FERMAN NISSAN, New Port Richey Fl [It’s all about the People]

 I just love this big flag
that flies in front of the 
Ferman Nissan Dealership on
here in Florida!
It is HUGE!
And oh my when it catches the breezes of here on a sunny day;
it can truly catch one’s breath and even bring a tear to the eye!
after my day yesterday,
I realized something.
What happens 
INSIDE the building
that place called
is representative of all that is good
and also took my breath away in all the right ways
and I stand amazed at the people
who have chosen to be their best selves while holding up my faith in the best of people!
I have the honor of meeting some
Mr Ferman’s best employees who surely represent all the best of that place and I thank him for having them to work there!
I do believe that yesterday might have been the first time I’ve not written in over a year!
I hope you weren’t worried about me!
I believe in letting folks know about customer service; about when others step up, STAND UP,
choose to not do either!
We as consumers and as people have choices, and we also have responsibilities in the way we treat others as well.
I have been a loyal customer to this
Nissan Dealer since moving to Florida for service to my most awesome Nissan Murano!
Which I might add
I LOVE… and
those who know Mom/Dot/Cob
also drives!
When asked what will be my next car
I simply reply;
A Black tricked out Murano!
Now my best friend of my life
known here as DLB
has been for three weeks having horrid car troubles;
her car deciding on hot Saturdays after she works 12 hours to just 
“quit” running as she is on her way home in usually 90 degree weather;
leaving other motorists to yell, gesture and otherwise stand on her nerve; finally nursing this car to home only to be exhausted, hot and worried about the next time not being so lucky.
It has been scary, frustrating and just about as stressful as stressful can get.
Now to make the story even more grueling is that ole’ DLB is one who cannot entertain a conversation on a car without getting attitude as she does not think dealing about a car is something that should require anything but a steering wheel, a/c and four tires and approximately 7,000.oo and it should run for 30 years with little effort.
You remember like days of old?
She is not one to haggle, does not understand the importance of “looks/swag/rims/trim”
Oh I do not know how I’ve sustained a 40 year relationship/kinship with one so out of the loop on things of such importance!!!
So being the best friend/family I am,
I informed her, I would be taking this over, she would drive my most beautiful Murano and I would take care of finding her a cadillac of the 50’s with crank windows and a box fan to sit in the window to drive.
My search on the internet began.
Oh lawd all the choices, pre-owned, pre-certified, Carmax, CarFOX, kia, hyundai, honda, lexus, cubes, souls, and so it went.
and then it happened.
My emails started flooding me; my phone (which is attached to my fax machine) started blowing up!
I had forgotten how all are connected in the great cyberspace of life!
“Do I have a deal for you” became the refrain…”
So yesterday,
I took off
to Nissan in New Port Richey after getting an email from
after getting an email reply from him saying he had a Nissan Sentra for me, and that it fit my budget and he would “make it happen”;
he looked forward to seeing me!
He acknowledged me as one who came there regularly to get my car serviced,
there was something “genuine” I just felt in his email;
and let me just mention
yesterday it was HOT here.
So after getting up at 630am
to take DLB to Tampa as that is where the car was from the last break down and to retrieve it; to take her to work, and to talk to that car; tellin it we are going to drive together car all the way one hour to Nissan… and YOU had best behave!
I pull into the dealership finally
and lo and behold I see I have an email on my phone… it is from Nissan. So in thinking it is from Tony, I reply “I’ve just pulled into your parking lot, you must have been reading my mind.” And then I hit send. As I get out of the car I decide to look around at a few cars and then turn to see a young man greet me;
JONATHAN WIDING (JW) or more lovingly known as [J-DUB]
and we go inside with him offering me a bottle of COLD water!
Ahhh it was nice inside.
I let him know I was there to see 
and he promptly gets him for me.
We have a lovely chat; Tony hands me back to JW
and the fun begins.
I was treated with such great respect and mutual kindness there.
We look at the Nissan Sentra;
one that had just been traded and had 5,000 miles on it;
we test drive a brand new one,
and ohhhh what a great ride it was.
We get back in the showroom
and sit down together.
I then have the pleasure of meeting
DAVID LEE, sales manager
after I have let both JW and Tony know why I’m doing this and for whom.
We talk at length about the very real purpose of
and those rare people who give fully without conditions and never ever expect returns.
They are both rather stunned by all this; and at times I see tears in their eyes as we talk, and feel a kinship that is indeed the best of what this dealership is about.
I then meet
the business Manager
and he does the trade appraisal
and he has a smile that at first I thought I couldn’t quite assess and I am really good at assessments!
When it comes time to talk numbers,
JW goes to the glass room next to ours to meet with Mr Lee.
I can’t see him because a HUGE POSTER is blocking our view.
the poster?
It is of a car of course!
And words under it that say
which have me laughing to myself!
      JW comes back and we look at the numbers
and I still am shaking my head.
He asks why?
I then start laughing and want to cry at the same time.
I tell him JW the numbers won’t work;
and then I say,
see that poster where the magic man lives and I can’t see him?
Why in a Nissan dealer is a datsun picture hanging? He smiles.
I said, “I’m laughing because it reminds me of my Mom once saying I should have been a boy when those cars were popular, cos’ then she could tell everyone, “Meet Datsun”!!!
Then we get back to the number thing.
At some point I go outside, i CHECK EMAILS and once again look at the one I had sent when I arrived saying, “I have just just pulled into the lot, you must have been reading my mind”. I don’t know what made me look at that again, but as I did what grabbed my attention was this:
I had responded to ANOTHER NISSAN DEALERSHIP; a competitor of Ferman who must have grabbed my email from one of my searches!
How funny is that, and I couldn’t wait to tell Tony and JW, as I look up and see Tony coming from across the way; the other building and he asked how was it going.
I smiled and said, “I don’t think it’s going to happen with the numbers”. I then told him about that email, and he just cracked up as we both wondered if that guy had run out into his lot to look for me
down in Clearwater!
Now that is funny still to me!

