The Decision from the Supreme Court

The Decision is in.
The Supreme Court has ruled.
And oh my God the firestorm has just begun; with opinions, celebrations, anger, screaming, applause and all that one could possibly imagine happening ever since.
Rush Limbaugh is saying he will take his millions and leave the country now.
Yay for that great news. others are saying they too will leave; ok, leave if you want.
That is your choice.

Others say this is fabulous news and those who have not been able to get insurance or be treated will in fact now be able to.
Those hard working individuals who have paid into systems, have gone on COBRA and received letters of guarantee that they could in fact get major medical insurance only to be told “NO” as a result of a “pre-existing” health problem who are not without; now will again be able to have insurance.
that is good … right?
say it is the beginning of the end;
seeming to think that they will have to pay for the insurance of others.
The debates are intense, anger is spilling over into friendships that are now strained and accusations are being hurled at our White House, our Justices and such disrespect like one has never seen.
Or that I don’t remember ever hearing.
All of a sudden it appears that 
“experts” are everywhere.
From lay persons; those who are unemployed to those who are plumbers and electricians, preachers and musicians,
all now seem to know the law better than the Justices on the Supreme Court.
It is mind boggling,
and I will be the first to admit;
I don’t have a clue to all that is in that 200 or so pages of papers that were put to the test of the laws and their contents.
I have no idea of all the many facets of details and understandings that were considered in weighing into our Constitution and the laws into a final decision that was rendered by the highest of the high who sit in those robes.
I do know this;
now the decision is made,
and people who are talking, commenting on the news online and on social media are passionate, opinionated and their views and takes are as different
 some are healthy, some are varied, some are just nutty and fruity and co-co puffs
while others make me snap crackle and wanna POP.
At times I find it interesting when I see funny or profound sayings, pictures or thoughts on the pages of Facebook; some I cannot resist but to share.
I notice that many will like them, some will comment on them,
others will not have the courage to post them on their own walls
yet will at times unload their thoughts on my page.
People are interesting that way.
Now it seems that everything is political; even cartoons or sayings that do not have anything to do with politics gets taken somehow into “what would the Republicans do/think/say or vice versa”.
Quite frankly there are times that I don’t really care what “they” either party would think/say or do.
I do however care how “we” the American people, along with people around the globe,  treat each other and those in the positions of President and the justices of the Supreme Court are being slandered and viewed in our country and across the world where we are always watched, viewed and scrutinized and often being looked upon as a target to others.
At times it seems that people forget
the old saying,
If you don’t like it, LEAVE IT. If you don’t like something? DON’T DO IT, but do not try to take away the rights of others in the process.
But must people be so ugly? So harsh, so disrespectful to state their thoughts?
Just as those fruitcakes of Westboro Baptist Church travel over the country to protest at funerals of the fallen with their agendas,
I do believe that the Creator much prefers kind atheists to mean Christians every time.
What has happened that we have such hatred in a country where so many are willing to give their lives to protect our lands, our soils and our freedoms
that so many have the nerve to be so disrespectful with each breath? Have people forgotten the day the world stood still

