Now a New Set Of Tracks With So Many Choices

D’Vante Todd
#1 Godson
Home from a week-end of memories
of meeting the true friends of my Godsons and family up there in the small town of Southwest VA.
The tears and laughter and memories down the railroad tracks filled the senses.
Kamryn so proud of his big bro
and Mom Angie with a halo over her hair it seemed..
Of course that halo may come down and choke her any minute if Mom/Dot/Cob doesn’t do it first
or D’Vante with those hands and guns of his called biceps!
she is a hoot indeed she is!
Of course we had to have shirts made here in Florida to take to the fam… more to put in the carry on bag so we had our monies worth since on Allegient you now must pay per carry on!
Wanted to be sure I got my money’s worth!
Here we are,
our best sides
letting the world know
our boy was the Grad!
NOtice how straight Kam is standing?
and of course we couldn’t get everyone to line up as you can tell!
Oh well it wasn’t for lack of trying and a willing waitress!
TAke 2 not much better! haha
A surprise party was pulled off and oh boy was he surprised indeed
coming into the house with it filled with his peeps and friends awaiting his arrival!
I started that grill before the guests arrived and oh boy one would have thought me a chef in a contest!
I had the burgers flippin, and just a having a blast
as the decorations were goin up,
Kamryn was flying through the house with a vacuum, DLB was organizing like a gnat on crack
and oh my we were a team!
Two of D’Vante’s friends showed up and they were so cute, but we made them return home to grab their gowns so the Godmother could get more photos!
Yep, that’s just how I roll you know,
never one to miss a photo shoot!
I got that moment where we all know we had really surprised him,
and Kamryn was right there for that first hug from his big brother!
It was wonderful to meet so many there…
A great time was had by all
and enjoyed as this milestone was celebrated!
The Godsons and the best friends who stand by in thick and thin.
Some fine guys they are,
feeding the right wolf
and now ready I pray
for the next set of tracks along the journey of life!
Guess which one is first goin to be the lawyer then aspires to be President?
To each of the Graduates,
I wish you all that you dare to dream,
all the energy and passion that it will take to work the dream
and the knowledge that you need to know
that it will take making the right choices and to know
there will be times of great heartache, great injustice
and great challenge.
RISE above it all, keep your head up and stay the course
to see it through
choose wisely
and stay on the tracks of what you dream, what you desire
best of all things to each of you
Choose wisely!
Oh how many years I listened to that train, would run out the door of Granny’s to wave at the conductor as the train went by… Still twice a day, you hear it as it runs by, so this trip, I just had to scream,
and jump on those tracks once again for a picture of those memories!
It still runs and the trees along the track across from the house now obscure a good view of waving, but I stood on the porch of Mom/Dot/Cob and waved anyways, as I looked down the hill at Granny’s and let those memories flood my senses and could see her standing in the back door, as Kamryn practiced his baseball swing!
Guess it’s all about how you hold your mouth! He hit that one so far it is now in the garden of a neighbor, never to be found but will probably show up when she picks lettuce!
So there ya go,
graduation 2012
and memories
of some good times now etched in hearts!
Walk in Beauty,
hope you are all taking best care
and had a splendid weekend

11 comments on “Now a New Set Of Tracks With So Many Choices

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  3. […] Now a New Set Of Tracks With So Many Choices (drses.wordpress.com) […]

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  5. Thank you Dr. Sherry for sharing your family with us. What a grand time you all had celebrating D'Vante's graduation. It was good to see that part of the country, the train track, Granny's house and all. I love trains and the country. Those boys sure take after their God Mother with those dimples. I think they get bigger all the time. They sure are good looking boys. Congratulations D'Vante and may you find what your dream about for your life. Wishing everyone and nice and quiet evening as you count your Blessings. /Sandy♥

  6. Well Osh, the lawyer and future Prez is NOT D'Vante… guess again kiddies!!!

    we've told the boi since little he should be a lawyer cos' he does like to have that last word… whether right or wrong he loves a debate, not to be confused with an argument for the sake of it…

    but nope not him…

  7. Congrads to the graduate, D'Vante.
    What great photos and the re-cap of your visit. I am sure his future will be full and successful.
    I have been beachin' it 6-7 hrs a day, meeting & enjoying new and known people. The Gulf: just what the doctor ordered.
    Take care all, best to everyone.
    Sign me: brown & melted ICEscream

  8. Your love leaps through the computer screen DrSes…may it return to you millions of times over..

  9. hellooooooooo.
    gotta agree with OshKosh..
    what a beautiful family ♥
    the love pours from your pics and ypur words. Such good looking young men, their futures full of
    hard work and success..
    These are tough times to be young
    and yes, it does seem as if time
    has just blown by…
    Thanks Doc for sharing, my heart is
    smiling as I remember my own
    treasured childhood days…
    Happy you had such a beautiful time.
    Wishing the best to everyone on this summer day,
    hugging my angels,
    sign me, A.

  10. How wonderful a time was that??? Thank you very much for sharing all this. That video blew me away, and now this. Tell D'Vante I be his first client!!! What a BEAUTIFUL bunch of people, and such a WONDERFUL family! Everybody's family should be like that. Dang woman, you did good!!
    You did good, you did good. (a gnat on crack—what a buzzzz) Rolled on that one!

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