He smiled and put his arm around me, and we went inside again.
I sat again in JW office and he returned again;
what a wonderful young man he was.
I had to tell him that Kamryn’s best friend is named JW and now I will tell him I got to become friends with a grown up JW myself!
But then I said,
“JW, I have only this budget.”
And he smiles and says,
that is why you have me!”
In the meantime, I’ve been on the phone with Dot/Mom/Cob with updates, and letting her know of what was happening; cos’ it is the two of us that have been in this great plan of surprise of all surprises!
Oh my the coordination, the whispers, the updates,
as we attempted to pull off the biggest surprise of all surprises for the most generous and lovely and most giving woman in the world here!
So my new friends JW and Tony
come in and turn the numbers page over and 
JW writes these words on a piece of paper;
I, will pay _____ for this car today and drive it off the lot. signed _____”
They both look at me with a smile
and hand me the pen.
and I got tears in my eyes as I looked at them,
as I signed they took it to David Lee and waited.
They returned and both extended their hands to me and said,
“congratulations you have a 
2012 Nissan Sentra for your friend”
Sales Associate
Sales Mgr
There is something about Tony that makes me feel I have known him; something in his eyes, his spirit that touches me.
Both are fine people; ones that you could care deeply for I do believe
and who will outshine the sun
in their business!
I know they are in the business to do business
I am savvy, and am not easy to dupe,
but these men
have honor
are fun
but have heart
and they touched my heart with theirs
I am grateful!
Our paths will cross
and yes
I will send them as much business along the way as possible and also send a letter to Mr. Ferman himself
but somehow this may be the best endorsement they can ever receive
in the pictures and in
Keepin It Real
right here right now!
Two of the finest at
Ferman Nissan
3939 U.S. 19
New Port Richey FL 
Sales Manager
(the man behind the poster)
who I finally met and visited with!
 Hello beautiful New Sentra
may you always keep DLB
safe on the roads!
Oh what a day!
What a joyous and most remarkable day!
the look on the face of my kindred spirits face says it all;
to me, to those at 
NISSAN, to Mr Ferman himself!
She has shook her head and grinned and then we went for a ride…
We went to dinner,
she drove,
we rode,
we passed at least 40 restaurants,
she drove
we rode,
she grinnned
I don’t believe she tasted anything!
We had to eat where we could be outside, so she could
And did I mention she 
and when she did speak;
the things she kept saying is;
“things like this just don’t happen, and why/how/but/oh my gosh/
ohhhhh look at it”
I do believe that
“we got her”
I do thank you all 
there at 
NISSAN for making magic happen.
So folks,
wherever you are, whatever you are doing, if and when you are lookin for a car;
give my pals a call!
I sat with Tony as he was on a search for a customer
(they call us guests)
and he was looking as far as a thousand miles away for someone!
Customer service?
What can I tell you more than these pictures and this story tells you?
Now if you ever wonder about the power of 
Paying it forward,
the magic you can create by doing with a little less
I do so hope that this story has helped you with that!
I sat with a woman there for just a few minutes who was I think buying a car; she was just yakking about the slowness of the process, the heat, the inconvenience of the whole thing, the price of vehicles, the this and the that.
I was looking for the side door, and escape route with each word she uttered, with the energy she attempted to suck from my moments of watching and absorbing each beautiful color of the cars, and the men I was spending time with, the joys that were soon to be lived over and again!
At one point when she talked about all the time she was spending there, I replied,
“well aren’t we blessed that is air conditioned here? That we have all these beautiful cars to gaze upon and these fine men to enjoy as their energy is like light on a dark day?”
In a hot minute she got up from her seat and made a “hurrumph” and made her way away from me!
My work with her was done!
Yay me!
 Thank you
Mr Ferman
for your staff, your leadership
Thank you
for your work, your commitment
to habitat for humanity
for bringing out the best in others
so that I could have the best
of YOUR best
Tony, JW, David, and Mark.
I look forward to a long and lovely relationship
with all along with the service department who has always treated me well!
Now of course Mr Ferman, all I want for Christmas is my new Murano under the tree,
unless you would like to gift me with that little cherry of a car I saw in the show room with this taped to the window…
  Yep you read it right!
Look to the left of the annual fuel cost!
Oh life is such a sweet ride!
see you all at 
Ferman Nissan
where I think me and Tony and JW might just have to hook up
at our local watering hole
Captain Jacks for a cold one or a boat ride to the Anclote Island to find a dolphin!
Walk in Beauty

