Run Here, See This, Be There

I found the perfect 
UCSB car to make it to where we are supposed to be while running here, there and just about everywhere!
Decked out and looking just “fly” in my Jordan gear as we try to see as much of Kamryn as we can on the courts; we find that keeping up is hard to do!
He is on a tight schedule there at camp; most of the time is kept to the minute
with 64 coaches, counselors, and 24 hour security at the MJFS basketball camp.
thankfully we are staying 2 miles away, so we can jet over there for a competition, game, and to see as much as possible!
Of course
MJ is reserved for those special 760 kids, not the adults!
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few of the top coaches, being hugged and feeling the love.
Yep, they do think I look “fine just fine” in my Jordan feet and new jersey that cuz bought for me!
Those kids are serious on that court; can’t say I’ve ever seen so many hit the court so hard and so often in their attempts at shooting the hoop, in defending their opponents, and in wanting it so bad they end up taking falls that I personally am not sure I could get up from!
And yet in a moment of respite they take their places, grab their waters, some hit the bathrooms and others run to the side
our Kamryn ran to us
for a quick
“I love ya”
and we saw magic in those eyes!
He is livin the dream!
He made 12 free throws in a row
to the absolute delight of us hooping and his coach just happy along with his team!
The high-fives were flowing
and he tried to contain his smile as he shot the 9th one… even the coach told him to wipe  that grin off his face!
I believe it is now on You Tube as I caught it all!
Woo hoo what a moment!
These boys are balling
they are fierce!
Intense little guys, some with fancy moves on that court, and all with determination and in it to win it!
 Just waiting to get onthat court,
for those minutes where the ball meets their hands, eyes, feet coordinated; to find their moment to shoot the hoop!
The Next Michael Jordan in the making, in the learning, in the hopes.
 “Everybody has talent, but ability takes hard work.”
Michael Jordan
 Shooting the hoop
Under the leadership of Coach Cooper
these boys are working hard, living the dream
Kamryn is stretching, and jumping and living his dream.
We are running and doing, and building our schedule around his, and thus far have seen little of Goleta CA as we try to fit in as much of watching our little guy as we can.
Living the dream
in CA
where the high temp is about 70 and the evening low is in the 50’s.
The mountains are near the campus and the Pacific Ocean is not to far on the other side!
Perhaps today we’ll walk on that beach between competitions as we enjoy each moment of this most remarkable journey.
Giddy UP
time to go!
Walk in Beauty

4 comments on “Run Here, See This, Be There

  1. Living that dream and dreaming the dream. Yes, that is our boy. So glad I had a part in making this dream come true. Thanks to Dr. SES, DLB and those of us who wanted to make this dream come true. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to make this happen. Not to mention the $$$$. Look at his face and know he is doing what he loves and working the plan. He has the drive and the know how to get it going. Go Kamryn and go some more. You are a lucky young man and getting taller all of the time. We are here for you and right beside of you. I know you can do it and you know it too. Loving and missing you but know you are so happy and working real hard to achieve your dream. Loved the pictures and wish there was a close up of the horse back riders. ha. See you soon, Blessings to all.

  2. Hello Dr. Sherry, what a grand time that sweet Kamryn is having. You can see it in his eyes, the wonder of it all and the joy a child can show in their face like no other. He is going to be talking about this for a very long time. I loved the pictures and hope you like that Smart car. I have wondered how they are getting round town. The horse ride on the ocean had to be fantastic! So happy to see the joy in his face and know that he is livin his dream. Thank you for Sharing. Have a wonderful next few days there in CA! I know he will be wishing he could stay longer Take care friends /Sandy♥

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