Now Really…

It’s a great day to sing, to dance, to just be in your happy place!
A day to remember the words of 
Bob Marley and those 
somewhere and somehow
and get that attitude of gratitude on!
Don’t Worry bout a ting”
After all, it is what it is
and worry will do ya no good!

video by
Worry causes stress,
stress causes the brain to not work as well as it can, which causes knee>jerk reactions and folks to get themselves all sort of 
“jacked up” and torn up.
So why worry?
It’s not goin to help ya anyway, and whatever has you worried will only feed off your worry and angst!
Holding anger will burn you up, while whatever or whoever you are angry with will be seen from a distance having the time of their lives or oblivious to it anyway, so why do it or let yourself go through it?
Set yourself free or let it burn like a fire and burn it clean and move it through you!
Holding anger is like holding a hot coal;
it will burn only you,
and by the time you throw it away, you are the one suffering the most;
having worried and suffered sleepless nights and felt so much pain for what?
Enjoy as the birds standing by the canal, taking it all in and then taking flight when ready to be free of all that burdens you and all that has weighed on you.
Reflections and thoughts and deeds are cast on the waters, seen by others and felt in the systems.
Beauty is seen and those that matter and understand flight and being grounded will understand when there is a time to stand and a time to fly.
All will fall; and those with courage will know they must get up and try and try finally taking flight and taking responsibility for each movement with amazing grace.
Don’t worry, bout a ting, cause every little ting goin to be alright.
It is what it is
this too shall pass.
Whatever it is, it is surely to be replaced at some time with another moment, another challenge, another opportunity to stand, to cower, to fall or to fly.
Whatever has happened has indeed happened; whatever the result, whatever the harm. Whatever lessons learned, trials and tribulations, judgments, and resolves, forgiveness and sorrier or sorriest, and amends and truths will come out, have come out at some time or another.
Whatever will and will not happen will be great, good or horrible, whether we worry or not,
so why put yourself through it,
why worry
when you can choose to embrace each moment with glory, with rejoicing that you are alive and in the moment, in knowing that those who care often care deeply,
and the reality is 
some do or will not.
It’s just that way,
and like it or not
worry will not change it, nor will wishing it away.
So to keep it real,
deal with it, and perhaps it is time to
“trim the fat”
and move along kiddies, just move along.
And for this moment, perhaps it is an
“ah ha” moment
and now you can learn from a child
some wisdom to enrich your life:
May the Creator bless you in a way that it gets clearer;
you have all you need to go for all you desire.
Walk in Beauty
English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5 comments on “Now Really…

  1. Loved the u tube doc. once again, you ARE keepin it real. As for the blog today. So easy to forget that anger eats from the inside, but it eats the one who is angry, not the one that angers. That is so wrong…
    Why don't liars and cheats just burst into flame and leave behind the ash? Guess that is just a pipe dream.If I had invented this whole world, wonder how it would be different? Ah, fun thought. so for this weekend, I will enjoy each moment, and cast aside all the evils of the world. For I am home, and home is GOOD. ALWAYS. Thank you doc for keeping our heads on straight, and for sometimes spinning our thoughts back to the light.

  2. Such a good and thought provoking message today Dr. Sherry. Thank you so very much. I hope you are enjoying your Saturday and all is well. /Sandy♥

  3. oh love this Sherry and so true and with the country so filled with anger that they are just carrying around, putting strain on their hearts and minds, a much needed bit of wisdom here. Thanks and hugs my friend

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