Kamryn in the Bubble in Santa Barbara Fiesta Days!

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Gotta love to laugh! As I watched Kamryn get zipped up and the hose inflate that bubble I stood in awe of what would become one of the funniest things I ever watched! He had another “first” as we stood and laughed ourselves silly … And oh what fun he had, rolling, trying to stand and get momentum, finding himself upside down and all around! Life in a bubble with all its joys… even trying to splash us from inside that mighty bubble and doing an admirable job I might just tell you! I laughed so hard, I felt my cheeks get moisturized by the tears… A great time I tell you, with the only regret being later in the night as I wondered:

“think they would have fit me in that bubble?”

Ah but laughter is so good for the soul! I’m thinking of watching this a few times a week just to remind myself of the magic of bubbles and to get my laugh on! I hope you will giggle and laugh as much as I do when watching, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself stretching as you attempt to help him stand up and walk inside that bubble! I did that too!!!

Where were these things when I was little keeps going through my mind?

I’ll be looking for them while out and about and may just muster up the courage to ask, “am I little enough to get in that thing?…

Have a joyous and laugh filled Saturday!

Blessings and bubble filled day!



Laughter… (Photo credit: leodelrosa…)


2 comments on “Kamryn in the Bubble in Santa Barbara Fiesta Days!

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  2. It was crazy funny!!! I was “wore out” trying so many times to help him get up!! Every time he fell, I slumpled. That was neat when he tried to splash you guys–inside a bubble no less!! HA Such wonderful fun, and memories to last a life time from his summer vacation of 2012!!

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