New River

Lookin down the New River
from the bank of memories from a weekend with the family!
New River is one of the oldest Rivers in the world, perhaps older than the Nile and runs North!
Lookin across the river now the greens are beautiful, yet if you look closely you can still see with a zoom
on of the many caves that are up and along the rivers edge
on both sides!
and worth a peak see from time to time, we’ve explored many back in the day from our little cabin here
in what is called Lone Ash on the river!
You could spend a week and only see wildlife and perhaps SueEllen’s dog we named “scooter pooter” as it scooted down the drive to see if we would give it somethin to eat!
Or SueEllen would come in to check and see if all was well as we gathered by the fire!
Back in those days
folks would gather on the week-end
music was playing the laughter was loud and filled the air,
times were filled with horseshoes
and steaks on the pit.
Friends were thought to last a lifetime and time seemed to last longer than days we know now.
T.V. there consisted of two channels and those were blurred at best.
The dark of night was black but filled with stars that lit up the night with wonder.
Hummingbirds would almost sit on top of you as they vied for position at their feeders!
That train ran right on top of the cabin it seemed shaking you from the inside out ~
Now it is a New River Trail and folks come from all over to walk it
from up behind that little cabin.
The friends of the lifetime are now like the Hatfields and McCoys
and no longer speak, the blanket has been torn after 58 years
of love, laughter, standing together at graves.
What was once once drive to enter the beauty there to be at two homes now is divided like tracks to enter the same place,
so sad, so unnecessary.
One even has stooped so low as to use a chain to block access to a driveway that leads to the same destination forcing the other to spend money to create an entrance to the cabin.
So many years, so many memories
What a picture of how things change, people change
splits of values, morals, friends
and relations.
Guess it goes to prove
that time does tell you
one does not need a lot of people to call friends,
but friends that are real that one can call over time.
That little cabin, that little outhouse, that little strip of land and all that surrounds it
sure houses a wealth of memories
and a few lifetime friends
and is a respite for
and those who stand by her
during thick/thin/laughter/tears.
Granny was never a fan of that river,
she would always say,
“why in the world do you want to be over here in the woods with no one around”!
That was really funny, as Granny was born and reared in the mountains and didn’t like not being able to see things happening;
she liked being where things were within her eye sight, and moving!
Oh the tales that have been told on that river, the cans that have been used for target practice and the cows that have grazed and gotten lose on that property, and the fish frys and inventions that have been talked about to hold water long before water was running inside that cabin!
The jokes played, the frights of the nights, and the sheared pins in a boat on that river are far to funny and personal to ever put on a blog,
leave it to say
we’ve had some times on that river
Mom/Dot/Cob is there when she is not everywhere else!
But, oh how we had some good times there on that
New River.
Population now is 3 and that includes Kiwi (SueEllen’s dog)
here we are sticking our heads through the grapevine!
So there ya go,
photos of the weekend
New River
Lone Ash
Now it’s time to get back to the doings and goings and beings at home and on the roads and skies.
The excitement from the trip is now a memory, the moments still fresh and the exhaustion from it all is easing as we get into the week.
I still wonder how it all happened so quickly and poof it was done.
Kamryn is now out of school, playing baseball and won last night!
Olivia is about to have a birthday
ohhhh noooo I forgot to get the birthday card in the mail!
gotta fly!
Best of all things to each of you!
Walk in Beauty
View of New River, from Hawk's Nest.

View of New River, from Hawk’s Nest. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


5 comments on “New River

  1. Hello to all, puter problems and behind on my reading. What a wonderful read today and I have been blessed this whole day. Kam spent the night with me and we watched TV. out to eat with Sister Betty of course it was a cheeseburger from McDonald. Not my favorite but a fry and milk shake went with it. Kam was all smiles. He said he had to earn some money for his MJ trip and wanted to vacumn. I tried to show him how to do corners but he is one who knows how to do it right. ha. I said how much do I owe you? He said 5 rooms, that will be $5.00. What a business man he is and knows what he wants to do. Loved the memories of LA(Lone Ash) will be having memories tomorrow for a day and night in the quiet of the day and night. Blessings to all and thank you so much for the beautiful words. Remembering all of you who are going thru difficult times and want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings to Dr. SES

  2. What serenity–what wonderful reads from your trip. NO TIMES like “back in the day”—of THOSE days. Things done were more from the heart. Less strife, less stress, and less Noise! Less complications, and everybody helped each other. Friends were really friends, and you could really count on people back then. Back when an agreement was sealed with a handshake, and your words were your bond.
    So thankful that I paid attention to that “uncle” and that “woman” who took me under their wings. So glad there are still families like Dr.Sherry's family in this day and age, and thankful for their graciousness to share it with us.

    • Good to see YOU, and yes so grateful for those that “took U under their wing and into your heart” you are one hot mess you are! blessings on the wind to you suga! glad you enjoyed the photos!~

  3. Thank you Dr. Sherry for sharing that part of your world and your life with us. The lifetime of memories you must have there in VA in Lone Ash on the New River. What a wonderful time that had to be. The reminiscing is so good. I sure have enjoyed your sharing and the pictures are just beautiful and peaceful. I can't imagine living someplace so lovely and quiet and all that awesome nature around and the stories. Thank you so much. Sure would love to see someplace like that and experience the peacefulness and quiet of the day and night. It must have been tremendous being a child then and there.

    Just a short note today – thinking of EE, Ali and her Father, Thomas and Mom Debbie and furry friend Seamus and holding all in my daily prayers.

    Wishing each one that stops by here a Terrific Tuesday and hope the sun is shining warm on you as you count your Blessings. /Sandy♥

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