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Oh you have to find the time to read this one friends… and reblog, or copy and paste it to all you know! thanks Work the Dream, I wish you all “enough”…

Simply danLrene

I read a statement today that struck a chord with me. It was on Livestrong and had to do with patience but I think it has to do with emotions and life itself. The statement was “having just the right amount of patience” and was in reference to waiting on cures in cancer and treatments and realizing that some patience was called for but how much?

I think that statement  “the right amount of”  can apply to our emotions and even things we do in life. Anger is ok…if you have the right amount of anger but if it is over the top, then it becomes destructive….just like what we are seeing in our world today. Some people have lost control of their emotional monitor and it has taken total control of their lives. Every thing they see and do is in anger and frothing at the mouth in hatred…

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