Winds and grey skies

those rains are bringin it today!
A view from where I sit as I type
and little Gypsy is just havin a fine fit with letting those winds know how she feels about the NASCAR race round the pool getting rained out I might just tell you!
I sure hope that those hundreds of thousands of
Rolling Thunder has a safe and dry ride back to their homes
yesterday and today.
celebrated, remembered, honored
all across our Nation.
Hope and eyes that have cried, voices that have been heard after mimutes of silence to honor and pay tribute to the fallen;
wreaths laid at the headstones
and flags now staying behind
in honoring, in remembering.
BBq’s now over, gatherings too,
folks back to work, routines now getting re-established with memories safely tucked away and cherished to be pulled out at a later time.
Maybe the rains now are tears of gratitude that no one was forgotten once again;
reminders that hearts connected in grace and love remain connected though years pass.
Though different now,
somehow we go on, often stronger than ever before.
We stand for those who cannot,
Rolling Thunder rides to remember and for those no longer here to ride.
We sometimes must be a presence that is large,
we have to get in the face of others to be seen,
to stand for what is right, what will make an impact, what will be lasting as we remember and remind
others of strength, of freedom of right-way relations;
and sometimes what is not fair along the path.
We often must remind ourselves and others that life is a cruel lesson that no one promised us fair,
yet we are stronger when we stand
under our flag of unity
freedom is NOT free.
Yet we enjoy the comfort of our beds, our showers, our meals
while men, women, service animals are putting their lives on the line 24/7 to maintain our very freedoms
while now we have to hear all the crap that politicians are talking to get a ticket for 4 years in the big house, and those in congress draw a fat check with a lifetime of benefits that make most of us scratch our heads over.
Our Vets come home wounded, home with spirits, minds, bodies bruised, wounded beyond comprehension and we must stand for them.
Homeless and Veteran should never be in the same sentence.
We hear stories,
We now are subjected to political mud slinging of who did what to who; who can magically make it all disappear, and make it all better.
It didn’t not get where it is in three years;
it will not get all better in 4.
Those who tell you otherwise, who campaign in your states, who fill your airwaves with such stuff are just after your votes.
Lies, deceit and such nonsense have been around a long time.
Treaties broken go back to the First Americans.
Check your history books if you doubt that.
We now have a man and those of power and greed and religion trying to take away women’s rights and choices ?
We are living in a time where jobs, economy, children and education are at the front steps of America along with those fighting for our freedoms,
yet we are hearing of women and their health and very rights are being broadcast over issues worthy of debate/scorn/lawsuits and religion in our government?
It is long past time that men and women
and say this is beyond the pale.
We have men/women/service animals losing their lives fighting for our country
and yet we are now seeing women having to fight for the right (right) to control their very bodies and the hard choices that come along with it?
for your rights.
Remind those who are now in power that how they vote will in fact determine your vote;
let your voices be heard as you remember the fallen and those who serve to protect your freedom, and your rights as citizens of this great Nation.
If you do not like something, just don’t do it
but do not take away the rights of others.
Memorial Day will live on as we move on through this week honoring those veterans and their service
Have a blessed week friends,
I hope you had a magnificent week-end.
Walk in Beauty
We pulled a winner from the hat on www.drses.wordpress.com last night
who won an autographed copy
Healing Heartaches!
She has a blog on wordpress
and I wait to hear from her in order to send it out!
English: Memorial Day. Library of Congress des...

English: Memorial Day. Library of Congress description: “Black troops at the Memorial Day parade, Washington, D.C.” Enhanced color and contrast Bwmoll3 (talk) 01:19, 29 May 2008 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


6 comments on “Winds and grey skies

  1. Great message Dr. Sherry. I didn't get to read it until this morning though. Had some issues yesterday and back to work today. Wishing each of you a Wonderful Wednesday


  2. We cannot be passive – about who we elect, how we care for our veterans and how we choose to live our lives. This lifetime is not about standing by and watching from a distance – it’s messy, passionate, wonderful, terrible, loving, demanding, awe-inspiring…and it needs us to be in each moment. Btw, I did send you my address in a separate email – I hope you got it!

  3. stomp… stomp… STOMP

    amen to my commenters here today!

  4. AMEN DOC! I say to each and every politician… The way you vote will determine the way I vote. I promise that no one who desires to restrict my right to govern my own life will ever get my vote. I may be showing my age, but whatever happened to the hippies we once were where we raised our signs and voices, and went after rights for others? Where are the days of passion for good causes? Now all we hear is hypocritical right wing bastards blabbering about how we need less government, but not the part of government that wants to dictate morality. Off my soapbox now, but people need to stand up to the morality police, until they police themselves, and that will clearly be when hell freezes over.

  5. Congratulations to the winner!!!!
    Everybody needs that book!
    I e-mailed the info this morning.
    Really important, and positive.

    Hope all had a really good week-end. Back to the grind again.

  6. like I say sherry….if we are complacent..then we are complicit. If we do not get out and learn about who is running and VOTE…then we are part of the problem. Great post my friend. hugs

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