We would be a stronger Nation if we would stand together
as we did during the days, months
As one Nation Under God
who stood by and with each other
with flags that flew, that fly today;
as brothers and sisters traveled to places unknown and fought for our very freedoms and still do.
It does not matter who is in residence in that White House,
but it sure as hell matters that we support them while they are there
 We are busy hearing of everyone who are now angry, but I see it as FEARFUL
as a result of the Affordable health care act.
Fear is what is making so many have these initial “I’m the expert” intense reactions to the Supreme Court ruling; the “I know best” and “this sucks” reactions.
We are blaming/shaming our country and yet we LIVE in OUR COUNTRY; enjoy the benefits of warm beds, hot showers, the ability to free speech, and a hot meal.
While our brothers, sisters, children are in Uniform, sleeping in sand, changing their underwear every 4 months, carrying 70 pounds on their backs and hoping to see the day end with all their limbs intact and a letter from home or a scent on an envelope or hear from home that everyone is still alive here.
we have the nerve to bitch and complain about the weather
to challenge the Justices of the Supreme Court?
We want to gripe and moan over those who need insurance and not understand the need of individuals yet lump them into groups and say we understand it all?
We want to judge and play God
and have the true mind at play that we alone have a “better plan”?
Guess the First Americans had a better plan before the treaties were broken and the Trail of Tears was walked; before they were forced to be removed, before the first genocide on American soils happened; the first slavery on our soils.
Now with the highest alcoholism, highest rates of suicide among youth, in American Indians still mainly being ignored
seems no one is jacked up about that still…
Unresolved grief that is inter-generational; post-traumatic stress syndrome, losses that are monumental… and promises broken.
 All hell is goin to break loose in the days and months ahead as a result of this landmark decision.
We will see it on local levels, on National levels. Here in Florida the our governor ole’ Rick Scott has already said he has refused the millions to begin the plan. He is already trying to stop those with pre-existing conditions that have no ability to get insurance from now being able to.
He’s just a gem he is.
He assessed the damages of the worst Storm anyone can remember AFTER the sun came out all around Tampa Bay.
As he is now fighting the Supreme Court Decision along with many in power.

It will be used in the campaigns and it will be ugly; uglier than it has already been.
Mitt boy will use it against President Obama and the songs will sound like records that are scratched and sounds will be like nails on a chalkboard to the nervous system.
We’ll hear many who think this the best thing and will applaud loudly for Women and children
and for those needing insurance.
We will hear many who think this is just socialism and compare Obama to Hitler.
We will hear Republican/Democrat
Devils and angels
oh I am just sick with the thoughts of it and may have to subscribe to 
just to watch television without those commercials.
There will be fights, ugly words and just plain out disrespect.
I just don’t like disrespect.
Tempers will flare, feelings are bound to get hurt, humor will be lost.
Many will have those knee>jerk reactions as they read and respond to the thoughts and reactions of others, and friendships might get strained or blankets torn
all for the love of freedom of speech and the left/right/middle of the ground wings.
i do believe that when the Supreme Court renders a decision;
it is 
“the final answer”.
But what do I know?
There are some things though that I do know; miles I have walked in these mocs of mine;
and many lives I have been honored to be a part of;
from that wisdom, I do know this.
I am proud to be an American,
I am grateful to be alive.
I am blessed beyond measure.
I am not qualified or smart enough to be President of the USA nor a member of the Supreme Court.
I believe.
And before I say disparaging things against our President I will always remember the feeling I got when I looked at this picture and read the words

Wishing you a day that you will be able to:
Stop, take a moment to breathe and think
Caution, before you speak or press enter
GO>>> with grace and gratitude

Walk in Beauty

Prayers going up for those in CO and those affected by the storms wrath on the East Coast, along with those who are suffering this HEAT of our first day of July. Check on your neighbors and those who are ill out there!
Outshine the Sun



White House

White House (Photo credit: HarshLight)


10 comments on “The Decision from the Supreme Court

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  2. Awesome post Doc and very well said. No matter what one thinks we should be able to discuss as adults. Too bad that people feel the need to be nasty and ugly and can not just sit and discuss it. Thanks for a great post doc.
    hugs on the wind

    • Thank you and jump on in with your thoughts… I love passion, opinions and “feelings” but I am amazed at the level of what I am hearing and the “blame” that is being thrown on this administration and now the Supreme Court… How exactly is it, that everything that is wrong and broken is the Presidents fault? seems folks have a short memory to me, after all things weren’t a bowl of cherries prior to this election if I remember correctly…

  3. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Lots to think about with your words today. So many thoughts and so many unknown answers at this time. Wishing each one who stops by here an easy Saturday and hope you are enjoying your last day of June and doing something fun. Stay cool friends. It is hot hot hot all over. Here in SE Michigan it is humid and 95° at 5:00p.m. Been a scorcher the last few days but not a problem. Lots worse weather in other places. Be safe if you are out enjoying an early holiday event! /Sandy°

