ROLLING THUNDER, has rolled in for Memorial Day

I heard the thunder gods, saw the lightning of yesterday,
and perhaps what I was hearing from afar
was those riders heading for
as they have every year for 25 years
on the week-end ride
to remember.
I am grateful to and for
Rolling Thunder.
There mission is clear;
it has not changed:
Why do they do what they do?
“To make certain that we, as a nation, never forget our prisoners of war nor forget or missing in action.
We ride for those who can’t.”
To honor the fallen, to let those engines be heard as they ride into town from all across our United States of America
and say
“We Have Not Forgotten”
and to also lay the wreaths at the
The Congressional Cemetary in Southeast Washington as well;
and later take to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial
and let their protection, their love, their voices be heard
while being sure
that our MIA/POWS
are being kept front and center.
and account for our men/women
from wars.
They bring their families, their children, their grandchildren; 
they gather and provide information;
offer support and love that is beyond what one can imagine unless you have or are there.
I’ve been there, a part of something rolling, something that is fluid by nature and energy that is so powerful it can and does change you forever by its intensity.
Men and women that have walked the walk through the halls of hell and held their brothers and sisters as they were dying, suffering still the horrors of war and loss that leaves a body and soul changed in ways that only the spirit can speak to through advocacy and hope in ways that an Eagle soars in healing and sun scorched minds find ways to speak truth remembering honoring and struggles often are the mirror to the soul work…
Thank you
Rolling Thunder.
There are still more than 100,000 Americans unaccounted for from all wars.
Rolling Thunder also placed wreaths at the graves of more than
1,800 veterans
 video by
I love and have always respected
Hundreds of thousands will roll in for this weekend of remembering; of honoring
we can count on and rely upon them to be there always.
And they do have a presence along the highways and the streets
across the country in the days before, the week-end of the city in our Nations Capital.
People have been known to pull off the interstates as they roll by;
to get out of the cars and wave, to blow horns in letting them know of their love and support across the states.
Those who do not know of them
will gaze and wonder!
At what began in 1987 by four Vietnam Vets as a demonstration to raise awareness at what had happened to those who were missing in action (MIAS) and prisoners of war (POWS);
and now has grown to such magnitude that it is a National Organization.
Now a monumental tribute to the fallen;
riders come from all over these United States of America arriving in the Nations Capital to pay respect, to honor, to let the world know we still have and need to bring ALL HOME that are MIA/POWS
and they do ROLL in like THUNDER!
Thank you
Some Gave ALL
When you see those bikers out there,
give them a thumbs up,
give them some space,
show them some love
Rolling Thunder came through yet again
for a young guy named Walter, he was the young one in Healing Heartaches who wanted to ride on a Harley before his death;
all of a sudden, he heard the sounds of thunder rolling along the street of his home,
and wouldn’t ya just know?
A dream came true for a young man when burly bikers rolled into a neighborhood
and it was
As he was lifted to the bike,
next we knew, he was holding on to the handles and VROOM, off they all went
with what looked like a gang of bikers
and a young kid who was sure to have bugs in his teeth from the size of his grin!
A dream realized thanks to bikers and a bit of magic.
Memorial Day weekend,
more than the bbq.
Healing Heartaches as we remember the fallen.
Thank YOU seems not quite enough, it rings not loud enough in my heart, in my mind…
There has to be more, has to be stronger words to match the feeling;
it is with such a heart, mind, spirit, soul
of deep gratitude that works better for me as tears streak my face as I remember the fallen, as I pay tribute to those who serve, have served have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.
As I now think of those who are still missing in action, those POWS
those who Ride this weekend
those who stand and live around that wall, that I’ve shared coffee with in the middle of the night so long ago.
That’s it,
Walk in Beauty,

vietnam memorial2

vietnam memorial2 (Photo credit: eqkrishena)


12 comments on “ROLLING THUNDER, has rolled in for Memorial Day

  1. […] ROLLING THUNDER, has rolled in for Memorial Day (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] ROLLING THUNDER, has rolled in for Memorial Day (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Hello Dr. Sherry and Friends. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your words and message today. Those are some powerful warriors there those Rolling Thunders. Never saw them but would love to sometime. I think it would be so awesome. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my Sis Carol's furry friend. He came home this afternoon and so far doing okay. Still on pain meds a few days so he is pretty sleepy. It was a big surgery and hopefully will be a successful recovery as well. Please keep him in your prayers.

