At the Crab Shack!

Yep, you see him
that’s the Godson looking three ways to hot here in Florida!
I was just off the hook to receive a phone call saying that he and his best pal and family were going to be in St. Petersburg yesterday fishing at the pier, and would like to hook up for dinner!
Oh what a joy!
Then he said, Hunters’ family want you to find a place to meet and they want seafood!
St Pete is not my running grounds anymore and about an hour south of here, so look I did; and threw out a few texts to pals asking where is good/great seafood with local charm for tourists!
CoCo Jenn gave me the text back,
for best seafood”!
okie dokie,
so I texted D’Vante who originally had told me a late Dinner since they would be busy at the pier catching the big ones!
OK, we had a plan; it would take the family and D’Vante about 15 minutes to get there; it would take me about an hour. All good.
 Guess the fish were not biting as I received the next text saying “we are on our way, are YOU?”
Oh my how plans change quickly, as I scurried through the house, spoke to that Godson on the phone and hit the roads in traffic to parts unknown,
only to soon get a text asking
“where are YOUUUU”.
The Florida heat and an easy straight shot to wherever it was we were going had already gotten them to the
Crab Shack as we were still miles away!
As we finally arrived,
ole’ DLB drove right by what looked like a true “shack” exclaiming
“OH NO, you did NOT tell them to go here did you?”
 We had to make a U turn and come back to what looked truly like a tiny shack; and felt as though we were lost in the 50’s standing outside in the heat as we were met by the family who have taken D’Vante on this most wonderful vacation!
They had been standing outside the shack with a playing card of the 6 of hearts hoping against hope that a table would soon become available and we could get a table; as they were sweating bullets and thirsty!
Oh what have I done?
“Welcome to Florida”!
D’Vante, Hunter and Parker
boys on vacation
and oh how they love to eat,
and are having the greatest of vacations.
Parker (the little one) is 12 and he was the most adventurous of the group;
as he ordered the “swamp” platter.
He reminded me of Kamryn in his love of food and intensity of his love!
His platter had on it?
Frog legs, Gator bites and Catfish!
That kid sure did seem to enjoy it, and tear into it,
but after such a long wait, he would have probably eaten the gator whole.
 Once inside the
Crab Shack we were indeed transported back in time;
people were everywhere, the decor was quite entertaining, as we noticed the walls and ceilings covered brightly.
We all immediately noticed the great T-Shirts worn by the staff and knew the boys would look awesome in them and be the only ones having them once back in Radford VA!
It was wonderful to meet friends of D’Vante, the parents of Hunter who he hangs with, has gone to H.S. with, played football with, and now is on vacation with.
What a wonderful opportunity given to us to share this part of his life,
and that he initiated it made it more special to me.
We laughed and talked of their adventures while here in Florida
and heard of the 4th of July on Siesta Key, along with the fishing and sights they have been seeing.
Their timing could not have been more perfect as they arrived after Tropical Storm Debby had been here, the clean up complete there; and got out of their town prior to the storms that have been reeking havoc ever since their exit!
The Parents of Hunter and Parker;
laid back and enjoying 3 boys
and our Florida sunshine and adventures!
A lovely couple who seem to embrace family, sunsets, fun times with the kids while enjoying all.
It was a joy to spend time with them; get to know them and laugh over the place we gathered!
Perhaps next time we will step up to a joint that one makes reservations for 
or just find one of our restaurants that you can sit outside and enjoy the sunset.
One thing is certain,
the Crab Shack was an experience, our waitress was one who may have been there since the beginning of time; she had a hairstyle from the 50’s; two ballpoint pens stuck on each side of her hair do pointing outward. It was amazing I tell you, just amazing indeed.
Look between them and you can see her serving… too bad you can’t see those pens sticking out like horns coming atcha from her hair~
She asked for the order, took the order, threw the food at you, and was no small talk.
A woman doing the work, with no time to play~
We did have a grand time though, and the conversation only turned serious as DLB brought up the subject of this man in the photo.
She wondered if he was OK, or the husband of the waitress. As she and Hunter’s Mom assessed him, stared at him, wondered if he had died standing up… they even tried to get young Parker to go and speak to him! We laughed and laughed about it; D’Vante just made a face at her, slapped her hand once and probably kicked her under the table.
Guess he has been there since the place opened as well!
Yep it was a place alright,
and a good time and meal was had by all.
Some times it is those spontaneous gatherings, the knowing that you are thought of from a distance; a call comes and the sound on the other end of “will you meet me”, makes it all worth while.
That Godson made the call
and I am still grinning!
Love you to Pluto and back Buddy Pal.
Relationships are interesting as they evolve, shift, change, grow or end with others. We watch our children grow into individuals with their own minds, thoughts beliefs, building their houses on the foundations we have tried to form solidly for them.
We have to shift our own thinking as they grow; have to be strong as the willow, in our flexibility in bending and swaying as change and growth require it in life and in relationships while standing strong in our desire to love and yet be true to our core values and beliefs without judging others.
It is a time of leaning in, yet allowing flight and always being there and being delighted to receive that text or call knowing that you are loved, thought about.
In that moment, you know.
There were many of those moments over dinner, nudges, elbows, glances…
I know.
Love has no distance, at times no words.
 Wishing you a day
just like this!
Here’s to bright skies
and clouds that make you just know
spirits are watching.

Walk in Beauty
Flag of City of St. Petersburg, Florida

Flag of City of St. Petersburg, Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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  2. Hey Dr. Ses, thank you for the wonderful words. Thank you for finding my husband, he is just sitting there enjoying the view while I am at home with these 10 kids, that dont give a crap for anyone just like him. His years of child support will now catch him. Thanks to you. I could say more but lots of people read your blogs and it would not be nice words.

  3. Hey, that guy in the yellow raincoat???? I think I dated him once. As I remember, he was just about that lively. Damn the bad luck, he is now in FL, stuck on the shelf in a “Crab Shack”!
    Great read, fun times doc. Good looking family.
    Be well

  4. Hello ladies, and many blessings to each of you on this sultry summer day! Iced tea anyone?

  5. What a refreshing read on a HOTTER than HOT day. It is miserable, outside, and thankful for the AC, and all other blessings I have. Blessings to all. THAT young man is more than handsome. May he stay blessed.

  6. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Dr. Sherry, what a great surprise for you and sounds like a grand time had by all. Loved the pictures. D'Vante sure looks good and his friends also. It is nice that he was able to take vacation time with his friend and family. Just from high school graduation and before they start out in this big world and new changes. It surely makes tor good memories for all of them. Take care friends. Sure been quiet around here lately. Must be vacation time and summer fun. I am grateful I have power again today. After severe storms lately, and the heat, a lot of people still without power. I saw this morning over 90,000 still out in the SE Michigan area. Wishing everyone here a happy day. Stay cool – it is 92 here at noon and going to over 100 degrees today and tomorrow and humidity over the top. Hot Hot Hot. Take care of yourselves. /Sandy♥

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