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A TRIBUTE TO THOMAS O’BRIEN from one of the many guardians

Thank you Heather Bell for this beautiful tribute of our Warrior,
Thomas O’Brien and his beloved Mom Debbie…

We are standing, fires joined together as one, arms around them both…  

One comment on “A TRIBUTE TO THOMAS O’BRIEN from one of the many guardians

  1. Dear sweet, wonderful Thomas and Mom Debbie. I sit here with tears of love and graditude having known you thru Dr. SES blog. My feelings are running very deep and I dont want to let you go. I dont want you to suffer but I cant imagine Mom Debbie with her heart breaking and she has to be brave for you and for herself. These words may sound empty but I hope you know my heart is breaking. What a wonderful young life you have lived and I hope some of our young ones will watch that video and see if their life can be changed for the better. Your love will be with us forever. The angels will love you as we do. I know your journey will be wonderful as you are so loved. May God Bless you Thomas and Mom Debbie you both are our heroes. You have come into our life for a reason and I know you have taught us a great lesson of love. Candles are burning here in Virginia and your love is flowing thru this computer into our hearts. God Bless you and keep you close to all of us. Blessings

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