Get your Head In The Game

sometimes you just got to be
“in it to win it”!
To step out of the fear with all you have, with just the right timing, giving life all you have!
With passion, purpose, mindfulness and a thirst to be all that you are, you have to just
“make your move”;
often amazing and just stunning others around you!
You will put all of YOU into the moment,
and do something that just amazes YOU and those around you, while moving out of the comfort zone
into the realm of  “outstanding”!
As I watched Olivia seize her moment on that soccer field in that moment, I was so shocked to have captured it with my camera, as she was able to go into that flying ball full speed and make her move!
As one can see by those around her, they almost came to a full stop in their absolute amazement as well!
Can you think of YOUR moments like that?
When you stepped out of the comfort zone, or were propelled out by necessity, by passion, by purpose, or perhaps by that adrenalin rush that sometimes allows us the courage or need to be more than we usually think we are?
When we are unaware that anyone is looking, or we are so intense on the moment, that we are “in the zone”
are you passion filled and purpose driven to be all that you are destined to be?
With your body mind spirit connected and able to keep your eye on the ball?
Oh what a wonderous thing!
Nana’s girl, Olivia
with such form, focus, fierceness, beauty.
(not so bad photography from the Nana while screaming my lungs out I just might add) LOL
Are you “in it to win it”
with your day, your Moments, your life?
With intention, and great follow-through
that involves those times of pain, strain, and challenge… Sometimes the challenges so great, the sorrow and waiting so long that it takes you to your knees?
The demands can be so stressful, that the only thing you might have energy for is to breathe and to eat, and to put one foot in front of the other it seems; yet you know that you must hold your head high; you must believe, you must work the plan
follow-through with an attitude of gratitude even on the days that feel dark and storm filled where understandings are at a minimum and strength feels weak.
Those that may have been thought of as friends may now be seen as lessons on lifes path to teach you, hard knocks may be future guide posts, if you but now learn and use that energy to re-build, re-charge and restore
faith, humility and honor
work the plan.
Courage, faith, strength, follow through
with greatness built on focus and character
while developing passion and purpose!
use all that you have to work through your moments with grace, with thoughtfulness.
Remember in all of this.
But no one ever said or gave you a note on the birth certificate
that said it would be.
LIve your life with zest, with passion, with truth, honor and dignity!
Get your head, heart, body
take responsibility
for it and its sacredness.
Walk in Beauty

10 comments on “Get your Head In The Game

  1. well occasionally I call a time out but I try to keep myself in the game. Loving your words sherry as always. Great wisdom in them. You inspire me. hugs friend.

  2. i got MY head in the game 🙂 just have to rewrite some rules every now and again 😉 xox! a.

    • Blessings to you and yours, thanks for comin in to play today… every once in awhlile we have to do what we must to move and remember to “go for it, life is not a dress rehearal” be well!

  3. Thank you for including ‘Shortest Distance’ in your reading list. I’ll be sure to mention this to Kim Toller @ NW Arkansas Center for Spiritual Living. We all get there together. Dan

  4. Dr. Sherry, thank you for the words and encouragement today. Loved the pictures of your sweet girl Olivia. She she has grown up and look at that kick and head hit. She is good and has that determination and strength. Great job Olivia. Nana is proud of her I see. Prayers and thoughts for Thomas and Mom Debbie, EE and others mentioned here. Wishing all those how stop by a Terrific Tuesday and sunshine for your day. /Sandy♥

  5. Ride on Ride on baby girl… under, Over the Rainbow… ask her how she like Healing Heartaches, and give her my love!
    Blessings to you suga! ohhhhh goodnness, “the spirits in it”

  6. GOTTA SAY THIS, CAN NOT HOLD IT IN!! I am fixing to follow Mama all the way down highway 75–BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!! She's in my territory now, and gonna strap myself under her bus after the last show, and ride that sucka' all the way to Philly, and work for her for free with whatever chores she needs done. Fixing to ease these withdrawal symptoms!! (Sorry guys) Thank you for letting me say that, and wish me luck on the ride—best “under the bus” experience I will EVER have!!!! LLOOLL

  7. Excellent shots!! Yeph, great job, Nana!! Wonderful encouragement for today, centered around those striking pictures. I can see that one where she is kicking the ball in about an 11×14,
    framed on the wall, with the form and focus words at the bottom of it. What a treasure!
    I wish to all who visit here today, EXUBERANCE!!! Can't beat exuberance. Go all out, and show em' how it's done…whatever it is. Love you guys. Where is hellllloooo anonymous, and how is Ali?????

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