HappyBirthday Granny


From here in Dublin VA with family on Granny’s birthday as I look down the hill at Granny’s home where many a birthday celebration and memories were made, she lives on in our hearts…

Prayers for all in the bowl and love across the suns rays…

blessings to you and yours today and always…

Walk in Beauty,


11 comments on “HappyBirthday Granny

  1. Sherry/ DOT-MOM-COB & the family:
    What a terrific tribute to your Granny. A spectacular song to honor her life and help us understand a special family connection and love.
    Granny was quite a woman and you shared a bit of her with us.
    Thanks ! Irene

  2. Greetings on the wind friends. Ole EE here hanging in as best I can. Love the post Doc and love that picture. I am sure you miss her greatly but feel her presence close by.
    Hugs on the wind

  3. One of my favorite pictures Sherry of you and granny. She is lifting you up hon from the spirit world and I know she is so proud of you. I am sure this trip has taken you down a memory lane with granny as well as making new memories with Dvante as he heads out into life of college and as Kam watches his big brother he loves so much. Gosh you look like your granny. 🙂 My thoughts are with you. When I see the eagles out here flying, I think of your granny watching over you. Hugs my friend and much love.

  4. hellooooooo.
    catching up today..
    Your beloved Granny surely is
    beaming with pride and love for
    all of her family…
    family is what it is all about,
    Thanks for sharing your stories..
    Happy Birthday to Granny !!
    and sending love and prayers to
    all warriors!
    enjoying each moment..
    hugging my angels, sign me ♥

  5. Dr. Sherry, just wanted to say thank you for being here and Keepin It Real. Wishing Happy Birthday to your Granny. She is forever in your heart and watches over you and your family. Wishing D'Vante Congratulations and Blessings for your graduation and Happiness in all that you do in your next journey in your life. Have an enjoyable time with family Dr. Sherry and looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing those great graduation and family pictures. Holding our friends in prayers: Ali and her Father, Thomas and Mom Debbie and furry friend Seamus and our friend EE. Wishing all those who stop by here a peaceful Sunday as you count your daily Blessings. /Sandy♥

  6. Continued blessings to you Dot/Mom/Cob. What a beautiful family. Enjoyed it all so much. Thank you all for sharing with the rest of us.

  7. Happy Birthday Granny, you are so missed every day. You made us a family, you made us love for each other. I know you are in a better place where there is no pain, no worries and no sorrow. You will always be in our hearts and on our mind. I did shed tears today when I heard the song, You are our hero and the wind beneath our wings. If only I could hold you one more time and cry on your shoulder. All I can do is say Happy Birthday Granny. You would be proud of our D'Vante he is a young man now and we had his graduation party with your Baby Sherry, DLB and the family. All that was missing was you and Pappy. Love you forever and the pain in my heart still is with me. Blessings to all

  8. My God!!! Been to church here, 8 times. Probably going again!! Jesus, with a granny like that, and a mother like that!! And remember, I read your book too, and I know what “DYS” means. ( Just never had to use it till now ). YOU stay blessed, and YOUR MAMA too!!!! Grannys and mamas cannot be replaced. “AIN’T NO WAY” as my adoptive mama would say! Just ….ain’t no way…..ain’t no way………. (forgot this is not an e-mail) BUT I am NOT taking none of it back!

    • She is the wind beneath my wings.. glad you went to church Osh with the video… blessings to you suga! just home from the weekend… so many memories there… bitter sweet and a good time made special for the family, cos’ that is just how I roll! 🙂

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