Sitting Around The Kitchen Table

How is the kitchen table in your house?

Been using it for more than just eating?

Had any family conferences lately?

When is the last time the family came together at the kitchen table?

Just keepin it real.

Dr. Sherry


4 comments on “Sitting Around The Kitchen Table

  1. Exactly Right—Lots of “solid foundations” were established around those kitchen tables.

  2. The Kitchen Table? Oh, yes!

    I found out about Asiago cheese while my Mom and I sat at my Aunt and Uncle’s kitchen table.

    I was curious about THAT cheese and asked my Uncle what kind was it. He said, asiago. My Mom and I tried saying it. He made it so simple to remember. Picture in your mind, a proud, Neapolitan Italian with a resonating voice and a face of ‘his’ kind as he instructed us.

    He yelled lovingly, “Josie! Lorrie! Aaahhh zzzzz aaahhh gooo!”

    We laughed while we had a few more lessons learning to pronounce ‘Aaahhh zzzzz aaahhh gooo’ his way. I utilize the same inflection in my voice, all the while remembering his face, his tone, his sparkling eyes and his full of pride demeanor.

    Ah, yes, my Uncle Bob brought me so many wonderful insights into the ‘way’ of his ancestors and those talks at his kitchen table that made my heart sing with joy and giggles.

    Salute to Uncle Bob, Aunt Lucy and Asiago cheese!

  3. oh dear. Try it now. Sorry about that. 😉 Dr. Sherry

  4. Oops, the video does not play. It says this video is private.

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