Life thoughts

Morning found its way softly here this day… almost gently letting the world know, you are blessed and things are happening all around you. Take NOTE. Sometimes it is in the gentle beginnings that we have received news, or know that something is happening that needs paying attention to.
Transitions are happening around us;
just as the butterfly, gentle moments to be noticed even from a distance.
Beauty that will astound even through tears at times.
If we but allow ourselves to breathe, to notice, to take the time to listen to our hearts and walk through fear and uncertainty.
One cannot fly unless we release the fear and the burden that is holding our wings, or holding us from flight.
Sometimes gently moving from here to there,
other times quickly soaring like the mighty and majestic Eagle after seeing wonder and release.
Life can be that way at times.
If you are reading this;
YOU are alive, 
dance, shout, give praise
YOU have this day
to celebrate
release all the stuff that is weighting you down!
YOU have the opportunity to soar into your life with grandness
rather than be a worrier of others baggage or the rocks of heaviness that you’ve gathered along the way.
Others don’t have that privledge, their time nearing the end
or their transition to the 
Next Place just made.
The time we have here, this very time
is for the living, the rejoicing in our moments that take our breath away, in the choices we make;
choose wisely friends,
we only have a short time here.
Life is so very fragile.
We admire so greatly that beauty of the butterfly,
but seldom think of all it goes through to fly, to spread its wings and feel the wind,
and delight us so beautifully as we watch its dance.
Are you living your best life?
Are you carrying the baggage of what you have chosen to throw in there over time that no longer serves you?
Are you holding on to the stories and old news and find you still talk about it, still hold on to it?
Are you?
Those who love you will say this to you…
Unpack those bags,
throw away what no longer fits for your life that you want,
break the tapes that continue to run wild and serve no real positive purpose in your life.
to create the joy you choose
for YOU.
Be a mentor to a person who benefits from your wisdom, your enthusiasm for life and joy;
Be one who keeps it real,
hold those you love accountable for their own actions in their lives.
for this is your life we are talking about, and life itself is so very fragile.
Look UP, Look Down, Look Around
at the magnificence in the world.
Many no longer are able to.
And yes,
there will be others who stay in their own self-absorbed worlds, their own “meee meees” of doing, being and wanting.
we can only be responsible for US;
each of us is a beacon that shines brightly from within;
our God/dess within gives us all we need to be all and more than we are
we but breathe and choose
to reach out of self and look around us at the splendor of life.
and most recently I have seen the best of humanity in all ages with the outpouring of people from all over the world,
and yes amazingly I’ve been a part of a band of Guardian Angels on earth,
all surrounding and Standing for a young man 21
named Thomas O’Brien and his beloved Mom Debbie Koenig.
What just fills my senses
is his eyes, his gentle spirit
his fierce battle against Cancer
and his ability to be kind in the process to 5,000 plus in the process.
His videos of gratefulness, of thanks to so many; his posts on his page while so sick to thank everyone for loving him, for their prayers and to apologize for being too sick to post on the thousands of thoughts,
has astounded me and hit me where I live.
I keep reminding myself that he is only 21 years old.
I have to also face some facts that hurt my heart along the way in loving him.
and yet so very loving and giving to so many;
while so many who I love are healthy and so very self absorbed that I never hear from them at all.
and the reality of that has never been more poignant
and has been a difficult but very needed lesson, perhaps a lesson from Thomas O’Brien himself to me, and his beautiful Mom Debbie.
While she is savoring each breath with her son; looking in those eyes, smelling him, touching him,
she has taken the time to send me a message or several, to touch base with me a stranger and I am honored by her and her son.
Their generosity and spirit to include so many people on this sacred journey has been a gift that will live in the hearts of so many for a lifetime.
It has been humbling, it has been heart wrenching, it is a tribute to a Mothers love of her son,
and a son who in a short life has lived his life with dignity, strength, and honor.
And yet,
he has done so much in so short a time; he has been a teacher to thousands and in that teaching has given folks a rare opportunity to live their best lives here in this beautiful and remarkable place called Earth
and hopefully to leave a legacy as rich as the one Thomas is leaving.
He has made an impact that will certainly affect change in how people now view themselves
also how they will teach others how to treat them,
that is perhaps the greatest gift.
Once a person experiences such grace under fire,
such beauty under tremendous heartache,
somehow tolerance for less becomes more intolerant.
Thomas and his mom
have had a walk through my mind,
and they will remain in my heart. Care giving, care receiving, love that is eternal, life, loss, grief, such feelings and depth of understandings and tears that flow over time as we witness life in all its wonder, its fragility, its splendor as the Angels prepare to take a young man
to the heavens
where he will be free of pain, of prodding, of needles and angst.
His journey nearing an end here, as thousands have their arms around him, their fires joined in such abiding love for him and his family now
as we watch and wait for updates from his beloved Mother Debbie Koenig, her strength and grace touches and moves us deeply with each step.
WE Continue to stand
and the candles are lit.
I ask that you join me
in keeping the fire burning

