Thomas O’Brien is being held up, the candles are burning on his journey and today, my dear friend is calling more guardians of light to stand by and for him and his beloved Mom, Debbie Koenig… Join us as we circle them on his journey to the Next Place… Heaven

Simply danLrene

A very special young man is on his journey towards heaven. He has been sharing his journey with the world and many are on his Facebook page loving him into the next world. Thomas O’Brien is a hero in my book for even though he served in the war….he has been fighting the biggest battle of all here at home…cancer…and he is fighting it with grace, courage and letting the world in to walk with him.

His mother Debbie has been standing by him through the whole painful journey and is loving him through it while at the same time she has been sharing Thomas with us and sharing pictures of him growing up and living life. She knows the time is coming soon when he will leave and the pain and sorrow for both is great. I ask if you pray would you please pray for this family as…

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  1. Thanks for sharing.


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