    • Hello Fluff… yes much to think about and much to send letters and formulate deep convictions about to those in power, I stand with the saying of “how you vote determines my vote” to legislature and those in power… Be well and sure hope you are staying cool out there…

  4. hellooooooooo.
    yikes, where do I begin to comment ??
    after pondering a bit, and listening to those same rants and
    explosions of words the media is slinging across every channel..
    after reading many editorials written by the ” genius minds” of the
    elected know it alls.. I’ve decided there are too many words to speak,
    and unfortunately, MY opinion is just a grain of sand in the scheme of things.
    I, as well as you Doc, am so very bored with the complaints, the hatred, the
    ignorance and the lack of genuine humanity.. I agree with you strongly on
    my stand of ” IF YOU DON”T LIKE IT LEAVE “…
    we have become complacent as a nation in accepting below standard
    job performance from our elected officials.. the PEOPLE who are in need,
    the children, elders, uninsured and hurting, we are the victims here of all
    the political BS. I do not profess to be smart enough either, to make the
    decisions which govern our country but I do know enough to realize the
    shape our country is sadly sitting in.. no blame thrown from me to our
    President … he has his hands tied often by those in the Senate and Congress.
    He deserves respect for making an effort to do the RIGHT thing for the
    plain folks like you and I.. we may not agree on all issues, that is a blessing,
    we have the constitutional right to speak and disagree..
    I do KNOW this, for as many years as I have been honored with my priviledge
    to vote.. I vote. as far back as I can remember, health care has always been a
    main issue on our agenda.. There has yet to be an accepatble solution to the
    problem effectively worked.. the elected officials , wether Rep. or Dem, they all
    have failed pitifully to find a plan that truly works..
    Wow, that seems pathetic to me,, and without meaning to sound as if I
    am ignorant I will say this.. $$$$ talks and $$$ seems to be the ultimate
    scoundrel behind the scenes.. socialism is not neccessarily a bad thing ,
    taking care of each other, with compassion and caring, ensuring that all of
    our people, regardless of race, income,gender or economic standing are
    treated with respect and dignity should be the common partisan goal..
    hmmm… not surpised a bit at the logos of the political parties..
    a Donkey and an Elephant ???? sums it up right there I think…
    okay, just saying, NUFF said from me… sooooo..
    here’s to a beautiful , blessed day to all.. enjoy each moment and be grateful
    we are alive and able to breathe freely.. Blessings and prayers to all who are in
    need at this time.. we are standing for you.
    May we all feel a bit of that awesome sunshine in our hearts.
    hugging my angels, ♥ sign me,
    p.s…. See you MUCH later Mr. Limbaugh,, you will
    NOT be missed.. STOMP !!

  5. oh and one last point….there is a difference in standing up for ones beliefs and ones opinions and just being hateful and nasty….one does not have to be hateful and nasty to express ones views…you expressed yours beautifully without all the hatred and ugliness. thank you sherry many hugs my friend

  6. APPLAUDING!!! Better words could not be said Sherry. I get so sick of the “this is the land of freedom of speech and I can say what I want” syndrome that seems to have affected this country. Freedom of speech comes with and came with a high price and it comes with responsibility for what one says. I have felt the anger in this country since the election…a country I am proud to live in and proud to be a part of even when I do not agree with the politicians down the line..either party. And I am a woman that feels very privileged to live here because of all the freedoms we have. I pray people will take a moment before opening their mouths…will step away…and think about the consequences of their words before they leave their mouths for once they are out there …they are out there for good. Wonderful blog Sherry and I applaud you for saying it.

    • Thank you danLrene, for speaking UP and OUT… that is the problem, no one is taking the moment… whether it is passion or knee jerk reactions it appears all are speaking, screaming, reacting and many without the knowing of all that is involved and the respect due to those in offices of leaders… we do NOT have to like, yet there is a fundamental respect that is missing, lessons of hatred that are being taught by example to youth, and witnessed by countries that are and will use them against the best country in the world when we stand UNITED… blessings to you dear one. talk on, and fly that flag proudly, I too am proud to be an AMERICAN…

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