Heading HOME

It’s been a week! Oh my goodness has it been a week, now heading home to Tampa and praying for a smooth flight into the storms of Tropical storm DEBBY that has dumped torrential rains for five days on the west coast of Tampa bay! Wind gusts that caused the Skyway bridge to close, has destroyed homes, shut down roads, major flooding, and our home having the pool to be drained on 4 occasion as it overflowed causing water all over the deck… I hear I am returning to what may be also damage in my home as towels are being used to absorb water seeping on the hardwoods and either coming up from the ground or from a rig issue in through the wall… However the route it can’t be good as the storms are due to continue and the winds to kick up as I head home with anticipation mounting of getting there and hope those I love and their homes are safe. I hear even the gators are seeking higher ground and taking to the roads for safety! Stay safe friends and be well as Debby travels around making a mess and threatens so many! Time to fly…. Hope it’s friendly and UNeventful Drses


4 comments on “Heading HOME

  1. Hope things are not that bad when you get home Sissy! Please be safe sending prayers up!

  2. Praying for your safe journey home.


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