In Remembrance

Today marks the 5th anniversary
of one 
“gone too soon”
a child of the Universe
now dancing in the heavens
and she is loved, she is missed
5 years later,
it somehow is still surreal to so many.
It has taken its toll on so many lives,
so many that have worked through the pain, the heartaches, the uncertain journey of grief, with its turns and twists on paths that have never been traveled before.
A bright and beautiful young woman who left out on a sunny day after exclaiming that 07-07-07
was a remarkable day,
kissing her beloved Mom
bounding out to her vehicle with friends heading North to enjoy a day of water, friends and great fun.
And in a heart beat, without warning,
a car with a malfunction
and she was gone.
Just like that.
5 years of tears, of triumph with this thing called sudden and traumatic loss and its complexities, its anger, its bitterness, and fears.
5 years of choices
to dwell in the darkness or fight back to the light.
To embrace life and receive the multitude of messages that Jaren has continually sent to her Mom, her Dad and sister and those who love her still.
The signs and messages are there,
but only if those left behind are willing and chose to come from the darkness into the light to receive them.
If and only when those who are left behind here, are ready to look beyond the severe pain that is like a knife in the gut that extends up and tears at the heart; are willing to remove that knife will they then know;
From the other side; those we love will find their way to us; to let us know they are OK, they are with us.
They will find us, in our despair, and will want us to LIVE on as we remember them.
They will dance in the galaxies
as we find our way back to the rhythm of life here, perhaps finding the dance has changed, the music is different now, the steps are unsteady or completely off the key that others hear.
We develop our own walk, our own path, our own set of what is standard as we find ways to our own lives forever changed by tragedy and loss.
We at some point have to choose.
We will most often
yet we will live on
in ways that make the blues bluer
the skies more intense
the music more profound
the gifts more precious;
the memories more remarkable.
Thank you Jaren
for continuing to show yourself
to so many who love you so intensely
and showing them so often
that you are as alive in the next place
with your vibrant colors
as you were here for such a short time.
Sweet baby girl
gone too soon
precious child of the Gasse Family
gone too soon.

video by
Blessings on the wind Beautiful Jaren, I know your Grandmother grabbed you that day, so that you knew no pain, no fear from that crash that took you from this world.
I believe you are now dancing and having a joyous time with your Grandparents and those who join there, welcoming the little ones and those that make joyous noise and also have a grand time being a trickster as you ride on the backs of the thunder beings and the beauty of dolphins and butterflies.
you are LOVED

3 comments on “In Remembrance

  1. helloooo.
    it’s me… and my heart is full and my head is overflowing with
    words of gratitude I need to express.. THANK YOU…
    This year’s anniversary had an incredible impact, not sure why, as today is
    much like each day has been in the enormity of ache in our hearts.. when you lose a child, you lose a piece of yourself.. it’s that simple.. you may never go back to being the
    person you once were..each one of us has had to endure the grief of loss of a loved
    one.. I hate that part of this wonderful life. Grief is a monster,reigning it in, and conquering the dark feelings is a triumph.. We all loved Jaren, in all the ways
    Dr. Sherry has described and the tribute to Jaren’s life was so beautiful.. I am
    humbled and grateful..
    Thank you for refreshing what I have come to KNOW .. we are survivors..
    the details of that most horrific day remain bold, vivid and painfully remembered as
    if it was only yesterday.. The acceptance of knowing she is gone from this earth
    has found it’s way into our souls.. but it has also disclosed to our hearts that
    We are continually blessed with gifts every day.. and it is those gifts that allow
    us to get out of bed, and in time , move on and feel safe again.
    The support of my family and many precious friends, in particular, Dr. Sherry
    and many of the warriors here, has gifted to us, HOPE in healing..
    My heartfelt gratitude is endless…
    Our day today held testament that we have CHOICES.. and our day was
    special in the most wonderous ways.. admist hummingbirds, rainbows, and
    the serenity of the ocean.. I spoke words to Jaren, asking her to bestow one
    more blessing.. I asked for dolphins to come, and dance with their beauty..
    and she heard every word I spoke.. and the dolphins appeared .. and they
    danced.. awesome angel power.. ours for all eternity ..
    Thank you all.. your belief in me, and the strength which was waning,
    brought me the strentgh to put the aches of loss away for the day..
    Jaren was all around us all day and there were truly only happy tears,
    we laughed and remembered and we all were carried to a new place in
    our hearts.. Live each day, as tomorrow may not arrive, speak your words
    of thanks and love softly yet strongly.. and be open to the many precious
    blessings which surround us all each day..
    Thank you all..
    hugging my angels, with serenity in my heart,
    sign me.. A.

  2. A lovely tribute to Jaren and warmth and love to her Mom Andrea, who we all think of so often, and admire her strength and how open she remains to receiving the blessings of her daughter. Andrea, know you are thought of very often, and especially today.

  3. Thinking of Jaren today and her family. Thank you Dr. Sherry for all you do. /Sandy♥

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