Computers, Iphones, U phones, choices, when they work!

It all seems so easy,
a typewriter that shows you in color what you are doing right?
A marvelous little thing that you can take everywhere, hook in turn on and GO!
Yet, there are times I would just throw it in the pool in a hot second if I didn’t use that marvelous coping skill and executive functioning of the brain!
And I watch on planes as folks pull out their Ipads, Iphones, I this and that and type, text, and play the latest games to help the time go by.
They are busy, folks on the go and on the “fly” most of the time preferring to engage with screens of all sizes and shapes rather than with face to face contact or telephones with cords now seeming extinct!
I rather am coming to enjoy the game of jewel quest myself, finding that my brain just zones out for awhile, forgetting about the stress of the world, the computer that glitches and those who tell me that the error is to be found from the one who sits in the chair with hands that touch the keys rather than the hard or soft drives!
Smart phones that appear smarter than the user with data plans that no one understands and cost more than the electric bill yet everyone seems to afford one.
They can get you in touch with email, text available and gaming skills wherever you are.
In color and face to face time if those you love happen  to have the same system that is!
The world is truly amazing when you think of it, long gone are those phones with the little thing we put our finger in or operators on the other end that connected the call or those who may remember the party line!
Long gone are black and white t.v. programing unless of course you are a fan of the classics
and smith corona typewriters that many fabulous novels were written and hammered out on!
Yet we here so many who tell us that computer lives are short; newer and better is available as we get in our cars from our most recent purchase of our laptop or desktop or phone purchase!
What’s a person to do with all the many choices out there?
Yet another great reason we must be on top of the ball I guess as it continues to spin and bounce.
We must work to maintain balance in all things as we remember the 
“control/alt/delete” key
to get that screen blank again,
and start over!
Yes the world is a buzz with all the latest gadgets and it’s hard to keep up,
trying to get a blog or you tube to go viral,
to get “likes” on a page, comments on a blog,
to stir in controversy just to see if folks are paying attention or to get their senses worked up.
That is different than stirring in scat to get it stinking or to be hurtful you know!
But those computers are a mystery to me, to this day I know just enough to make me dangerous and to frustrate me to tears and screams at times!
Many a time this little HP MINI has been about to drown in the pool, I have stalked it around this table, have cussed it, begged it, and talked sweetly to it…
Only to have it have a mind of its own and do what it will when it will!
Smart phone?
Yep smarter than I it is I do believe … fancy and all yet it does not talk to me, it drains me as it’s battery drains when I need it most.
Yet I know of others who still believe a cell phone is for talking and a flip is just fine.
I still see others who have trouble paying their bills yet they have the latest and greatest in Iphones and I cannot help but wonder how that happens, when those things retail for hundreds of dollars and then the monthly bills are staggering and hard to comprehend.
But all in all this modern technology is truly amazing.
Who would have ever thought a person could be sitting in their home, and push a couple of buttons and just like that:
you are looking live at someone you care about states or countries away and have a conversation live and face to face?
All thanks to the brilliant minds of those with a vision and dreams.
Things that are placed in the hands of children now who do not read instructions yet can program these things for us who are grown in a hot minute!
If only we ask and if only they will take the time to help us get on the most remarkable information highway we have ever known.
Google me amazed.
So for today,
I have had the desktop fail three times,
the laptop cooperate
instant messenger allow me to say hello to a dear friend who I am now savvy enough to communicate with just as on a phone
as we share coffee most mornings
skype from time to time as if sitting together from states away!
How very cool is that?
Every day is a miracle 
especially if you do not let frustration
get the best of you.
Think before hitting enter,
breathe before throwing the device in the pool or the field.
Laugh before speaking.
Know that the “next best thing is right around the corner, and people do like to line up to be the first!
Remember to check for sales, and that it is always darkest just before dawn!
Love  and feel the fire within burn brightly.
Walk in Beauty,
Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase




13 comments on “Computers, Iphones, U phones, choices, when they work!

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  9. son and I left the rat race. We have a “cell phone”….a pay as you go one…yes it will take pictures but that is about it…and cost us about 25 dollars every three months as we only use it if son needs to call me from the store or an emergency. I do not know how some people afford those either. hugs

  10. I don't care what the screen tells us—it is “IT” not the one in the chair. My coping skills are not so marvelous when it comes to computers. A whole new personality comes out when the computer doesn't cooperate, but when it does, it is great.

    Glad everybody is once again safe since the addident. Just came from the dentist, still drugged, and think I just said all that was already said before by everybody else. Have a goood day with family. Going again tomorrow, and between the pill and the gas, I am sure I will be less coherent than today. LLLOOLL

  11. Hello Dr. Sherry and Friends – Thank you for your words today. I had to chuckle though thinking about the frustrations I also go through with my fingers to the computer keyboard many hours a day at work and home. I am very old fashioned though. I have never owned an “I”-anything nor a lap top. Don't even like typing on those. I also do not text and still have that little flip top phone where I can make calls, receive calls and that is about it. I am never an impulse buyer so even though I have looked at new phones twice I never bought one. When I see those extra monthly $$$ that will be in my bill after the purchase I shy away and think, do I really need text, games, GPS and all that new technology stuff? Don't think so! Oh Yeah, with my current phone I can take pictures but the screen is so small you have to squint and I don't know how to get them off the phone to my puter so they sit there forever LOL. I remember when I was a child that we still had a party line on our phone and would have to wait until talky Jane got off her line so we could make a call. We developed patience in those days. I still have my grandma's rotary phones and had one plugged in my basement until some years ago. It was pretty blue color and weighed at least 20 Lbs. Technology is good but was life simpler back then without all those fancy gadgets and people have those “I” things glued to their hands these days. Don't drop those “I” things either because unless you are very lucky and have a protective cover they are broken.
    Oh well, wishing each of you a happy and productive day. Dot/Mom/Cob, I am glad to hear that Angie and D'Vante are feeling better and back behind the wheel. Need to watch for those truckers. I keep my nephew in pray daily as he is a semi driver and delivers goods throughout SE Michigan daily. I worry about him.

    Take care friends and hope to see some of our old friends back chatting soon. /Sandy♥

  12. Hello to all this beautiful Monday afternoon. The rain came and is not gone and the sun is shining bright. Happy to read all of the blogs from yesterday. So glad to hear Angie and Dvante is back in the car and driving after the horrible incident on the interstate. We never know when we get behind the wheel what is going to happen as everyone is in such a hurry and the truckers go faster and faster. I cant imagine having a job like that when you get in that big rig and just have to keep on the schedule day after day. I hope we all realize when they put on the brakes it takes a long time to stop. All we have to do is brake and then it is a easy stop. A big load they are carrying. I am so happy they are ok. I can relate to the computers, phones etc. not doing what you want them to do. I always have trouble with the computer, it is very frustrating at times. I love it and it is a good way to keep in touch with all of my friends here and away. Have a wonderful day today and all days, I am having a wonderful time with family that I love dearly. Blessings to all.

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