Land Sharks and tours round town

Amazing the things folks can think up
for tourists and for tours!
This was a beast of a tour trip,
with its features, its very presence and name:
the Land Shark!
Manned by two captains that we waited in line for, only to find out that the Shark was filled and we then had to wait another 90 minutes for the next trip!
Oh my what to do, shall we stay or go,
and a 10 year old waiting is like having a tooth pulled on a bad day it seems,
unless that is they have a “line waiter” and a Mom who says “we’ll go explore while the Godmother waits in line”!
Oh yea, what a plan, I get to sit on the sidewalk in sunny Santa Barbara and people watch and they go off to explore!
Suited me just fine.
I was amazed at the tires on that thing,
singles on the front and doubles on the back; and then I saw the PROP on the middle of the back!
Ahhh the “Land Shark” was going to be worth the wait I had no doubt.
See that nifty prop under there?
Ah yes, we were going to be in for a treat no doubt about it!
So when they finally returned my companions were back with me a cold coke in hand and excitement in the air.
We boarded the Land Shark under the direction of the Captain, after they sat and had their lunch aboard their fine craft out of view of the folks waiting in line!
It was interesting the number of non English speaking folks in line, the number of itty bitty babies in strollers that would be carried onto that huge beast. The strollers locked up with a bike lock on the street!
We were told that the Land
Shark had two exits and those doors were waterproof. That was reassuring.
We were also told where the floatation devices were kept and then the Captain brought out a mask and little snorkeling apparatus and told us that if we need to jump over board or needed to breath to place those over our faces !
Good luck Captain you are sounding like a flight attendent!
The Captain made a strict announcement to those carrying pizza on the tour that there was 
on the trip or the Land Shark
wouldn’t ya just know
as soon as we left the curb everyone was ducking in their seats and gnawing on their pizza which filled the air with the smells of wonder!
Now I wonder how those non English speaking folks understood to duck out of view to break all the rules of the craft?
Off we went through the streets of Santa Barbara, where we learned the vast and rich history by our Captain.
We learned of the stucco, the people, the settlers, the fact that their are more restaurants in Santa Barbara and more Bars in Santa Barbara than anywhere else!
He suggested the name was responsible for the bars, as Bar Bar A may have an influence on the influx of bars!
We saw it all, and it was all beautiful.
 He read the list of all the famous who live there, while telling of the architecture and the great stories that fill the city.
We went past his favorite watering holes
and saw beautiful Missions of Santa Barbara as well.
The Mountains on one side and the mighty Pacific on the other, we were in it with him talking all the while our brains being filled with information and humor.
And then:
we entered the Stearns Wharf
and that Captain drove that Land Shark
right down a ramp and into the waters of the
Pacific Ocean!
we were right there
as we became a vessel
from the road to the water
just like that!
From the land rolling to a shark that moved and glided along the waters
we glided and saw the kayak man with his faithful dog swimming beside him,
we passed yachts that would boggle the brain,
and heard of the producer of Law n Order who docks his yacht there year round.
We then saw the rocks and this little one:
 We saw so many beautiful sights and to think after that, the Captain had us count
1, 2, 3
and we left that water just as we entered it
The Land Shark
once again on land
and through the city,
back to where we started from!
We debarked and thanked the Captains
and once on ground
we looked as he walked to the front of the big ole vessel
and saw him remove
from the front that we had collected while in the waters of the Pacific!
Now that was some experience shared by all.
Even got a great glimpse of Warren Buffet’s friends’ little boat!
Have a magical day
and put yourself on the water
if only in your mind!
Walk in Beauty
Aerial photo: Santa Barbara, California

Aerial photo: Santa Barbara, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



4 comments on “Land Sharks and tours round town

  1. hellooo
    how cool !! sounds like a fuh
    adventure on the Land Shark !
    love hearing that you are all having such a fantastic time !
    Thank you for sharing your vacation
    with all of us ~
    sugn me, A.

  2. Great blog today. Seems like you had a great time in Santa Barbara. I rode one of those funny boats in Branson, Mo. it was lots of fun. I am sure those in line with you would have loved to have a coke cola. Bet you and your family has had a wonderful time. Memories are made each day. How is the little one Kam doing? Bet he has had the best of all fun and vacation time in Fl.. So glad he has family that will share him with you all. I know the Godmother is in seventh Heaven having him with you and DLB. Have a wonderful time and will be looking forward to reading from all of the bloggers. Thanks Dr. SES for all you do. Blessings

  3. Wow Dr. Sherry, what a grand time that had to be. Land Shark! Hmmmm…. What an amazing vehicle on land and water. Loved the pictures and your words feeling like I was there. Sure would love to see something like that one day. Only been to California one time and was only a day and overnight. Wasn't much fun then because we didn't have the chance to see much. Just a little of the Long Beach area. Would love to go back again some day.

    Well, hope that everyone is doing well and having a terrific Tuesday! One more hour to work and on my way home. Yeah! It is pretty chilly and very rainy here the last two days. In the 60s. Hope we get a glimpse of summer again for a little while before fall sets in. Be well everyone and enjoy your afternoon. /Sandy♥

  4. Sure are loving all these stories of adventure from your trip. Lots of neat and interesting experiences in the world. Continued blessings to all.

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