    Take care friends and sending continued prayers and heartfelt thank you to all our brave military heroes and and their families during this time. Thinking of our friends here needing extra prayers and sure sending them up. Our brave Veteran Thomas there in Texas and his Mom and his furry friend. Ali and her brave veteran father holding you all in my praters, EE hope your day is good. Dr. Sherry and family prayers for you all that all will be good.

    For all our friends here prayers that everything will be good and happy in your part of this great country. Bless you all this day. /Sandy♥

  4. Good responses in my state—-readin, sharin, likin’—-just “passin it on” I am. Ahhhh–“takin care of business, every day, takin care of business, and workin’ overtime”!!!!

    • LOVE IT!!! Share those you tubes while you workin’… oh so happy to hear Rolling Thunder has rolled into your heart up there today darlin… take best care of YOU mamapatti, you are a blessing you are!

    • LOVE IT!!! Share those you tubes while you workin’… oh so happy to hear Rolling Thunder has rolled into your heart up there today darlin… take best care of YOU mamapatti, you are a blessing you are! Tell em they still have time to “follow” here and get their name in for a chance to win a copy of Healing Heartaches, we’re almost ready to put the names in the hat!!

  5. You have an e-mail on this one—-can’t help it—-sittin on my hands—both of em’ the rest of the day—What an EXCELLENT read!! Lots of sharin’ and likin’ on this one in my state!! Just “passin it on”……….

    • hahaha, never sit on the hands suga, type til you get finger cramps then use your toes, always a pleasure to read your thoughts… keep them comin. so happy you enjoyed today’s thoughts and musings… Rolling Thunder has rolled for 25 years and many old friends ride each year… we’ve got a lot of miles together from “back in the day” as we remember the Veterans and those who served… the blessings and the heartaches so intertwined with grace under fire.

  6. Beyond AWESOME post Sherry. I remember well the story of Walter and the Rolling Thunder and your love for that little boy and his dream. Thank God for our men and women who are so willing to give of their lives so that we might have freedom.
    Hugs my friend.

  7. I used to live in Wash Dc and the roads, the bridges, the pull-offs overlooking the Potomac river, the capital beltway, all crowded with bikes for days before the gathering at the Vietnam wall in downtown. Biker's took over the city. It was awesome! LOUD bikes too, and miles of black leather. Amazing that for so many years, a tradition continues that began with a very small group of strong, loving men who wanted the world to remember those that they had served with and were unaccounted for. Their message is heard year after year. May they continue to ride with their flags flying. You would be proud to see it, and hear it in person. Dr. Sherry is right, as usual, an indelible memory.
    I too remember the story of Walter and his Bearly Bear, and his ride with the Bikers. Thank you doc for remembering, and helping us to remember.

  8. Oh I got me a “witness” to the power of ROLLING THUNDER.. as we remember the fallen! and surround ourselves with great gratitude while getting ready to fire up those grills, throw down the ribs/the steaks and join with those we love as a result of the great sacrifices being made by those who serve…
    So good to know someone is reading here this week!
    Blessings on the suns rays to you today Osh/mama patti…
    and THANK YOU for the PHilly Soul and the love you sent to me this week from your home to mine!
    with a warrior like you oh how i feel the love while my back is being covered, yep
    i sho do feel the love, and do believe i smell STEAK?


  9. I remember Walter in your book. Made cold chills when I read it. This mornings read made cold chills as well. Parents should take their kids and park some where on their route they are taking, and let them experience it!
    Gives an indellible impression to our youngsters about the debt we owe to those who have, and continue to keep us free. Taking my grandson as soon as he gets old enough. He's gonna know, just like my kids know!!! AMEN!!!!

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