May you grow from knowing this young man, from seeing his photograph,
from hearing his stories’ he is a warrior wrapped in an angels wings
use that for YOU
in making great choices in each step you make,
each dance you dance
We have this day
and oh so many choices to make
that are ours! We are standing all across the world
out there in Texas,
wont you join us and

video by

Walk in Beauty

9 comments on “Life thoughts

  1. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your words and thoughts and the song “Stand By Me” I love that particular recording. Prayers for Thomas and Mom Debbie, Ali and her Father and others mentioned here. To all who stop by here I hope you are well and having a good day as you count your Blessings /Sandy♥

  2. I just found you and I am so honored that one of such esteem would honor me with a visit and a reference to my pitiful attempts at writing. you do so much for others and to take time from your busy life I am just honored. thank you so much.

  3. Beautiful, thoughtful comments today doc. Holding Thomas and Mom on our hearts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reminding us to set ourselves free of others baggage. Might be I needed that message particularly today. Warm sunshine to all, light and love to those we miss here on the blog.

  4. ALL well said in the “read” and the commenters. “Life is fragile” is easy to forget, with all the issues of today. Thanks for the reminders.

  5. Beautiful words and wonderful inspiration Sherry. You always have such profound wisdom in your words and I love to read your posts. They are a great start to my day. Hugs my friend.

    • i AM VERY HONORED my friend.. thank you for starting your day with me here, and continuing to stand even in your fragile state of health for Thomas O’Brien and his beloved Mother Debbie on their journey… You are a treasure and I thank you from the bottom of my heart…

  6. helloooooo.
    such beautiful and true words written here today that I am
    almost speechless.. I have also had the chance to be part of
    the band of guardians, as you say, and yes… in my life there
    has been a profound change… and it is all good. Thomas and his
    warrior Mom have surely made an impact on many hearts. As he nears the
    the edge of his journey to that next place in time, I homasfind my heart full of
    many different emotions. I have never been much of a believer in
    ” everything happens for a reason ” … however, being part of
    Thomas’ journey has enlightened me on so many levels..
    Thank you for speaking your words for all of us to absorb and
    think about. I stand with you by Thomas’ side, keeping my candles
    burning , with the hope his transition will be as comfortable as possible.
    In this world he is surrounded by love and strentgh , I KNOW his
    everlasting life will be joyous and bountiful and full of only “happy tears”.
    He has been an angel on this earth, full of so much wisdom it is
    Blessings to all warriors today, prayers for peace in your heart.
    I will be counting my blessings each breath I take.
    sign me,
    hugging my angels ♥ A.

    • Thank you A, for taking the precious time to STAND by and for Thomas O’Brien, and to comment here … I am honored and in appreciation of you and your journey, you the Mother of Jaren, a precious child gone too soon, tragically and so suddenly… I feel certain she will be one of the angels who take his hand when he steps to the Next Place… Eternity.

  7. Good morning to all, Thomas and Debbie I hope the sun is shining in Texas and your journey in life is going strong. You are such an inspiration to all who read this blog. To those who do not read they have missed a beautiful life day by day to a young and courageous young man and his Mother. I hope some day Mom can write a journal which would help so many people going thru the most difficult time of her life and the life of her precious son. Be strong, take care of you and you can see the love flowing from son to mom. My thoughts and prayers will always be with you and the candles will be burning here in Virginia. Blessings to all. Thank you Dr. Ses for keeping us informed on dear sweet Thomas and his precious Mom.

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