Attitude and Style

Attitude is everything!
With it comes freshness and great style!
As evidenced in this photo of Kamryn and his new found pals.
The great attitude, joy, and true
“swag” is seen from head to toe
captured and felt by the senses
never more true the statement
that you are most often
“judged by those you associate with”.
Who wouldn’t want to associate with those three I’m thinkin?
They just flash, attitude and style
and right-way relations don’t they?
Ah, to step out of the normal
and just enjoy the moment in gladness and joy.
Great moments can turn into precious memories that will sustain during great times of heartaches and stress, if we choose to allow it.
And then again,
there are times when our minds and bodys and souls are just so numbed by the cruelty of the world and events that occur; it is difficult to remember when things were easier and more gentle.
Times when attitudes were easier,
faith was filled, and truths were just accepted to be realities without question.
When justice sweet justice seemed to fit whatever was wrong,
and injustice was something you took a stand and fought to the bitter end ultimately your voice heard and you could and did affect change.
IF and WHEN you
Good that no one ever guaranteed things like life is always fair,
punishments always fit the offenses,
and the sad truth is some do not walk in states of amazing grace,
nor with attitudes of great gratitude
embracing each moment.
Style under pressure
where we
“faith it til we make it”
seem to be uncommon,
and common sense is not so commmon anymore.
Times have indeed changed through the years, or maybe it is
that folks are so tied up in larger things that they fail to see the global and community impacts of decisions and the true consequences of decisions made and their effects on others in the process.
We are forgetting the fundamentals of teaching that age old thing called manners and calling people out when they fail to say those magic words;
please, thank-you, you are welcome or even “GOOD morning”, will you help me, hear me, how can I help you”.
Children need our guidance, adults need our reminders, Elders need our reminders, we all need to have our attitudes tuned up our style refreshed at times.
Perhaps a day at Disney,
a day spent in remembering, in reflection at our own tables not worrying what politicians are doing
or our neighbors yards being greener.
Yes time is 24/7 for all,
yet for many  it is running too fast too often, and often gets the best of many.
We forget to hold tight to the things that matter; to advocate for self and those we love, to fight like the warriors we are.
Many leave it to God/dess, Creator to handle; forgetting that
we have our hands/body and need to do our part and then some. We cannot rest when fighting for those we love, if need be we take it to a higher level, we call our local papers/media and “call it out” when we have to.
Communities and business know this;
we are consumers, we are those with kids in schools, we have loved ones fighting for our freedoms,
we have and are women who have rights, choices, and if you don’t like them
but leave our bodies off your political agendas.
Let us build up our children, not tear them down with systems and false beliefs and things that then set them up to lose.
Get involved friends.
This weekend is a weekend
to honor our fallen,
those who gave up their lives
for our very freedoms,
a weekend
for us to remember who we are,
by the fact of our rights and our lives we are destined to have attitudes of great gratitude and style in our freedom and ability to STAND.
As families, friends, in solemn times and in fun times
we must find the attitude and style
to enjoy each moment!
Like this moment, right here
right now!
these moments
with our families, friends, and those we “choose” to associate with and know have our backs!
(oh that day I called him Pluto, he was not happy with me) LOL
What was I thinking?
BE safe on the roads friends,
as you prepare to gather, to listen to the music, to fire up those grills, climb the highest mountain, catch the biggest fish, or get on those boats, or see Goofy,
just don’t be too goofy if you See Pluto!
above all
Fly those flags, thank those soldiers
as we remember all our Veterans
and families
on this Memorial Day 2012
I thank YOU all for your service…
I took this photo in Washington D.C.
at the annual tattoo.
Prayers goin up for our warriors.
Thomas O’Brien out there in TX, was able to be out the last couple of days. He took his Mom to visit uncle in that hot red car! Debbie’s brother is “cancer-free” and what a joyous noise was made on hearing that news! Debbie was a 100% match in the family and provided her brother with stem cells to fight his cancer!
What a family.
Thomas now has a new recliner and heaven only knows how he will fit all those pillows and him together with Seamus dog but he had plans to sleep in that recliner for added comfort last night!
What an inspiration this young man is; as he continues to “take the time” to thank all for their continual support, care and prayers and candles lit for him.
I stand amazed and honored.
WE continue to light those candles and hold him and his mom up out there in the Lone Star State and for EE in CO, for Fluff in Detroit and her friend, Ali and Dad, mamapatti in OK, FIRM and A in FL,
and those who have asked.
I take you into my heart with all that I am
in hoping you have all that you need to be all that you can dare to dream,
with an attitude of amazing grace, whole hearted style and wonder
as you dance through your weekend, yet take the time
to remember those who serve
for the greater good of our
Blessings and best to all who enter.
May you always remember,
when you fall down 7 times
get up 8
and keep going …
Walk in Beauty,

4 comments on “Attitude and Style

  1. Fluff, hoping things went well over there in Detroit area for you and Carol along with the furry one… thank you for being here, taking the time.. many blessings to you as well and thank you for remembering all our warriors here!

    @mamapatti, you just tickle me, OK has those shirts too and u thinkin and forgetting our Pluto wears that hat like me huh? welp, I almost got a swift kick there but instead just a scolding and finger wagging! haha

    oh how i wish I had gotten me an OK shirt last time there, but will wait til the Next time! I do so love talking to the folks in your state… the heat is on here with 95 expected today, and probably the storm of afternoon to wet our faces with respite.
    Remembering those who served this weekend here there and everywhere.
    blessings and best to all who enter here

    let the music and the dancing in the streets where flag fly begin!

  2. WHAT A SMILE!!!! I swear, I thought it was Pluto too, till I kept reading. I see you wear those “Oklahoma” shirts—(sleeves cut out)–When Glen Frey kicks in for the summer in Okla.–I grab the scissors, and go to cuttin' the sleeves out, cause “The Heat Is On.”!!! Most comfortable way to go!!! Standin, Lightin, Prayin, Stompin, and Supportin! Love, Mama Patti —

  3. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your words and message today. The reminders that we do need occasionally and the reminder to live life to the fullest that we can today as we never know what tomorrow may bring. Loved the pictures. Prayers for Thomas and Mom Debbie, Glad to hear you got out in that bright red car and visiting with family. Prayers for Ali and her Dad and family for EE and for my sister Carol – her four legged best friend will have surgery this morning and we are trusting it will be a good outcome even though the odds may be against him. Be safe friends if you travel this weekend and remember to wear those seat belts. Have a peaceful day /Sandy♥

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