is the winner!

visit her at:


How very fun is that for the winner to have a blog

called the “KARMA TRUCK”

yep I do believe the world is round!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have won your very own autographed copy of

Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life!

Please drop me an email to let me know where to send it!!! YOUR name was drawn on this

most sacred MEMORIAL DAY 2012 as we remember the fallen.


Blessings to all who gather, and I thank you each and all for the follow!


6 comments on “AND,THE WINNER IS….

  1. congrats to mimijk. you will love the book. I have enjoyed it so much.

    and congrats to sherry on the milestone…:) hugs my friend

  2. I am honored and thrilled!!! Dearest Dr – how can I get in touch with you?

  3. I am sure that the winner will enjoy reading and feeling “Healing Heartaches”..
    without a doubt, a feel good book. Congrats!
    sign me, A.

  4. ?? So who won LOL

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