We Have to Really Look for Beauty, sometimes!

Peek A Boo
There are times we have to dig deep to see the beauty, to find the good, to see beyond the immediate in life.
We have to at times really look hard
to see beyond the now narrow focus,
in times of struggle or bad news,
or hard times.
Often when in those times, we are unable to digest, or process the big picture, or just on overload with our senses and feelings being overwhelmed it seems.
Other times we are short sighted in things in life;
in the middle of things that just leave us exhausted or too consumed with fear to look around or think to look for beauty that may allow us to laugh, or to believe that “this too shall pass”, or to
“hold on”, or to believe that indeed there may be “great lessons” to be learned in the scheme of things happening now, or  “opportunities”
among all the weeds or challenges being faced.
Other times, we are filled with angst and worry or hardship that when we look up or around we are just not able to see signs or even something of beauty that is trying to gaze at us letting us know “you are ok”!
Did you find the beauty in the photograph?
I’ve had a visitor every day this week! Strutting and just walking and taking short flight to be noticed here ~ Hanging around until one of the 4 leggeds or all notice and then go on a barking fest to let it know “go away, this is our joint!”
I haven’t had the heart to let Jeepers and Gypsy know that I don’t think our winged friend much cares what they think!
I have enjoyed the visits of this Blue Heron
the Peek a Boo photo I was able to capture as I was being stared at just tickled me.
It reminded me that as we all get into our lives, our business, our concern, love and advocacy and support of those we love;
there is someone, or signs from others
to let us know to take a break!
Pause and be still;  breathe,
 know that YOU are special, you are a child of the Creator and that to stand and to do is a part of the Universal Energy of your purpose and the plan.
I thanked that blue heron for the many visits this week; I laughed at the amazing timing of that peek a boo picture and was grateful I had the camera sitting right here beside of me!
As I type this, I am being visited by my cardinals,
their talk is loud and clear,
one female, one male today…
and they are to my right side
oh the blessings are with me
my great gratitude
to all that has ever been all that is
and yes, all that is to come.
And So It is!
I hope to all of you,
that whatever you are going through, you will find strength, support, faith
that you will
Take The Time
to pause, to breathe and to remember
to count your many blessings today
and always.
Our warrior Thomas O’Brien has not been doing well out there in Texas,
we are keeping the candles going strong our love and support stay with him and his Mom Debbie. I hope he is finding that love to warm him, our caring to support him, and his beloved 4 legged Seamus by his side.
We love you and thank you Deputy O’Brien
for all you continue to give to thousands in your amazing grace and battle with such kindness and bravery!
He again “took the time” to thank everyone for their love and candles, and calls what he is now going through a “hiccup” as he continues his fight! I hope you can view this, he is a remarkable young man filled with grace under fire.
EE in Colorado continues to struggle with significant health problems and we are holding her up; with love, compassion, and the candles are lit for you friend. May you and your son know, we will stand with you!
Ali continues to care for her Veteran Dad, and has had a bad hospice experience which broke my hospice heart to hear it; she now has enlisted a true caring hospice and I pray it is good for them. She is a warrior like her Dad; also caring for those kids and 4 leggeds; a balancing act indeed in SC she is caregiving and savoring precious moments with a beloved and strong dad, “everyday is a gift”.
We are with you all Ali!
Thank you for the continued prayers for my family in Southwest VA;
they and I appreciate you all.
Where and how did this month get away from us all so soon is my latest question?
my next one is this?
Do you think it possible that the solar eclipse could possibly affect people in the same ways as full moons do?

Just sayin!

Wherever you are
Whatever you are doing
YOU are the master of your day
I wish you enough!
“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.”   [Will Rogers]
Well now I have a new visitor!
My friend the Lizard showing his blow abilities this morning!
Life is truly glorious
if we just take the time!
Walk in Beauty,
We are close to pullin a name out of the hat for a free copy of Healing Heartaches on www.drses.wordpress.com
have you clicked “follow” there to be entered?
It could be YOU!

9 comments on “We Have to Really Look for Beauty, sometimes!

  1. […] We Have to Really Look for Beauty, sometimes! (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  2. Hello dear hearts… I just knew there were some stories in all that you just havent had the safe place to share… this IS IT…

    let those stories OUT of you… you've been holding them in for too long…

    use anonymous if it feels better, get your kleenex out, light a candle and sit a glass of water beside it,
    take a deep breath and take your time…
    I've opened the door … when you are ready…

    go back to that post,
    and have at it… let it out of you… and tell it like it is/was/and let it GOOOOO

    this is your page, a safe community,
    and if we can't be real, there is just not need to be at all…

    just keepin it real.

    and YOU made it through the week!

    where are those steaks/ribs/burgers and fries

    ohhh for a good ole apple pie!

  3. Thank you Sherry. 🙂 And what great words. Yes, sometimes it is hard when we feel knocked down to look up again. Sometimes we need to step back and just chill for a little and then we can see a little clearer. I have learned through many years of struggles that nothing is the end of the world and that no matter what comes our way …”we can deal with it and we can move forward and find the good. Might take some a little longer than others but I truly believe good can come from bad things and when we can see that…when the pain subsides…then we can start focusing on living again.
    love you my friend for your words, your honesty, you compassion and caring and you beauty that shines so strongly from the inside out. HUGS

  4. LOOOOONG day. LOOOOONNNNGGGGER week………. Good Luck to all, it's only wednesday. Geeeze.

  5. Dr. Sherry, thank you for the words and message and the lovely pictures today. Nature is awesome and beauty to behold. Thinking about and praying for Thomas there in Texas and his Mom Debbie. Prayers and thoughs still for Ali and her Dad, EE and for you and your family Dr. Sherry. I am sorry Ali had problems with Hospice. You know Dr. Sherry when you posted a few days ago requesting our thoughts and experience with Hospice I just could not bring the words out in type. I also had some heart breaking issues with Hospice when my precious Mom was being cared for last year. The hurts are still there and just couldn't think long about it that day to share it. Some day I will though. It was not always good and the end was heart breaking for us.

    Take care friends, have a Grand evening counting your Blessings.

  6. I REALLY hate to hear about Ali's bad experience with Hospice. Mine was really good, but Caregvers in my home were a trip! Dealing with Veteran issues can try one's soul as well, plus her own daily issues and responsibilities to take care of that she already had for her own day to day life. It can blow a person away!!

    Prayers are with ALL that are mentioned on here every day.

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