mind on a Monday.

    Continued Prayers for our friends Thomas and Mom Debbie, EE and for your family Dr. Sherry. Also for those often mentioned here.

    Take care friends and may your Monday be peaceful and sunny as you count your Blessings. /Sandy♥

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