8 comments on “FERMAN NISSAN, New Port Richey Fl [It’s all about the People]

  1. AWESOME and I know DLB is riding high right now. What an exceptionally sweet thing you did and I am sure she will be flying high for a long time time. Paying forward in deed. Hugs to you both.


    oshkosh said…


    ALL THEM M&M’s stayed in alphabetical order yesterday, now did they!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thrilled for BOTH of you—What a wonderful story. Can’t beat paying it forward, and blessing someone else. Just CANNOT beat it, no way!!! EVERYBODY reaped, including the car dealership. If that don’t put a person on a NATURAL HIGH, nothing else will.
    I like the way DLB thinks about how prices should be on stuff. Got what she needed and MORE. Bless you, DLB!! Blessing people is what it’s all about, in whatever ways or deeds a person can. My kind of story!! JEEEZZZZZ—ROLLIN’ on down the Highway—and “AIN’T NO STOPPIN’ US NOW, WE ON THE MOVE”–(McFadden and Whitehead). You all want some CD’s to play in that car?? Then you all really be “Takin’ Care of Business”–(Bachman Turner Overdrive)—-LMB plum Off!!!!!

  3. OHHH HAPPY DAY…………. just back from Nissan and my new pals, delivering a home made cake ole' DLB had to make at midnight for them, as she kept goin out to look and double look at that shiny sight to be sure she was not dreamin!

    Report has it today; “it's like drivin a cloud, as her staff reported a client must have a sexy car in the lot and begged her to come and look only to find out it is their bosses new ride!!! they all were dancing in the halls squealing like little kids, “ohhhh that is sooo wonderful u deserve this soooo wonderful” as she continues to grin!!!

    the fellas at Nissan were stunned to receive a cake, seems no customer has ever returned with gifts before, nor a blog that is read across the globe!

