They Say


Haven’t you always wondered
when you’ve heard through the years
“They Say”
Who in the world are
So today,
I say
YOU determine YOU
and only YOU will walk your path, set your footprints
and leave the print of your actions, your words and your legacy.
What do YOU SAY?
So with that said,
I’m off to fly the friendly skies
to my old stomping grounds
Washington D.C.
here I come!
Be well, be Blessed
“wherever you go, whatever you do,
enjoy, let your honor be your truth as you soar”
Blessings and great gratitude to each of you.
Walk in Beauty
author of 
Healing Heartaches

7 comments on “They Say

  1. excellent video and words Sherry. As always..you inspire us to do more and be better. hugs my friend.

  2. Amen Dr. Sherry, Amen!

  3. And most folks who are otherwise preoccupied with others aren’t doing the real work of unearthing their most authentic selves! Be You…on Purpose! Safe travels, Dr. Sherry!

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