Just goin’ to stay in my Happy place!

Today is for clouds, rose colored glasses, gratefulness and just a day of being in my Happy Place!
You are welcome to join me here, as I have chosen this for the day.
Today I was going to write about the happenings of the world, the continual rise of ugly that is witnessed in social media, in restaurants overheard about politics, man and his fellow man; opinions weighing in about the needless killings in Colorado and the now in the news again children of Michael Jackson as the children have been placed in temporary custody of Katherine’s grandson.
I’ve decided there are many who are already filled with that; many more who are stirring in it and staying riled up and the Energy is frenetic, and as far as I can see and determine it is really only adding fuel to fires that are burning brightly and only heating up across the lands, and burning resources that are precious in ways that divide and leave ruin.
So rather than feed the Dr Drew’s and Nancy Graces’ and media that is wild, along with the facebook of posts and pictures and photoshops of anger,
I made the decision to jump into Thursday embracing Happy!
Yes it is a choice, and I have chosen wisely I do believe.
Television off, newspapers down.
Music ON and playing just fine out here on the lanai as I watch the little lizards walk around the pool; the 4 leggeds are having a 
NASCAR MORNING rounding the pool with that morning energy that delights the senses.
I would join them, but they would bark at me, probably trip me and I would land in the pool as they stood on the edge and laughed in dog language!
So for today,
as I embrace a day of just staying in my Happy Place, and inviting you all to just try that for yourselves; it may be a day to stretch to new possibilities.
A day of wonder as you think of new ways to delve into new things, or re-visit old talents.
A day to just be grateful for everything and to put up great shields and block any and all things that are not pleasant, not conducive to staying in your place of happy.
Maybe you can even try this trick at home:
Kamryn with one of his feats in a restaurant comes to mind; now can you do this?
 Yes Yes I know, it will take patience and practice to pull this one off!
But that is the point of being in your happy place, it helps you to be mindful of all your many gifts!
One does not get bogged down in all the crap of everyday life, all the opinions and anger and angst that is running wild in the world and then can concentrate on the important things!
Welcome to my happy Place!
Now once you have mastered that, who knows what is next?
Perhaps you will find the courage to use stretch bands and develop stronger arms
or walk on cracks on the sidewalk,
even shoot the hoops!
Now it’s time to get to packing
as we all know
tomorrow it’s time to fly!
 Get Ready Michael Jordan
I’m bringing the KamJumpKid
to ya!
Be the best you are today friends,
and take best care.
Prayers going UP for EE in Colorado.
For Fluff’s sister Carol, who has just had major surgery in Detroit  and is in need of our thoughts and prayers for a safe and speedy recovery there. 
Attitude on,
Here we goooo!
 Yep that is the JumpmanKam 
“Don’t let them drag you down by rumors just go with what you believe in.”
Michael Jordan
Walk in Beauty

7 comments on “Just goin’ to stay in my Happy place!

  1. […] Just goin’ to stay in my Happy place! (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] Just goin’ to stay in my Happy place! (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  3. great choice my friend…happy place for all. 🙂 Here is hoping your flight goes well and you have a grand time as I know you will just see the kam fulfill a dream. Sending prayers and hugs your way for a safe journey. hugs my friend. and EE has attitude on and fight on here in CO. 🙂

  4. Wow, Wow, Happy place on Thur. Fri. Sat. etc.. I will be taking Kamryn and Angie to Charlotte, NC early in the morning. He is just excited and his Mom is over the Moon just cant wait to get on that plane. What a great blog today. I was just thinking MJ is quiet a man and I have not heard any sick gossip about him. I am so glad. I am so glad this is a Happy place today with the lizards and the 4 legged ones. They will be in their happy place when their Mom comes back and Grandmaw shows up the following week. Bark, bark. TT and I will be staying a couple of nights with cousins in NC when we drop off Angie and Kamryn at the airport. I loved all of the pictures. What a kid, he is happy, smart and growing much too fast for me. Prayers to all who have sickness and troubles in their lives. Blessings to Dr. SES and all who come here.

  5. Good Morning Dr. Sherry and friends. Thank you for your words this morning and talking of the happy place you are in today. I would love to see those four leggeds racing round that pool. That little lizzard there and all of them in their happy place as well. I know you are getting excited about getting on that plane and flying across country along with Kamryn. What a grand time you all are going to have. I look forward to pictures and the story.

    Dr. Sherry, thank you for praying for my Sis Carol. Her surgery was Monday and she had a few complications. She is still in the hosptial and perhaps be discharged today. They were thinking she would go to a rehab for a while but talking yesterday, if she is stronger today, she may go home. She lives alone so that worries me. Please keep her in your prayers.

    Wishing each one here today a special and happy place day. Hope the weather is good where you are. We had thunderstorms this morning in Detroit area but south of Detroit, where I live, not even a drop of rain. Supposed to rain off and on today and tomorrow. We really need it. Been very hot and dry here. Take care and be well. /Sandy♥

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