Splash and Music and FUN

The rains gave way to a brilliant day yesterday;
and then it happened…
Friends that finally coordinated schedules; threw caution to the wind, abdicated those responsibilites of the grasses that need mowing, the papers that need attention, the needs of others that seem to always take precident over letting the good times roll
and the stress win out over
fun and splashes and just
overall great times.
it was a day for just being
and not doing
a day for those who matter so very much yet who you see not enough
what a fabulous day it was!
A day of calling the
Eagle, of splashing in the water,
of even doing the
ANNUAL flip from the bow of the boat!
Oh my … I’ve still got it!
The music never sounded better,
the sun never brighter, the clouds never more full and the sky never bluer.
It was a day of days,
and stress was not a part of anyone’s vocabulary, nor were the needs or wants of anyone else in the world.
Can you even imagine?
And that Eagle?
WE were watched over
and she was majestic!
We whet our breaths and said a prayer for
Thomas O’Brien and his mom
Debbie Koenig out in Texas
and thanked our Eagle
for watching over them and us
Talk about being watched over
how bout that Eagle?
We laughed til we cried,
we sang like we were stars,
we jumped from the boat into the waters that were so refreshing
and floated around on noodles
when not showing off our expert skills of falling off our noodles
that is!
Oh but mostly we enjoyed the time of being with each other
of family of choice
and how blessed that we are to have each other and this time.
Of course we also talked alot about that fact that we don’t take the time as often as we once did to enjoy the brilliance of days like yesterday.
Each promising to do better about that!
Seems that so many take time for everyone else, we get so busy doing for others that we then have no time for self or those we really want and need to be with.
The time that we call our own,
is then spent in the catching up at home or obligations that we feel necessary to get done.
In doing just that,
we miss those times and those we so love, those rare and precious moments to be, to see, smell, touch
and connect.
It is those times that we forge new and marvelous memories, hear our laughter, taste our tears
and renew for all that we do in the week, months, years.
Folks work hard,
we use our bodies, our hearts, our minds …
We have to take the time to use our souls and take the time
So many moments,
so many clouds are dancing and wanting us to dance along with them, to splash into the waters
with joy!
Now of course this was a moment of being “my best self”;
Here I decided to photograph my family rather than run and jump at both of them knocking them back into the lake.
It was a hard decision, I have to tell ya!
Oh the times we had.
You almost got to see a you tube of my annual flip from the boat,
Laura in her efforts of recording
*messed it up* not once but twice
and by then
my flip had dipped
and the moment gone!
perhaps spirit was protecting me from embarrassment!
The day ended as beautifully as it began,
with a strong lesson left that we cannot put off what is so necessary to our well-being with days like this.
The waters are so healing, laughter so beneficial
and family of choice so rare and such a blessed gift.
May you have a marvelous week;
and be thinking about how you are going to celebrate you over the week-end… by taking the time!

Walk in Beauty


12 comments on “Splash and Music and FUN

  1. You gotta be a little smarter than the machinery you’re trying to operate! That’s what my Mitchie tells me daily! Sorry friend, they were fine flips! It was a beautiful day and I hpe to do it again soon!!!! XO

    • haha, fine indeed and the operator was even finer… I do believer the operator saved me furture embarassment on this blog, and spirit was protecting my “rep”! yes a beautiful day was had… XO is just so small a word, but the feeling says the most, 🙂

  2. helloooo.
    I love that you had a great day, and I would love seeing
    that famous flip off the boat.. I still think you are very brave for
    swimming with the lake creatures..
    we spent the day at honeymoon, doing much of the same kind
    of having fun. yep .need to do that much more often.
    the dolphins were playing out of view, or maybe the huge
    amount of peeps in the gulf shooed them away but while we
    were in the waves, a spectacular monarch winged one flew in
    from the deep and danced above us before she headed onto
    amazing sight to see..
    resting up today, sunburnt and thoughtful…
    once again, your words here were in my head.
    Thanks for all you do Doc.. for so many.. everyday.
    blessings to all !
    hugging my angels, ♥
    sign me, A.

    • OHHH my goodness, you would have been proud indeed if not laughing til you cried! Not once but twice my friend messed up that recording of my famous flipp! haha, yep scared those gators off once again we did! Can’t wait til the next opp to soar with those eagles and see if I’ve still got it! Tried to surpirse you at S&S to no avail, so we must have a session at YOUR office in near future when the dolphins are at play. blessings love.

  3. So nice to see you relaxing and having a great time. I know being on the water is so special to you. Oh love the eagle picture. oh to see them that close. So far we have only seen the hawks here. And got some sun on ya…love it. 🙂 hugs to you my friend.



  5. Just have to make time to take time to enjoy time…. Terrible to be so busy every day and have to steal a few moments when we can. No promise of tomorrow and yet so many decisions to make about time management! Damn the bad luck.
    Lake looks inviting and beautiful! Awesome picture of the eagle. So glad you had such a wonderful day. You so deserve it.

  6. Oh my the Eagle standing at attention protecting you and your family of choice. Irember the cool water and the beautiful sunsets. I especially remember someone saying there are no alligators in Lake Tarpon. Then on one of our missions there lay a alligator on the side of the bank. That was probably enough of me not going back in the water. Those were great days and great fun we will have to do it again sometime. I liked that sexy DB and Tinkerbell coming up the ladder. Glad you had a great day and very peaceful and relaxing. Thinking of Thomas and Debbie and sending prayers out to them and those who need them. Thanks for the lovely pictures and words of wisdom. Blessings to all

  7. What a lovely day you had Dr. Sherry. Spending time on the boat, in the water and enjoying the sun, friends and family. That majestic Eagle watching over you all with a message. Sounds like a grand time you had and one with those forever memories. Holding our friends in prayers and thoughts throughout the day. Wishing each one here an very happy Monday as you count your Blessings. It is rainy here in SE Michigan but a nice day. I have the day off work so that is good. Take care friends /Sandy♥

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