    Oh my MURANO is having a fit having to be outside last night while the new kid resided inside…

    LIVE LAUGH AND LOVE, enjoy this wild and beautiful ride dearhearts…

    drsherry and yes i do remember that flatbed, fondly and still lovin it!

  4. Wow, that JW looks like my little friend J Dub. Has J Dub. been to Virginia lately? ha. Beautiful story, loved it and reminds me of our time with Nissan in Christiansburg, Va.. You came home from No. Virginia after I drove a Mercedes for 1 yr. and did not like it after having a Toyato 4 runner. You said Mom I found the car for you and off we went to Nissan in Christianburg, Va..l took a lot of wheeling and dealing but came out ok. Then you were driving a Lexus and loved my car so I went back to wheeling and dealing. What a long drawn out thing that was. You wanted black on black. They got one black in and I was going to drive it to No. Va.. opened the door and beige seats. Oh no, you should have seen the salesman face, as I said oh no, this will never do the seats have to be black. They got another one and there was a problem. I thought we would not get it right. We finally got it right as they got one from Md. had to bring it to Cburg and clean it up, took it back to No. Va. on flatbed truck. You had a arm in a sling and I told you to sit at the window when I knew they were driving up. You screamed, I screamed and all laughed. They picked up the Lexus sight unseen and the deal was met. These Nissan people are great people. I may just talk to your Nissan people as the did not offer me any water here.lol It was a beautiful day and I got to share it with you and DLB. Got email from her the first thing this morning. I am surprised she didnt sleep in it. Blessings come in different ways for beautiful, generous and loving family. Blessings to Nissan and all of their staff. Blessings to DRSES.

  5. YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL THEM M&M's stayed in alphabetical order yesterday, now did they!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thrilled for BOTH of you—What a wonderful story. Can't beat paying it forward, and blessing someone else. Just CANNOT beat it, no way!!! EVERYBODY reaped, including the car dealership. If that don't put a person on a NATURAL HIGH, nothing else will.
    I like the way DLB thinks about how prices should be on stuff. Got what she needed and MORE. Bless you, DLB!! Blessing people is what it's all about, in whatever ways or deeds a person can. My kind of story!! JEEEZZZZZ—ROLLIN' on down the Highway—and “AIN'T NO STOPPIN' US NOW, WE ON THE MOVE”–(McFadden and Whitehead). You all want some CD's to play in that car?? Then you all really be “Takin' Care of Business”–(Bachman Turner Overdrive)—-LMB plum Off!!!!!

  6. Wow! I love the story of “paying it forward”. What a way to surprise your best friend. This made my Friday to read such a gracious example of true friendship.

    • Hello Susan, and welcome! thanks for taking the time to read and join in a great day the excitement continues as “paying it forward for a kindred spirit is still grinning that remarkable grin, shaking her head in wonder and says, “I feel like I’m drivin a cloud”! Blessings to you on this most joyous Friday, have a remarkable weekend, drsherry

  7. hellooooooo.
    love, love , LOVE the look on Dorothy’s face !!
    made me giggle with happiness to see such a look of
    surprise and shock !!
    I do believe the boys at FERMAN deserve the kudos, it is
    rare to find great customer service and honesty these days !
    By the way, I did notice and MISSED you yesterday.. looked all
    around my computer, thinking that for sure I missed the blog somewhere..
    And when I imagine you , planning and plotting such a great surprise,
    I am thinking you also had the time of your life putting the plan into
    action.. Afterall, we KNOW how you are always on the go to do so
    much, and to give your ALL to bring happiness to others…
    well, you sure did a GREAT JOB.. and though I’m in the same
    state of mind with DLB about cars, she certainly looks over the moon
    happy… she’ll be cruising in style and grinning the entire time !
    thanks for the tip on where to go for my next car..
    I will tell them who sent me with her great words of referral…
    I am on my way out to enjoy this glorious summer day,
    bluest skies and sunshine everywhere.. I also have been keeping
    the candles burning and the prayers are in the breezes for Thomas and
    his Mom.. seems as if the world is brightly shining their love for them,
    and there days together are most precious now..
    Blessing to all warriors today.. sweet angel voices are singing..
    sign me, hugging my angels, ♥

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